5 ideas on how to calm a chatterbox mind

Do you have a chatterbox mind? Do you think too much? Do you have underlying Anxiety? Are your emotions distracting you? Do you over process things all the time? See, sometimes even our minds need some downtime. So how do you calm a busy mind. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

1. Passion

Passion is doing what you love and putting the energy into yourself. See when you love doing something, it doesn’t feel like a chore and when you do it, you genuinely feel excited about doing it. See, my passion is writing. So every day I write. I’m either writing a new blog, rhymes, content for a new book, or a roleplay script for a upcoming session. I also journal every evening before bed. See, it never feels tiresome or like a chore because I genuinely enjoy doing it. Passion will inspire you to focus on yourself. To me it’s the antidote to taming a busy chatterbox mind.

2. Tibetan singing bowl

I bought myself a Tibetan singing bowl back in November 2020. 

So how does it work?

So I start off by resting the Tibetan singing bowl on a cusion in the palm of my hand. I tap the edge of the Tibetan singing bowl once with a dual-end striker and then circle around the edge of the Tibetan singing bowl with the dual-end striker. There you go! Now you have a singing bowl in the palm of your hand. 

The sound vibration frequency calms my mind and I can’t get enough of it.

3. Adult coloring book/non-dominant hand

Your probably thinking what the heck are you talking about? Yes, you heard me buy yourself an adult coloring book and start coloring in with your non-dominant hand. 

Erm! But why? 

Because it opens your alpha brain which is your intuition brain. Do it for 10-minutes twice a week and think nothing whilst you do it and just let ideas gradually and naturally drop into your head. You can find yourself getting inspired that way and it’s also meant to remove any subconscious programming. 

This was the advice a Medium gave me and I’m so glad I listened to her because it has helped me.

Plus I bought myself a Motivational & Inspirational Swear Word Coloring Book. So it’s super-duper fun to color in. 

4. Meditation

Meditation Is the best way to connect with your soul path. Your probably thinking lookie here, I’ve listened to a bazillion YouTubers, and I’ve heard the word Meditation a bazillion friggin’ times. 

Yep, I know I know. The reason why is because meditation does help calm your mind. I’ve been meditating for 1-year now. I meditate for 20 – 45 minutes every day. Sometimes, I will just close my eyes and focus on my breath. Other times I use it as visualisation meditation. Meditation is work in progress though. When you first do it, it’s easy to feel a bit crabby. However, if you can stick with it and practice every day you will start seeing changes within you. 

5. Exercising

I exercise 5 – 6 days a week for up to an hour and I always feel super-duper great afterwards. 

Being in the right frame of mind really gets me amped up. I’d noticed that when I’m working out, my thoughts are not running amok because I’m so focused on having an effective workout. When you’re focused on your workout, it avoids half-assed workouts. 

There you have it – my top tips for calming a chatterbox mind. Please note, for any of the given tasks to actually work you need to be present. And that is how I try to calm a chatterbox mind.

What do you do to calm your mind? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love 


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