4 ways to help overcome Sub-Drop

Hi there, Sub-Droppers! 

Erm… Wait a minute, what in the world is sub-drop? 🤔💭😃😞 Have you ever suffered from sub-drop? How did you overcome it? Are you Interested in finding out more about sub-drop? Alrighty then, let’s get friggin’ started, shall we? 

What is sub-drop? 

In a nutshell, sub-drop is a common emotional and physical low reaction, experienced by many submissives after a session – attributable to the drop of endorphins in the body. Some submissives realize it, a few hours later, whereas others might feel it the next day, whilst others don’t realise it until a few days afterwards. Most commonly experienced when a submissive gets back to the real world. 

So, the question is, what can a submissive do to overcome Sub-Drop? In all honesty, I don’t have some secret remedy on how to overcome Sub-Drop! So apologies in advance. However, I can tell you what has helped me. I hope you find these tips useful, helpful and interesting. 

On that premise, let’s get down to kinkness!

1. ✍️️Journaling

Do you have a submissive journal? If not, I highly recommend buying one or creating one.

Journaling is a wonderful means to channel your feelings, exploring emotions. It is a great little exercise which I find incredibly liberating and therapeutic. This little exercise has really helped me over the years. 

So how do you do it?

Well, it’s relatively straightforward. So here is an example: I recently had a session with the alluring Gynarchy Goddess Serena! 

You can read all about my session here.

After my session I hit a restaurant around the corner from ‘The Oubliette’ (recommended by Goddess Serena) . I stayed there for a good couple of hours, I found a little cosy spot, whilst waiting for my food. I started free-writing exactly what happened in the session.

I used all my senses, I paid attention to those feelings. As I wrote about how I felt, I remember smiling inside. Journaling is a beautiful way for submissives to savour the good moments of a play session. Let’s face it, kinksters! After an intense session it all feels pretty surreal, like it never happened in the first place. 

Journalling is also a great way to process everything mentally, especially if it is your first session, you might end up feeling a little lost at first. Particularly, if you are an anxious person, you might struggle to let go and fully enjoy the experience. In such circumstances, a great number of submissives end up feeling guilty.

For this reason, I strongly recommend journaling, as it can help you discover potential triggers. Once you let go you can get a deeper enjoyment out of your session. 

Question time: Submissives? Does this sound like you? Are you open to finding self-acceptance and inner peace? Then maybe journaling your feelings is just what you need.

2. 🙇‍♂️ Expressing gratitude

Once I had finished writing about my experience, then I moved onto writing a gratitude list. Expressing gratitude is a wonderful way to experience positive emotions. 

Now here’s what my after session with Goddess Serena gratitude list looks like!

Goddess Serena Gratitude

🔹I express my deepest gratitude to you Goddess Serena for giving me the opportunity to serve you

🔹Thank you Goddess Serena for accommodating my smelly foot fetish

🔹Thank you Goddess Serena for welcoming me into your space

🔹Thanks Goddess serena for permitting me to cum

🔹I am forever grateful for today’s mind-blowing, super creative, and fun session

🔹Thank you Goddess Serena for giving your time to play with me today

🔹I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today

🔹 Thanks for the awesome restaurant recommendation

🔹I would like to take the time to thank you for the lovely aftercare 

🔹 Goddess Serena, I appreciate you! Thank you!

After I wrote my gratitude list, I felt happy, positive and soothed. 

3. 🧘‍♂️Finding a self-care practice that works for you

Having self-care practices can help reduce stress, improve your mental and emotional stability. My self-care practices consist of writing articles, rhyming, exercising, meditating, using positive affirmations, reading, listening to music. (as stated before, journaling and practising gratitude) and occasionally hitting the sauna.

All these self-care practices help towards boosting my self-esteem and prevent me from feeling low-spirited after an intense session. 

Do you have self-care practices? Do tell us what works for you!

4. 💦 Abstaining from ejaculation (also known as semen retention)

Abstaining from ejaculation/semen retention is a great exercise to build mental strength. When I first started sessions, I became hooked. I used to jerk off all the time, and I had no self-control. Jerking off caused me to feel overly anxious and eager, fatigue, and downhearted. However, all that changed, during the first lockdown where we were not allowed to session.

During that time, I practiced semen retention for seventy plus days and that’s when I wrote my forthcoming novel, Triple-Formed! That experience changed my life forever – and I’ve never looked back since.

Triple Formed Podopheleus

From that moment on, I converted to a super self-disciplined machine! Yup, I developed some real thick skin. I no longer feel overly anxious or eager when I finish a session. 

Have you ever done semen retention? Did it help you make the transition to a super self-disciplined machine?

Read more about semen retention here.

Semen Retention Vs Male Chastity

Why I decided to do Semen Retention and why it is amazing

There we have it, Sub-Droppers! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and found my tips beneficial. Did you know that I created a private ‘Submissive Men’s Support Group’ on Twitter? I know, right? As it stands, there are 72 members in the group. 

Learn more about the group here, and how to join the group. 

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