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Thimble is a great femdom writer. His stories explore the psychology of femdom, including the push-pull of desire and shame that sometimes comes with submission, and creative avenues of both physical and mental domination.

So, when I had the opportunity to interview Thimble, it goes without saying that I was pretty stoked! If you are yearning to learn more about Thimble, then please read on!

However, before we get to that, feel free to read ‘The Stigma of the Submissive Male’ which is a wonderful guest blog by Thimble.

Thimble what made you want to write about femdom?

A lifetime of being into femdom. As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted women to dominate me, even before I knew what sex was. Once the internet came and I discovered femdom erotica, I read everything I could get my hands on. I loved it, but I could never find the exact story I wanted, and the portrayals of the submissive men and the femdom relationships were always depressing. The guys were weak and snivelling, and the relationships didn’t have fun or happiness or affection. Eventually, I started writing the stories I wanted to read.

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How did you become a femdom writer?

I just wrote. I’d done a lot of writing in my twenties, and I’m passionate about the subject, so it was fun to create stories. I wrote The Principal’s Office: Boarding School Slavery – Volume I, which was my first femdom story, and then Training My Professor, which was my first full length book. Then I wrote two-thirds of When Femdom Dreams Come True. I showed an excerpt to a dominatrix I was following on Twitter and she liked it, so I told her I was going to publish it on Amazon. That forced me to actually do it.

Tell us about your first book and how it was received?

I published When Femdom Dreams Come True in December of 2018, and it sold over 500 copies in its first four months, which really surprised me. I loved writing it, and it felt good that people were buying my book, so I kept going. WFDCT has gotten mostly positive reviews. There’s a non-consensual element in the story that some people object to, but I don’t worry about that. If people like it, great! If they don’t, they don’t.

Tell us about your other books and feel free to shamelessly plug them

With each book I’m living out a fantasy – either about a kink or a person or a situation. With Training my Professor, the fantasy was forced submission. When I was younger, I thought I was wrong to want to be dominated, so I fantasized about being forced into it. If I had no choice, it wasn’t my fault and I wasn’t wrong. Soon, the act of being forced against my will became a kink in itself. I also liked the idea of a man who thought he was so smart being utterly outwitted by a domme.

When Femdom Dreams Come True¬ was a fantasy built around a dominant woman’s profile on Collarspace.com. I never met her, but I looked at her profile a lot, and the story is my fantasy of what it would be like to be trained by her.

In Learning to Serve and Obey, I get to relive my college experience, but this time I’m honest about what I want and I pursue it. This is my most romantic book and I love it.

With My Boyfriend, My Sissy, I wanted to show slow, unrelenting, unstoppable domination. I wanted the domination to come through small steps, each of which seems a logical extension of the step before, so much so that the boyfriend doesn’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late to turn back.

In Slave Training with Ms. Elsa, I wanted to create a dominatrix who was brutal and cruel, but also moral and consistent. A school for submission run by a sadistic headmistress is a pretty common fantasy, and this is my take on it. I also share a lot of faults with the protagonist.

With Femdom Toilet Slave, I explore a shadow fantasy of mine. I’ve never done full toilet, but I’m intrigued by it as the ultimate act of submission and because it’s so taboo. I haven’t fully accepted my attraction to it, and so this novel explores a man finally pursuing his desire for it and accepting himself. It’s also about realizing that there’s someone wonderful for you, no matter what you’re into.

My Femdom Savior explores the healing possibility of femdom. It’s also about accepting the imperfections of your partner as a part of what makes them so special. I wanted to show a relationship that gets off track and how the couple each has to decide if it’s worth the effort to fix it.

You cover a range of topics, can you tell us which ones and how they fit into your literature?

I’m always writing about femdom, the psychology of submission, and love. And I’m always trying to turn people on.

Are you trying to purvey a message through your books?

Yes. I want to send a message through my books that you can be a submissive man and still be strong and successful and happy, that a femdom relationship can be full of love and joy. In a way, I’m always writing for the 15-year-old me, who thought he would never find and didn’t deserve love because of what he wanted.

That said, I want my books to stand alone, so even if you don’t get or don’t care about the message, you’ll still enjoy them.

Have you ever gotten turned on by your own writing?

I do. They’re my fantasies, so of course I get turned on by them. Also, as I write, I’m picturing the scenes in my head, and that can be…distracting. Early on, it became a problem, so I would put myself in chastity while I wrote so I could get work done.

How do you see the future of the genre, should it remain edgy or go mainstream?

Both. I think within the next five years, there’ll be a femdom version of 50 Shades of Grey: something that brings femdom into the mainstream. That first book will have to be relatively tame, because it will be a lot of people’s first exposure to femdom. At the same time, there will always be a place in the genre for raunchiness and hard core filth. I’m going to keep writing it, anyway.

Any message for the Podopheleus readers?

I hope all their femdom dreams and fantasies come true!

There we have it, Kinksters! Once again, a massive shout out to Thimble – thank you for sharing your stories, experiences, views and thoughts in this interview – something that many of us can identify with.

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