25 years of fetish suppression – visiting my first prodomme…

Guest Blog: “25 years of fetish suppression to visiting my first prodomme – Goddess Cleo” by Sub P

25 years of fetish suppression 

For 25 years, I’ve been struggling to accept my fetishes and kept them locked away within myself with shame and struggling to accept them.  As the years went by, I eventually decided that these needed exploring and after some researching, I found Goddess Cleo’s website and was immediately intrigued and felt more at ease about taking my first step.

It still took a long time for myself to pluck up the courage but eventually I did and finally booked a session.

Session confirmation

Once it was all confirmed and arranged, the time grew closer and I became more nervous until the actual day of our session. I was almost petrified and had an out of body feeling, going through all of the emotions.

Meeting Goddess Cleo 

Looking back on this, I realised that I needn’t worry at all.  From the moment we met, I knew that I had made the right decision.

Goddess Cleo was so warm, generous and kind. She gave me so much understanding and support as I tried to open up about my fetish and we discussed it at length through such a lovely and natural conversation that I instantly felt better about myself and more self accepting.

Goddess Cleo took the time to understand and learn about my fetish and kinks, to make sure we both got the most out of our time together.

Mind-blowing session with Goddess Cleo

As for the session itself, it completely blew me away.  I look back on it now as it was a dream because it was everything I had ever hoped for.  What was scary was how she was able to read my mind and body. 

She fully understood my fetish and knew exactly what to do and what I needed.  The whole time flew by yet felt so natural and right – she made sure I was comfortable and settled, every step of the way.

Accept my endless gratitude 

I cannot thank Goddess Cleo enough for what she has done for me, from the initial discussion, to the mind-blowing session through to the aftercare and support she gave me.  I hope to meet Goddess Cleo again one day, but if this is the only time then it was more than worth it. 

I hope she knows how much she has helped me since our time together and the overwhelming positive impact she had on me.  Goddess Cleo is an amazing human being and if you’re unsure about visiting her, then please trust me when I say that you absolutely should go – you will not regret it. 

Sub P

There we have it, Kinksters! 

A ginormous Shout-Out to Sub P for sharing your fetish suppression journey and ultimately lovely experience with the Subspace specialist – Goddess Cleo! Thank you so much for your wonderful testimonial. 

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Fetish suppression

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