On the 2nd of August 2023, I visited Amanita Studio, the stunningly beautiful playspace located in Walthamstow, East London.

Why did I go to Amanita Studio?

While scrolling through Twitter, I came across a post by Mistress Pip. The post was an invitation for drinks to visit their stunning new playspace. I was instantly drawn in the moment she posted several images of Amanita; it was visually pleasing and I wanted to see it in person. I much prefer experiencing things in real life rather than online, and being a huge fan of playspaces and different design styles, I couldn’t resist. So, I contacted Mistress Pip and asked if I could join the Amanita social drinks event, to which she happily agreed.

First Impressions

Amanita Studio
Amanita Studio Podopheleus

My first impression of Amanita was definitely impressive. I loved its modern-day dungeon aesthetic; it has everything you’d expect from a dungeon with a unique, appealing, and modern design. Additionally, it doesn’t feel like your everyday dungeon; it is so much more. Plus, it emits a positive vibe as soon as you set foot in Amanita. I believe that energy flows through everything, not just in people but also in places, and Amanita has a positive energy about it.

Who owns Amanita Studio?

This stunning studio/playspace is owned by two experienced and well-regarded Mistresses, Mistress Pip and Mistrix Kali Domina, who have been active in the BDSM scene for some time. 


The hospitality on the day was absolutely fantastic. There was a gentleman who I believe was a servant of the Mistresses, and he was constantly making rounds, topping up champagne glasses, and offering a choice of nibbles, making all the guests feel welcome. The beginning of the evening felt like a social networking gathering. It was lovely to talk to Mistresses whom I’ve engaged with on Twitter but had not met in person, including the delightful Obey Orla, whom I interviewed last year in relation to KINK & NEURODIVERGENCE. You can read the full interview here.

Who was there?

Apart from Mistress Pip and Mistrix Kali Domina, we had a cool gang of Mistresses in attendance, with some even coming from as far as Bristol. I will add their Twitter handles below so you can follow them, if you haven’t already.

Amanita Studio@amanita_studio


@KaliDomina  – Book a session with Kali Domina HERE

@MistressPip – Book a session with Mistress Pip HERE.











The Tour

Amanita Studio
Amanita Studio Review by Podopheleus

Once everyone had arrived and settled, Mistress Pip and Mistrix Kali Domina took us on a tour of Amanita to show us around. As you walk in, there’s a beautiful wooden cabinet containing various toys. A wooden theme runs throughout Amanita, including the bed, flooring, drawer cabinets, and flogger hangers, creating a pleasant ambiance. The details are all in tune with nature, with gingko leaf brass hooks, jute rugs and forest green tiles and sofa. You’ll find everything you would expect in a dungeon, from sex swings to fucking machines. You can learn more about the rest of the equipment HERE: https://amanitastudio.co.uk/equipment.

At the back, there is a chillout space with a green velvet sofa bed and a well populated bookshelf. There’s also a kitchen area, and the thoughtful Mistresses even have a cupboard dedicated to Mistress snacks. They take into account that sex workers are always on the go and sometimes don’t even have time to eat, so at least this way, they have something to fill their stomachs when they get a little peckish. There’s also a coffee machine, hob, fridge, kettle, and beautiful crockery.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just a simple dungeon; it’s equipped with all the latest tech. There is an Ipad on the wall where you can access Spotify linked to the surround sound speakers and also control the smart lighting system. This enables you to choose any combination of colours; the ambiance could be cosy and warm or stark and industrial. You can also connect your phone via Bluetooth to control the music if you wish to play your favorite kinky playlists. 

The toilet is a beautiful room in itself, with a dusty pink toilet, natural green tiles and a gold sink and details. There is a separate shower room with red quartz tiles, gold details and sumptuous purple towels. 

Amanita Studio – Final Thoughts

Amanita Studio is visually and feels like a kinkster’s dream. I truly hope that one of these days, I am able to play in Amanita. If you are looking for a studio in East London, I highly recommend visiting Amanita. I can almost promise you that you will not be disappointed. If you are a Domme looking for a playspace in London, you can inquire about booking Amanita here: https://amanitastudio.co.uk/book.

There you have it, kinksters!

Will you be visiting Amanita Studios? If you do, I want to hear all about it. Please feel free to reach out and share your experience. Otherwise, I wish you all an amazing, kinky time at Amanita Studio.

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