Podopheleus is the Author/Multi-Syllable Rhyming Poet of the debut book Triple-Formed. I am a men’s mental health supporter and I help men step into the next phase of their sexual exploration journey. I assist novice submissive males to delve into the world of Kink and Fetish. I also teach men how to respect Sex Workers. I encourage mindfulness in sexuality through Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. I inspire men to discover a deeper connection with themselves.


Living with his Mistress

Living with his Mistress

Living with his Mistress. “I’m nearby” her text read. This was his cue to bring his clitty to full arousal. She liked to find him naked and aroused when she got home.

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First Date

A first Date

A First Date with a Mistress and her Sissy Slut. She was frustrated. She kept swiping through the men she found on her dating app…

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Advocate for change

When you think of a sexually submissive male/bottom – what are your thoughts? There is a stigma surrounding submissive males. Submissive males are sometimes deemed pathetic, worthless, unmanly, feminine, weak, disgusting, losers, wrong, mentally unwell and the list goes on and on. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A large percentage of submissive males work in authoritative positions and are held in the highest regard in their professions. Furthermore, the moment a submissive male gets pegged he’s labelled as gay… Seriously? My advocacy mission is to provide knowledge that will help others understand Femdomme and to respect Sex Work in an open society.

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I’m doing a redesign and re-release of my book, “Dominatrix Boss” (in anticipation of the sequel).

I had a list of FemDom Resources in the first printing and I’d like to update and expand it this time.

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