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Hello, femdom lovers! 

So I follow eyemblacksheep on Twitter. I usually ask a lot of questions on Twitter about submissive men, femdom, social stigma etc. Most of the time, eyemblacksheep will respond to my questions in the comments section. What surprised me the most was that eyemblacksheep had so much insight and so much understanding of femdom. So, as you can imagine, I wanted to interview eyemblacksheep to learn more. 

However, before we get started, I asked eyemblacksheep to write a little introduction about herself.

Introducing eyemblacksheep

Adult performer eyemblacksheep

I’m eyemblacksheep.  I am a blogger (https://t.co/GR2sKc3fzG) a producer (https://t.co/CaeuFm2fxl) and adult film performer, where most of the work has been fetish and Femdom.

I also help run a munch and pre-pandemic DJ’d at a fetish event.

1. So you are a producer & certified Adult performer, what’s your story? How did this come about?

The shortest version of the story is that on Fetlife when I was looking at pictures or videos and stuff and there’d be guys who’d leave dull comments like “lucky slave” and “I wish that was me” and so I decided that I wouldn’t be like them. I would, instead, find out how to MAKE it me.

The slightly longer story.

The above is true but I did give this a lot of thought before looking for opportunities.

The first time I filmed it was with a lady, Ari, who had been travelling around the UK most weekends just to go to local munches with a view of meeting people who she would film with. We chatted online a bit and she gave me a couple of basic tasks around buying and voting for some of her clips and being happy I could follow instructions decided to give me a chance.  For me some of this was just about seeing if I could film, that I wouldn’t find it distracting people poking around with cameras and stuff.

The next film day I applied for was one for Merciless Dominas which happened to be with Miss Chloe and Miss Courtney – and I was accepted and it was mainly because the producer could see I was very active in my local kink community, that I played regularly, that I had been to see Pro Dommes and so even if at the time, I was a bit unsure he could see I was serious about kink so gave me a chance.

From there, I started to apply for more film dates and the ball rolls from there. It’s certainly easier when you have references and can demonstrate experience.

The idea of my own store. This was something Goddess Ezada put to me when I was filming in Romania for House of Sinn. I did sit and think about it for a year before finally starting my own production, which was only really possible because of the knowledge and experience I’d gained from regular film shoots.

Certified, this is to do with STI screening. Although the level of screening for fetish filming is much lower than conventional pornography, I find it good practice (and, I *have* done conventional pornography). To be certified it involves being tested in a clinic with printed evidence of what you were tested for and the results, which comes with a fee.

2. You have earned respect in an industry dominated by women, what are some of the challenges you faced and how do you overcome them?

I think working backwards, that it took me a year between the idea being suggested to me and me doing it, was me trying to get my head round it.

I struggled to shake a feeling that I was making money off the back of Female Domination and that felt bad, but growing to accept it more of it being that I am being compensated for my labour.

While also being pleased that what I am doing is helping promote the Dominants and I know it has led to bookings in some cases.

Mind. I do have plenty of scene ideas in my head and sometimes trying to communicate these for filming without it being topping-from-the-bottom or anything like that is sometimes a challenge. I think it’s easier when you are dealing with someone who you feel you can bounce and share ideas with.

In my early days. I found that some film days were really good and there are many great film subs. But there are also those who are pushy and sometimes a little entitled. Sometimes you kinda don’t want to create a fuss and that has sometimes made me feel a little forgotten about.  

I think there’s things I saw I didn’t like I seek to avoid in my own production.   While it is mostly me filming as a sub, I do hope the guys who filmed enjoyed the day.

It’s certainly better working WITH other subs for a common goal than in any form of competition.  

3. You have sessioned with some of the most wonderful Dommes in the world, What’s your most memorable femdom experience?

Adult Performer - eyemblacksheep
Podopheleus interviews adult performer eyemblacksheep

I have been very fortunate to have met, filmed or sessioned with many wonderful people. From some big names to some who are maybe less well known who I think are amazing. This includes people who are both Professional Dominants and people who I’ve spent time with privately in my local scene.

I often feel cautious that I don’t like to say/do things that seem like I’m playing one person off against another.

I do have a couple of stories I feel I am happy to share. One is in my very first Pro Domme session and the lady hadn’t been to that dungeon either and so she led me around the dungeon on a lead, discovering what was there herself also.

She picked something out of a cabinet, “Do you know what this is, slave?”

“No, Miss”

And it was some form of electronic device, which she zapped me with. I went flying across the room. She still had me on the lead so it dragged her with me until we were both in a pile in the corner.

4. What’s a day in the life of an adult performer? Could you talk a little about the process of shooting a clip?

I kinda wish a shoot was just one day’s work, haha. When you consider the planning, the preparation, the editing, uploading, and promotion of the content. Then of course anything from helping your own reputation. It’s a lot of work.

Even on a film day I’d expect under 30% of the time to be in front of a camera in most cases.  Lower that further if you’re not in every scene.

Some of the bigger studios usually target 1 clip of about 40-80 minutes, often designed for DVD or ‘feature length’ release. I’ve only done one such shoot once, with Sahara Knite. Most smaller studios and independent creators target multiple shorter clips.

Most film days will have objectives in terms of how many clips and what type of content is priority (either for wants, or because it sells well, or fits the brand, so on) but sometimes there can be flexibility depending on time and mood.

For me, film days can be early alarm calls and long journeys – coupled with a late train home making days often quite long. I have been trying to book a couple of days at a time and get things done over a couple of days, or tie in with vanilla interests, but this doesn’t always work out. Haha.

So individual clips, some are easier than others. Two people can just look at each other and do something like foot fetish, face sitting or bare handed spanking without any equipment.  Although, I have known ladies turn down foot fetish clips if they’ve not had a pedicure and don’t want to do a “worship my feet at their worst” style clip.

But in general. Any clip is going to need a mutual interest in the fetish or activity. While some people will have a “I’m happy to try” attitude, that isn’t always effective on camera. Like any scene, an understanding of limits, levels and likes is important. If the sub makes a mess of something, is it OK to slap him in punishment? Is there any humiliation or words they’d find distressing?

As I say a lot of planning goes in advance, so for example my next shoot we have a little guide of all the clips we’d like, and notes on who needs to bring which items. Such as outfits or toys. We can’t do a pegging clip if she hasn’t brought her strap on and I haven’t cleaned. (I actually usually clean *just in case* – it’s good hygiene if nothing else).

It is a little different if you’re just filming for someone – most subs have the easy job of just bringing themselves. While some scenes may aim to be longer; you’ll often find clips might be around the 8-10 minute mark before they’re over.

What this can often mean is that things like impact play might be faster or more intense; and other scenes might come to an end as you’re getting into them. Of course, after each clip is finished, it’s time to set up for the next one…

5. What was it like coming out in the open as a submissive man? Did you ever have any doubts due to fear of being stigmatized?

There’s a lot of struggles I can understand in submissive men as there is a lot which goes against everything they’d been taught or thought they knew.

For me, am I, or are most of us, actually ‘out’ and do we need to be? So yes, within the kink communities people would know who is submissive, Dominant, switch or whatever. I’m not saying the kink community is always as tolerant as it should be, mind – I’ve encountered male Dominants who see submissive men as “weak”, but then these people are what are known as “dicks”.

But, for example. My friends, family, work colleagues, etc. None of them need to know. It is, on one hand, not their business. But also, on another hand, it’s not like I need their understanding or support in the same way as if I was gay, or trans.

This doesn’t mean other men’s feelings are invalid. I know it can be difficult if you feel this is a big thing and you don’t know who to talk to.

I would urge you to try to connect with a community, engaging online can be a start – but seeking out munches local to you is ideal for an environment where topics like submission can be discussed freely. 

6. What advice would you give to submissive men who want to become adult performers? What do they need to know?

Too many guys try to shortcut. Don’t. You need experience FIRST or you will not be invited to film, have a bad time if you are, or be less likely to be invited back.

Experience can be gained via meeting people and playing in your local community, or via sessions with Pro-Dommes.  (If you happened to book sessions with a Pro Domme who filmed, you can discuss filming with her as a goal to aim for).

Remember you do need valid, non-expired, ID – and – well, once you’ve passed your ID and signed your forms anything that goes up on the internet, stays there.

Maybe see it as something fun to do, to help Domme’s you like – rather than a long term rabbit hole.

7. And finally, why should one buy your clips? And what other kinky projects are you working on?

So the vast majority of clips I’ve been in are with someone I have genuine rapport with or interest in. There being some form of chemistry always makes for a better clip because it means the Dominant is at ease and knows they can work with creative freedom, and I genuinely want to please.

That while some clips have a bit of a role play scenario to them – it’s otherwise authentic (not that I’m implying others isn’t, but there’s certainly a difference when you see two people have been thrust together for a scene with no real connection).

For other projects. There’s ideas brewing, but nothing with anything serious.

I am filming imminently with Cate McQueen which I am very looking forward to and in our idea bouncing we almost have a plan for an ongoing series, which would be wonderful. I think she is fantastic and filming together a few times will help us build rapport which ties in with what I said above.

There we have it, kinksters! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A massive Thank-You to eyemblacksheep for sharing your story and experiences, and for answering my questions so comprehensively. Follow eyemblacksheep on Twitter, check out his blogs, and buy his kinky clips!

Twitter: @eyemblacksheep




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