A Chastity Story part 2 by SafferMaster

After some 8 months of being a Hotwife, Sally and Peter were closer than ever. They talked more and she found that she was leaning into her role as a FemDom in their relationship. She was enjoying the experience of herself in the role of leading the relationship entirely. She liked the idea of an FLR which seemed to enhance her own self-image.  She found her internet searches tended to be more in the realm of the Fem Dom Idiom.

By this stage, sex with Peter was limited to him eating her pussy and fucking her with the dildo gag she had purchased for him whenever she felt like it. He also let her clean her out after her Bull left his deposit. She decided to step up her dominance and do some of the things she had been reading about.

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Chastity Story Part 2

She came home from work one day to find dirty dishes in the sink and was particularly disgusted since they had obviously been there all day. She called to Peter. He wandered into the kitchen and said, “Yes Ma’am?” She looked at him with a frown, and said “Peter, go and get me my hairbrush.” He raised his eyebrows and started to say something, but her tone of voice was stern enough to scare him a little, so he said nothing and went upstairs to her vanity and brought her the hairbrush. She was seated at the kitchen table, but the chair was turned outwards. “Come here,” she said, patting her lap. Peter was unsure what this was about, but he understood what to do when she took the hairbrush and indicated to her that he should lay across her. “Take down your pants Peter,” she said. He hesitated, stammering, and turning red in the face, “but, but…” She patted her lap and said, “Peter, obviously, based on the state of this kitchen, we need to have some discipline to set you on the right path. From now on, when I see that you have let me down, I will spank you. Now, lay across my lap.” He complied. He was not sure how to think about the spanking he was about to receive.  He knew about being spanked though. He had been routinely spanked by his mom as a kid, and so he was half excited about the prospect. He loved Sally’s attention, no matter that it came from being naughty. He was thinking about what to say when she interrupted his thoughts. “There will be no more dirty dishes in the sink when I come home from work, do you understand?” “Yes Ma’am” he replied quietly and then his eyes opened wide as she brought the brush down onto his bare bottom much harder than he expected. She spanked him again and again with firm assured strokes until his butt was quite red and he was squealing and kicking his legs out during the experience. When she was done, she said in quite a severe tone “go stand in the corner and leave your pants around your ankles till I tell you to pull them up.”

Chastity Story part 2 – Obedience

Chastity Story part 2
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Peter shuffled quickly to the corner and stood there; his bare bottom was throbbing. He was aware that she was watching him as he made his way, so he tried to keep his gaze straight ahead. His mind was racing. This was so humiliating. He had been aware of, and he approved of her taking more responsibility for things in their life, and her decision to discipline him was not out of bounds given the conversations they had had about living in a FLR. She had his consent to make all decisions about their life and their way of life, and this was not a departure from that agreement. He was committed to her happiness and that was all he cared about. He was so much happier being her cuck than he had ever been. He was able to pleasure her without a need or want for his own pleasure. If she chose to pleasure him, he appreciated it, but he had more or less given up on being a sexual creature the way he once thought of himself. He was her caged cuck. She held his key, and now she was his disciplinarian as well. All of this was going through his mind when she said suddenly “pull up your pants Peter and come here.”

He did as he was told and sheepishly came to sit at the table. He eyed the hairbrush warily as it sat within her reach. He looked down. She said “Peter, I love you. I am not angry with you. I want you to be my perfect partner and when I correct your behavior it’s to help you understand what I want. Do you understand?” Peter nodded. He glanced up. She smiled at him. Peter, here is your key, I want you to go to the bathroom and shave and clean. Then I want you to lock yourself back up and bring me back the key. You can masturbate if you want. If you choose to masturbate, you must tell me.  And with that she kissed him on the forehead and left the room.

Peter sat at the table a minute looking at the key. She had never done this before. He fingered it, turning it over between his fingers and thinking about the last time he had had the chance to ejaculate out of the cage. It has been some time, and he was already feeling his cock become engorged. He stood up and went up to the bathroom. In the bathroom he got undressed, unlocked his cage, set it on the vanity and stepped into the shower. His cock was quite hard by the time he soaped himself and the smooth slippery soap had him stroking his cock. He stopped himself and set about shaving his pubes that were budding. It was a relief because the hair was already uncomfortable and getting worse with each passing day. While he was shaving himself, he thought about the wisdom of masturbating. “In many ways”, he thought, “this may be a test.” He finished up and was rising off when he found himself stroking his throbbing cock again. Again, he stopped before he ejaculated. “Damn!” he thought, “If I tell her I masturbated, she will definitely punish me somehow”. He stepped out of the shower and toweled himself off. His cock was still quite erect and so he sat on the bed and tried to think of unsexy things so he could get his cage on easily. After a few minutes he put the cage back on and sighed. Then he locked it and dressed and went downstairs.

Chastity Story part 2 – All Shaved

Sally was waiting for him. She smiled and said, “all shaved?” He nodded as he handed her the key. “She raised an eyebrow quickly cocking her head to one side. He shook his head “no” and turned to leave the room. “Peter” she said, stopping him in his tracks. “Yes Ma’am?” I am proud of you that you didn’t beat off. I half expected you to do so. He smiled. “It was a test,” he thought.  To reward you Peter, I am going to invite my Bull, Simon, over tonight and you can watch me get fucked. She looked at him closely. “I’d like that, Ma’am” he said quietly.

At about 4:00 Peter went upstairs to brush his wife’s hair and help her select underwear for her date. He was standing behind her looking at her in her mirror as he brushed her hair. Her perfume aroused him. She smelled lovely. Her breasts were perky and her nipples hard. She had a good tone and she looked beautiful. He brushed her shoulder length brown hair again. He felt so much love for her that his heart pounded in his ears. He heard himself say “I want to pleasure you Ma’am.” She looked up at him in the mirror and smiled. She stood up and turned around on the seat. She spread her legs and said, “eat me.” He dropped to his knees and spread her pussy lips exposing her clit and sucked and licked her as her moans indicated her pleasure. His tongue played around her clit as her hands held his head firmly in place with a firm grip on his hair. She had a series of orgasms in waves and then she pushed his head away and said, “I liked that Peter, you are a good cuck, now fetch my lingerie.”

Peter watched her dress as she pulled her black G-string on, and the push up bra that displayed her breasts perfectly. He especially noticed how well the key sat between and above her cleavage. Then he watched as she pulled one fish-net stocking up her long leg and then the next. He helped her with her garter belt and clipped the top of the stockings to the clips the way she liked and then he stepped back to admire her. She was in decent shape with her feminine figure framed nicely by the French lingerie. She had pulled a “little black dress” out of her cupboard, and she looked in the mirror holding the dress in front of her. She liked what she saw and said “do me up” as she stepped into the dress and shimmied the tight fabric up her lithe body. Peter stood behind her and zipped her dress up, then he linked the top loop. She looked fabulous. “Get my black pumps” she said, and he went into her shoe closet to select a pair of Italian 4” black leather heels. She slipped them on, and he whistled. “Wow!” he said, “Simon is going to be blown away!” She smiled at him, loving him for this new sexual freedom and kissed him passionately.

“Call me a car” she said as she came downstairs. Peter asked, “Where are you headed?” “The Metropolitan Grill” she said. Peter whistled and called for an Uber. “What time shall I expect you back?” she thought for a minute while applying her deep red lipstick and said “around 9:00, but I’ll text you on our return.” Peter nodded. He thought he would go grab dinner at the local pub.

The perfect Bull

In the car, Sally’s thoughts drifted from Peter to Simon. She watched the scenery as it went by on this lovely summer afternoon. Simon was a perfect Bull. He was amazing with his cock, he made her cum hard, and he was easy to be around with. She loved the chemistry with him. Of all the Bulls she had fucked, and there had been several, she found that she liked Simon best of all. He was someone she could see being much more of a regular Bull. She found the conversation with him fun and interesting. They laughed a lot, and the sex was mind blowing. She was lost in thought as the car pulled up to the restaurant. She got out and walked through the door held open by the doorman. He whistled under his breath as she walked by. Her perfume and her fabulous outfit were “breathtaking” he thought.  She spied Simon at the bar and went up to him. He sensed her and turned toward her as she arrived, and he circled her waist and gave her a passionate kiss surprising her as he did so. She melted into the kiss and returned the passion.

They had a cocktail and were shown to their table where they ordered dinner and continued the conversation. The meals were perfect, matching the class of the white tablecloth restaurant, and she thought that now would be a good time to invite him home with her. “Simon” she said, “I want you to fuck me at home tonight so my cuck can watch.” He smiled and said, “well, it’s about time!” They were finishing up and their plates were being taken away when she said, “I’ll let the cuck know we are on the way back,” He called for the check, and they got up to go as the waiter took away the signed bill. They walked the half block to where Simon had parked holding hands. Simon really liked Sally. He liked her a lot and he was looking forward to meeting Peter. He had heard everything about him for months now and he wanted to see who he was dealing with. He felt the urge to dominate him too, although he did not share this with Sally at the moment.

He drove her home with his hand in her panties stroking her wet pussy gently. She moaned softly while on the way home. When he parked in the driveway, he put his wet fingers in her mouth and she sucked them clean. They got out of the car and walked to the front door hand in hand. Peter was watching them through the living room window feeling his cage as it contained his swelling cock. He saw Simon lean over and say something to Sally. He did not hear Simon whisper that he was “going to fuck her hard.”

She opened the door and there was Peter. She introduced them. “Peter, this is Simon. He is our Bull.” Simon stuck out his hand and Peter shook it meekly. “Hello Simon” he said quietly. She said, “let’s go upstairs.” They all trooped up the stairs. First Sally, then Simon and then Peter. In the bedroom, Sally said to Peter. “Take off your clothes and sit on that chair.” Pointing to the armchair in the corner.  Peter did as he was told feeling a little sheepish while taking off his lady’s underwear in front of Simon who looked on with a smirk.

He had never had the pleasure of watching his wife get fucked by another man. It was very hot. She looked so sexy as Simon stripped off her shoes one at a time then peeled off her stockings one at a time, then peeled her out of her dress and freed up her tits with their erect nipples, and then finally he felt himself leaking precum when he pulled her panties to one side as he buried his face in her pussy as Sally moaned with pleasure. It was about all he could stand when Simon stood up and dropped his pants and undershorts to reveal a massive thick cock at least twice the size of his. He was wide eyed as he watched her suck on and then spread her legs for that monster cock. She was writhing like a snake as he penetrated her to her excited squeals. She started to cum almost immediately and to his own surprise, he found himself ejaculating in his cage as he sat there watching her get soundly fucked.

He tried to cover his ejaculate with his t-shirt on the floor and he looked up to see his wife and Simon in the throws of climax. They lay there panting and then Simon rolled off him, his cock still hard but now glistening. “Peter come here and perform clean up duty,” she said. He went over and lapped up Simon’s cum as it leaked out of her dripping wet pussy while she moaned in approval. He was aware of his wife and Simon kissing deeply as he licked her pussy clean. “Now clean Simon” she said firmly. He looked up. He had never handled another man’s cock before. He didn’t know how he felt about this. “Now!” she said with emphasis. He shifted over and took Simon’s meaty cock in his hand aware that it dwarfed his own. He gingerly licked the end of the cock and soon found himself sucking on Simon’s hard cock without reservation. He glanced up with that cock in his mouth and again, he saw Sally and Simon kissing passionately. He was hard in his cage feeling his balls being pulled tight.

A Good cuck

“You are a good cuck, Peter, ” Sally said, and Simon nodded in agreement. “Do you want to fuck him, Simon?” Sally asked. Peter stopped and looked up holding Simon’s erect cock in his hand. Simon looked at him and then at Sally. They were all three quiet for a moment. Then Simon said, “I think, Sally, that the cuck needs to be more of a sissy for me to fuck him. He still looks a little manly. Perhaps you can work on this so that next time he is more appealing to me?” Peter breathed a sigh of relief before his heart sank at the prospect. Sally smiled and said “Good plan! Go sit in your chair.” Peter did as he was told. His mind was reeling. He was going to be sissified. He could not get his head around this. He sat there in a daze as Simon went for another round with his wife. He watched more or less from a disjointed place, watching but not seeing, until his wife’s loud groaning and moaning got his attention. He looked up to see that Simon had his giant cock in his wife’s ass and she was moaning with clear delight. He was amazed. He never knew that Sally liked anal sex. He watched with his cock swelling in it’s cage again and when he heard Simon growl as he pumped another load of cum into his wife’s ass he felt a pang of jealousy. He was lost in thought when he heard his wife say “Peter, clean up duty”. Dutifully, he crawled over the bed and buried his face in his wife’s ass licking and tonguing her while she sucked Simon’s cock. After a minute she said, “OK cuck, you may leave.” Peter did as he was told. He took himself and his clothes in a pile and he left the room. His mind was swimming. He wanted to talk to Sally about being a fuck hole for Simon. He didn’t think he was ready for that. He had no homosexual fantasies and had only sucked Simon’s cock because she told him to. He dressed in a new clean T-shirt and went down to watch TV. He cracked a beer and sat in front of the TV trying not to think about his wife getting fucked in the ass upstairs.

The End




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