Hello again, Locked subs and Chastity Keyholders! 

Yay! It’s almost Locktober again!! Boo yeah!

Yup, it’s that time of year again — when men give up their sexual freedom by locking up their cocks for an entire freaking month. For some men, this is a masturbatory fantasy, as for other men they enjoy the mental challenge of abstaining from ejaculation. 

Check out my interviews with the chastity educator/author – Key Barrett and chastity keyholder – Mistress Adreena, to gain more knowledge on Locktober.

Locktober interview with Key Barrett

Locktober interview with chastity keyholder – Mistress Adreena

Unassisted vs Designated Keyholding 

Okie-dokie! On with the motley! So, some men go through Locktober unassisted whilst others prefer to find a designated keyholder. Every keyholder has her own style! In most cases, it will be necessary for the submissives to register their interest, and if all goes well, the submissives will receive Locktober tasks that must be completed by a specific day and time.

With that said, please be borne in mind that no keyholder does it the same; every keyholder does it their own way. 

Count your kinky blessings!!!

Locktober 2022 - Dirk Hooper

For those of you who are having a hard time finding a chastity keyholder, well, consider yourself lucky, and count your kinky blessings, because I am going to recommend 7 of the finest chastity keyholders in the kink scene.

This list was curated based on recommendations from other submissive men. Over and above, I am a great admirer of all the keyholders added to this list. Another thing to keep in mind: This list is in no particular order, I am not recommending one keyholder over the other. Alternatively, I’m providing a list of the 7 finest chastity keyholders in the kink scene.

In consideration of the foregoing, let’s get friggin’ started, shall we? 

7 Chastity Keyholders for Locktober 2022

1. Goddess Serena 

Goddess Serena is one of the most respected prodommes in the kink scene. Without a doubt, She has some of the best online chastity content. There has been a great number of times when Goddess Serena has posted chastity clips on Twitter, where I have found myself mesmerized, thinking to myself, “OHH WOWWW!! THAT’S SOOO FRIGGIN’ HOT!” Yup, her content is spellbinding!! 🤯Mind blowing to be even more precise.

Additionally, I have had the great pleasure in playing with Goddess Serena in real time, and She is an imaginatively phenomenal Mistress! You can read all about my experience with Goddess Serena here. 

On that premise, I resolutely believe that Goddess Serena will be an exceptional and innovative keyholder! 

To experience Locktober with Goddess Serena, register your interest here:

Additionally, follow Goddess Serena on Twitter: @gynarchygoddess

Furthermore, subscribe to Her OnlyFans here:

2. Goddess Penelope

Every single Goddess Penelope post is of superior quality, regardless of whether that is an image or video. Her content is on a completely different level. Her videos contain extraordinary effects, She catches one’s eye with Her distinctively blue hair, badass physique.

Over and above that, Goddess Penelope’s chastity content is 🔥hot as fuck!! Moreover, Goddess Penelope is Top 1% OnlyFans! You know what that means, right? Yup, Her content is Kink-raculous!!

On that basis, I believe without a shadow of doubt that Goddess Penelope will be a superb and fun keyholder. 

To enquire about Goddess Penelope’s Keyholding service, please send an email to:

Additionally, follow Goddess Penelope on social media.

Twitter: @GoddessPenelope

Instagram: @penelopeprofanity

Furthermore, subscribe to Her OnlyFans! Be warned, ⚠️Her content is highly addictive⚠️


3. Sophia Sahara

Sophia Sahara – ‘The Arabic Goddess’ is among the finest online content creators. Her videos are jaw-dropping, Her images are astonishingly gorgeous. Additionally, Sophia Sahara is Top 0.14% OnlyFans! Which means Her content is that friggin’ good! I know, right? 

On top of this, Her chastity content is well-thought-of, consistent. Additionally, She has some of the hottest online sissy chastity training videos. ⚠️Be warned⚠️, She can be creatively wicked 😈 🗝️

Subscribe to Sophia Sahara’s OnlyFans here:

Please follow The Arabic Goddess on social media. 

Twitter: @thesophiasahara

Instagram: @mssophiasahara

To enquire about Locktober with Sophia Sahara submit your interest here:

4. Miss Kim Rub 

Miss Kim Rub, also known as ‘The Queen Bee Domme!’ Oh, that’s right, Kinky Ones! Miss Kim Rub is one of the most renowned, skilled and multi-talented professional Dominatrices in the kink scene. Did you know that Miss Kim Rub has been running Mistress workshops for 10  years! Furthermore, Mistress Kim Rub is considered to be a true asset to our community! She is admired by everyone in the community – Dommes and subs. 

In addition to this, Miss Kim Rub offers a chastity keyholding service all year round, I know, right! Furthermore, your key will be labelled and stored with the others. Buy Her a ‘symbolic’ real gold key🔑and She will wear it around Her neck. How freaking hot is that, right? 

To learn more in relation to Miss Kim Rubs chastity keyholding service all you have to do is Call 07729003220 📞

Please follow Miss Kim Rub on social media.

Twitter: @misskimrub

Instagram: @rubberkinkqueen

Additionally, follow all Her links here:

Furthermore, check out my interview with Miss Kim Rub.

5. Kaz B 

Kaz B is not only a professional dominatrix; She is also an actress, an author of erotic fiction, ‘Sordid Secrets’ and Her most recent autobiography, ‘Confessions of a DOMINATRIX’. Additionally, Kaz B is a podcaster, an events organiser of ‘The Glamourazzis’. Yup, that’s right, kinksters! Kaz B is a woman of many, many talents. 

P.s. you can learn all about The Glamourazzis here. 

In addition to this, Kaz B is a chastity keyholder! Recently, I have spoken to quite a few of Kaz B’s subs, it has been said that Kaz B is charismatic and playful and the service she provides is an unforgettable experience. 

On the strength of all the outstanding testimonials for the wonderful Kaz B, it is beyond all doubt that Mistress Kaz will be a playful and enticing keyholder! 

Did you know that Kaz B and myself host once a month Twitter spaces? Pretty neat, huh? Fancy joining us on our next spaces? Excellent, we will keep you posted 🙌 

Learn more about our Twitter spaces here.

Please follow Kaz B on social media.

Twitter: @KazBxx

Instagram: @kazbxx 

To enquire about Kaz B’s keyholding service, please send an email to,

Subscribe to Kaz B’s OnlyFans here:

6. Charlotte Douleur

Charlotte Douleur is a woman of distinct talents. She is a professionally trained and lifestyle Dominatrix based in London! Additionally, Charlotte Douleur has a special gift for photography, a hidden talent for art. Furthermore, She runs and is the events organiser for Slut Social, which is an advocacy movement offering a safespace to women and non-binary people. 

On top of all that, Charlotte Douleur is a great lover of chastity play, She enjoys playing with it in person and virtually! She offers Chastity training/tasks! 

Would you like your 🗝️key around Charlotte Douleur’s neck? I mean, Geez! That would be freaking hot, right? If that’s a, “Hell Yes!”, then apply here:

Follow Charlotte Douleur and Slut Social on social media.

Twitter: @HouseOfDouleur @slut_social

Instagram: @charlotte.douleur 

Subscribe to Her OnlyFans here:

7. Miss Ava Black

Miss Ava Black has been in the BDSM scene for quite some time now and is considered to be an elite Mistress! Furthermore, The Ebony Goddess is well versed in chastity keyholding. It is highlighted on Her Twitter bio that She is a chastity keyholder. Ooh, how wonderfully kinky is that, aye?

Additionally, Miss Ava Black’s content is fun, playful, and is one hell of a cock tease making her a perfect choice for any submissive to have Her as your keyholder for Locktober.

Follow Miss Ava Black on social media.

Twitter: @MissAvaBlack

Instagram: @missavablack

Subscribe to Her OnlyFans here:

Finally – a big Locktober shout out to Dirk Hooper!

A Ginormous Thank-You to the super gifted – Dirk Hooper for allowing me to use your two 🔥🔥incredibly hot illustrations for this article.

Kinky Ones, please follow the multi-talented, Dirk Hooper on social media.

Twitter: @DirkHooper
Instagram: @dirkhooper

There we have it, Chastity Lovers! 

Submissive men, aren’t we just so freaking lucky to have so many alluring chastity keyholders to submit our interest to? That being said, please be borne in mind that whenever you are sending an email or applying/submitting to a Mistress, it is imperative that you are always, always respectful. In the light of the foregoing, I wish you all an awesome Locktober 2022! 

Kinksters! Let’s support each other – so please SHARE this article with other like-minded chastity kinky players! Also, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @podofeleus and Instagram @Podopheleus..

Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤

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