Peter, Sally and a Chastity Story;

Peter and Sally were married for several years before it became clear to Peter that their sex life had drifted into a meaningless and uninteresting almost once a week routine. She seemed disconnected and unsatisfied, in fact, he was sure she was faking it, and he had a hard time getting to completion himself. In his fantasies, Peter imagined being submissive to his wife, even cuckold. He fantasied about being in chastity. He fantasized about his wife sleeping with another man. He felt that if she were to do that, he would be able to be aroused. This went on for months before Peter thought seriously about being cuckold to his partner and although he was ashamed of his fantasies and was sure she would reject them, to facilitate his fantasy, he made a choice and purchased himself a cock cage.

His penis was perhaps smaller than average size he thought, and maybe a little thin by the standard of porn magazines he had searched, so he sized the cage accordingly. He was surprised to find several examples to choose from on Amazon, and he chose one that seemed like it would fit. He measured his flaccid and erect penis girth and length and made his selection. He purchased a stainless-steel cage with a lock on the top that had a larger ring at the base to capture his balls and prevent the cage from sliding off. The shaft of the device had stainless rings all the way down to the end and it curved in an appealing manner. He was excited when it arrived. He unwrapped the package when his wife was not home, and he tried it on. He immediately became aroused feeling the restriction of the cage, and he was quite emotional. He kept it on when he had dinner with her that evening without telling her about it and found that he was both particularly attentive and also very aroused. After dinner he removed it and hid it in his underwear drawer and went to bed where he was quite vigorous with his wife in bed bringing them both to great orgasms.   

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A Chastity Story – The first morning after

Next morning, she was up before him, and he found her at the breakfast table. She greeted him and he sat with her over coffee. He said, “last night I was very aroused”. She smiled and said “I noticed! What changed?” He got red in the face. “What is it?” she asked. He was silent. Sitting there blushing, his heart racing. Then he said “I want to share something with you, and I am afraid if I do, you will be upset.” A stern frown came over her. “What do you mean?” He was quiet a minute before he said softly, “Let me get something” and he stood up, and quickly left the kitchen, going upstairs to the bedroom. When he returned, he put the cock cage on the table in its pouch with its key.

A chastity story
A chastity story

She sat looking at it not understanding at first. Then she reached for the pouch and opened it, took out the device and said, “What are you proposing Peter?” He handed her the key “Sally, I think it would be best if I wore this because you wanted me to. I also want you to be the keyholder. I want you to have control of my orgasms forever.”  She thought about his request and said “Peter this is weird. I am not closed to the conversation, but I am not ready for this. Let me think about it.” He nodded and offered; I also think you should have the freedom to sleep with whomever you wish.” He was feeling bold now. She blanched and said, “we are married.” He nodded and in the silence her thoughts drifted to the idea of acting on his suggestion. She had been innocently chatting with an old boyfriend recently and had even agreed to meet him for lunch since they worked nearby each other and had randomly met at the coffee cart one morning. They had exchanged numbers and texted once or twice. She remembered him. A real aggressive lover with a massive cock. She smiled to herself as she remembered what it would be like to have a ride on that monster again. “I’ll think about it” and with that, she got up and left the table heading off to take a shower.

The rest of the day, Peter kept busy in the yard and tried not to make eye contact with Sally. He was nervous. He had put himself out there.  At the same time, she kept one eye on him as she glanced at him and then the cock cage on the table from time to time. She was starting to imagine what it would be like to have her husband in a cage while she fucked her friend. She was flush and aroused.  She fanned her face saying “Oh, my” to herself over and over again. She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw herself as an attractive woman for her age and the felt as if there was more to her sex life than she had experienced.

She picked up the cage and played with it. It was hard. Cold. She locked and unlocked it. She smiled and took the key and put in on the chain that she was wearing as a necklace. She looked in the mirror. The chain sat just above her cleavage, and she smiled at the image. It was very erotic.

She took the chain off and set it with the key on the table. She waited till Peter came in. She was sitting at the table reading.

“Peter, lets talk” she said

After he had cleaned up, he came to the kitchen. He sat at the table waiting expectantly although he was very nervous. She smiled and said “I love you, Peter; I am your wife. I also understand that our sex life has not been great for a while. I am surprised by this, but I am also intrigued. I want to take this in baby steps. First, I want to see you in this device, now.” He silently stood up and dropped his pants. He put the device on his penis and snapped the lock shut. She reached for it and tugged at it. It was snug. It seemed to fit. It wasn’t coming off. His cock was a little crammed into the device and his balls were pushed forward. “How does it feel?” she asked. He smiled and said, “it’s comfortable and its very sexy. I feel owned.” She looked at him, smiled, and said “Good. I will keep the key and you will rely on me to let you take it off.”  Peter was both aroused and afraid. He grinned at her. “Yes Ma’am” he said. He had only had it on for one day. He had not slept in it or tried to clean himself when it was on or use the bathroom either. He was both excited and also very worried. He had not expected this to go so smoothly or so quickly. Now it was he who was unprepared.

He watched her slip the chain over her neck and he felt secure knowing that she held his orgasm in her hands. He looked at the key hanging just above her cleavage, and he felt the restriction of the cage as his dick attempted to swell. She smiled at him. “May I put my pants on?” he asked. She laughed as she nodded and went off and about her day without seeming to be concerned. He pulled his pants up feeling the weight of the cage.

A chastity story
A chastity story

At first the experience of being caged felt erotic and each time he got uncomfortable, it occurred to him that being uncomfortable was “Ok and expected” and that he would “get used to it”. He liked the feeling of submitting to his wife and he wondered what would happen next.

In bed that night they spoke, and she handled the cage “what’s it like?” she asked. He tried to explain and said “it’s more that you have control that I like than that the cage bothers me. It’s not totally comfortable, but I feel better wearing it than not. I sort of like it.” She was silent a while and then said, ”and you are really serious about me sleeping with other men, does that excite you?” He thought before he answered, and then said, “I think that if you do that, then sex with you will improve for us too, I find it very erotic to think of you being so sexy.” She thought for a minute and said “OK. Let’s see how you do with a week in chastity.” And with that she rolled over and went to sleep.

Peter lay there thinking about the events of the day. He smiled in the darkness. He felt fulfilled and fell asleep smiling.

As the week wore on, Peter found that he was more attentive to his wife than ever. He had been giving her oral pleasure every night, which was more than ever, and he was feeling sexually very frustrated at the same time. He had been masturbating regularly before being caged and was used to ejaculating and now he was not able to even get an erection without the cage interfering. When he got an erection, the cage pushed away and the ring pulled on his balls. He was feeling sorry for himself by Thursday. There was some chaffing, and it was hard to take a shower and clean himself and he was feeling pretty grumpy, but she was happy and that made him happy. He found himself trying to anticipate what she wanted and was exceedingly polite and attentive. She noticed and said on Friday at dinner “Peter, tonight I am going to take off your cage and make sure you cum. He smiled and nodded noting that the chaffing needed a break. “Good” he said, “I need to cum, thank you.”

Unlocking the beast

That night in bed, she made a big deal about using the key around her neck to unlock him making sure to rub his cage between her breasts and to slide her pussy on the cage before and she unlocked and pulled the cage off. He became fully erect almost immediately. “Get on your knees Peter” she said, and he did as he was told. She squirted some lube on her hand and took his cock in one hand and pulled on his balls with the other, then she gently started to stroke his skinny shaft and in no time at all, Peter ejaculated into the towel she was had placed on the bed beneath him. She said “let me look at you” as he lay on his back afterwards, and he spread his legs to comply.  She examined his package noting that the skin was in good shape although it was a little red at the base where the ring held the balls. She smeared some lotion there and said, “OK Peter. Put the cage back on.” His eyes got big. He took the cage and put it on then she took the lock and dramatically locked it. She kissed him deeply and said, “I like this Peter, I am wet, now eat my pussy.”

As the months rolled on – A Chastity Story

Several months down the road, he was now up to a month in the cage. Toward the end of a month in chastity, Peter found that he was feeling backed up all the time. He was super attentive to his wife who was now going out to have sex with her old boyfriend, and he was uncomfortable in chastity. He enjoyed that she released his stress, but he still had the experience of feeling backed up and even having so much sensitivity, he found himself leaking and even ejaculating without the satisfaction of an orgasm like he had previously enjoyed when ejaculating during sex. The feeling of frustration never left him. He found that being in a cage was a challenge on a full-time basis, except when she took it off to manually milk him, which he loved and looked forward to. But the frame of being in chastity had him dealing with his own sexuality differently. He thought a lot about the fact that he was feeling more satisfied with his sexuality with his wife and at the same time, he was humiliated about how she kept him in chastity and only milked him once a week. He was eating her pussy every day now as she started to have her sex drive increasing even as his was restricted. He loved the feeling of his cock straining against the cage and was relieved if not surprised when she told him to go to the bathroom and shave the hair around his cock and balls before he went back in the cage that weekend after his milking session. She was taking his power and he was giving it up to her willingly.

She decided to go away with her boyfriend for the weekend and so he was at home alone with his cage. He was uncomfortable and frustrated because he didn’t get milked, and he was feeling sorry for himself when his phone indicated a text message and he noticed it was from his wife. He opened the message to find a photo of her riding a monster cock and he immediately ejaculated in his pants. He was embarrassed and ashamed. He was aroused by his wife with another man. He could not sleep. All he could think about was her being sexually satisfied by her boyfriend and she knew he could not do that for her. He was both humiliated and very aroused by the idea.

He slept fitfully and was pleased when on Sunday afternoon, Sally came home and said, “go to the bedroom”. He went upstairs and stripped off his clothes and lay on the bed. She came in and stripped off her clothes and straddled his caged cock. She rubbed her pussy over his cage and brought herself to orgasm. His cock was throbbing in the cage as it tried to fill with blood. She talked about how she liked that big cock in her pussy and how naughty it felt to have her boyfriend fucking her while he was at home, and he groaned. She said “this morning he fucked me good, and my pussy is full of cum, I want you to eat it out of me. She rolled over and spread her legs. Peter positioned himself so he could spread her labia and see the cum dripping out of her cunt. He was exhilarated as he licked the cum from her pussy enjoying making her climax violently. He felt fulfilled and at the same time, a bit ashamed.

She was very aroused and said “Peter, I am going to massage your prostate now, lets see if I can get you to cum by doing that.” Peter was surprised. He had heard about but never tried prostate massage. She said, “lie on your back.” He did.  She lubed up a finger and slipped it into his ass, which surprised him a little, and she slowly massaged his walnut feeling prostate with one finger until she felt the prostate pulsing, and she watched him ooze cum out of his limp but tight cock in the cage. She smiled and spoke. “This is good, now go clean up.” She left him in his cage, and he went to take a shower. The managed to use liquid soap to wash himself in the cage and he tried to stop his cock from swelling as he thought about eating someone else’s cum out of his wife’s pussy and the way she had taken to milking him.

A constant state of Chastity

Being constantly in chastity was trying. He felt it did a few things. First, he was definitely more attentive to Sally. That was absolutely true without question. Second, he was always uncomfortable and felt sexually frustrated, and again, he channeled that energy into supporting her serving her. Third, he was having to deal with cleanliness and leaking all the time. He found he constantly had a wet spot in his underwear. He got itchy when his hair grew back and looked forward to shaving himself each week. She now wanted to fuck him with a dildo, to peg him, and he was intrigued. He liked having her finger his ass to massage his prostate and she was definitely expressing herself sexually with high energy, both at home and with her lover. He had to always go sit to pee because he could not control where the stream went with the cage on. He found being at work with the cage was erotic. Nobody knew he was wearing a cock cage at the office, and he tried to not draw attention to himself. His biggest challenge was spontaneous squirting. It was unpredictable and sometimes he just ejaculated. It made a mess.

Panties, or briefs?

One evening, when they met for dinner, she said to him “Peter, I have been thinking. I think I want you to start wearing panties instead of boxers.” She said it is such a matter-of fact-fashion that it caught him by surprise and he gasped, but nodded. “Ok, but why?” She looked at him for a long minute and said, “I have retired your cock, and it does not make sense for you to wear male underwear.”

Peter almost choked on his food but nodded and asked, “when shall I do this?” She laughed and said “now” bringing out a package and putting it on the table. He hesitantly opened the package. Inside he found several pairs of frilly panties. He blanched. She said’ “put on a pair now, I want to see.” He stood up and took off his pants and boxers. He was feeling very humiliated. He selected a white lace frilly bit of cloth and pulled on the panties. His cage stretched the front. She smiled. “Oh, that’s cute, put your pants on Peter.”

He sat there caged and in panties blushing. “I don’t think I can do this” he said, “Its too much.” “Oh sweetie,” she said, “I like it, it makes me feel so good for you to be such a good boy.” He swallowed hard. “Ok” he said shaking his head. He sat down to finish his dinner. They ate silently.

A Chastity Story – One month later

One day she said to him, after he had been in chastity for a month straight again, that it was time for him to realize that he would spend the rest of his life in chastity. He blanched. At the same time, she had never been happier, and he loved the way their relationship was going. “Forever?” he asked “Yes” she said, “except to shave and in the event that you need medical attention.”

The realization that sex for him had become milking and pegging and satisfying his wife orally made him realize that he had to take pleasure in the way she wanted. He was lost in thought when she put a bag on the table. “I bought you a present” she said. He opened the package to find a dildo with a crazy strap. She said, “It’s for your face.” He blushed when he realized the implication. “I fuck you with this instead of my cock?” he asked. “Your cock is retired.” She said with a mocking tone as she stood to leave the room laughing. Then she added. Go put that on and I will meet you in the bedroom.

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