7 submissive brat script scenarios

Hello, Kinky Ones!

And now to some submissive brat script scenarios! Guess what, Kinksters? I have a session booked with Mistress Aria for next week. I know, right? Do you remember, Mistress Aria? In any case, allow me to jog your memory.

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Unquestionably. I am super pumped for my session with Mistress Aria. Yep, I can’t friggin’ wait. NEWSFLASH: I love being a bit bratty in sessions. Okay. So admittedly that’s not exactly a Newsflash.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I like to tease and provoke my play partners/Dommes to their limits. I will purposely say something obnoxious to push buttons. By that point, they have no choice but to punish me a little harder, a little rougher than usual. So, here I’ve compiled seven submissive brat scripted scenarios for next week’s session.

Allow me to emphasise that non-consensual play is something that needs to be discussed in advanced, through honest and open communication and through consensual agreement between Domme and sub.

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Now we got that out the way, let’s get the submissive brat script stuff started, shall we?

1. The Journalist 🎤

I’m very ignorant and patronising journalist. I was given an interview with Mistress Aria. However, we’d got off on the wrong foot pretty quickly 😳

Pod: “So, what inspired you to become a hooker?” 😳

Mistress Aria: “I am not a hooker, I am a Dominatrix”

Pod: “What’s the difference? you both offer sexual acts for money!”

Contains: Obnoxious journalist fucked in the ass by Dominatrix. A throttling fuckface🤢 (insert sad trombone sound here  )

2. Gynarchy 👠

The new government is run by women and I have a serious problem with seeing women giving orders. However, failure to comply will result in getting fucked pretty badly. You’ve offered me two options. (a) To  apologise and submit to Female Supremacy  (b) If I was to continue being a sexist pig you will cause me needless discomfort by…🍆🍑😮

3. The OnlyFans Hacker

Being quarantined 😷 had really affected me financially. I desperately needed to bring in some serious cheddah💰 Being a tech-geek I’d managed to hack into your OnlyFans account and I’d been selling your OnlyFans subscription for half the price to your followers. You’d totally clocked on. Shitnoodles! You needed to find me ASAP!🤦 Fortunately for you you had a friend who was tech savvy enough to track my whereabouts.🎉 So, you hired a couple of heavies 💪💪 to drag my crabby ass to Inanna. The question is what are you planning on doing to my ass! 🤐

Contains: Eff’d in the buttinski!

4. Slave Handbook

You’re a control freak! You love to be in control of everything. I am your trainee slave! Although, I was given a slave handbook by Mistress Aria, I keep breaking the slave handbook rules because I get enjoyment out of being disobedient.

“You have not complied with the slave handbook rules, therefore you will be punished accordingly. I will not ruin the surprise of your suffering!” Mistress Aria said, in a quiet, angry voice.

Spoiler alert; I’m about to get Fluffed! 🥴

5. Sonofa….!

Someone had just commented on one of your social media posts 👇

“If you want males to respect you as a woman I suggest you wear more clothes! I strongly advise that you take a knitting course and learn how to wear a sweater! 🧥I have sent you a YouTube link, I hope this helps!”😤

WOAH! Your thinking Sonofa…! Anyhoo… A friend of yours knows someone who knows this guy. So, you’re going to surprise visit him to see how ballsy he is in person!👠😨

Contains: You got busted beotch! 😏 sinister laughter! 😈 And …

6. Mistress Arias World

The world is run by Mistress Aria – also known as The Misandrist.

I’ve been rebelling and defying authority. I have two options. To bow down and worship Mistress Aria or continue to fight against and risk becoming Mistress Aria’s slave-bitch – perpetuating the cycle of suffering.

Contains: I do not follow rules 💪 vs Do what I say when I say it 👿

7. Secret Agent X-028

Secret Agent X-028 (Aria) is seeking life threatening information from Podopheleus. However, I refuse to talk to any interrogator. 🤐 I had been warned that Agent X-028 (Aria) has an endless list of torture techniques for a miserable excuse for a man. Furthermore, even trash like me can be a useful slave.

Contains; Getting fucked in the cigar puffer and other orifices!

There we have it, Kinksters!  Okie-dokie! Scout’s honour! I’m going to write a blog post about my submissive brat scripted scenario session with Mistress Aria! That being the case, which submissive brat scripted scenario blog post would you like to read about?

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please feel free to share this post with others.

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Much Kink Love


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