To aspiring Findoms… Paypigs, & Beta-males

Guest blog: “To aspiring Findoms… Paypigs, & Beta-males” by @nogoodinbed

Is Findom too good to be true? Are there really men who will send money to you?

What motivates these ‘PayPigs’? Why do they do FinDom? Why do they send?

Two types of males will send money to women they haven’t met. Firstly, the Sugar Daddies, Alpha type males (or Alpha wannabees) who like the idea of owning a bit of you and feel a sense of control from sending them money. You may be nice to them and even send them private pictures. The control they have is an illusion, but they send money, you chat to them and share pictures.

That though isn’t findom, or rather isn’t female financial domination, though the outcome for you is similar.

What I am writing about today is paypigs or subs, whatever you want to call them, it is where sending money to you is about your control over them.

If you want to understand FINDOM, then you need to understand what motivates or drives a paypig to want to send money. I think we can all agree that not all males will want to send money, that Alphas won’t be sending at all, (at least not in a submissive way). Normal males won’t be interested in sending — unless you can corrupt them of course.

Point number one is that the Beta male who is going to send in this way actually self-identifies as a Beta-male

Sending to you is an affirmation of that status. That is a big step, not many normal or should I say vanilla-males would identify as this. They want to identify as an Alpha male or be an aspiring Alpha male and secretly fantasise about having you as a beautiful woman. If they are masturbating to your picture or video, they are probably masturbating about having sex with you. Not all beta males are necessarily doing that.

To understand this, think about what are the humiliating or degrading things that men aren’t supposed to do?

Firstly, men aren’t supposed to be masturbating (though they all do), they don’t own up to it. Masturbation can partly be linked with not being able to get a girl. Assumption is that alpha males don’t have to, because they can get the girls. Men don’t own up to it to women that they know, it is humiliating.

Secondly, men aren’t supposed to pay for sex (though lots of men do). The working girls know and can judge the men who come to them.

FinDom is in part a combination of these two things. Take the first issue of masturbation, Betas own up to it to women. Combine that with the second issue, they pay women to allow them to own up to it. That is the foundation of the findom relationship. Men are owning up to being wankers and they have to pay for that privilege with the findom they engage with. If men admit to that they then indulge in it.

So, what makes a beta male? 

A beta male has a lower sense of sexual worth. That may be a product of previous relationships etc and may have mental health issues. I would suggest that these aren’t your targets for findom. These are the subs with brand new accounts promising big sends (and may even do one), but two days later are full of regret and have closed their twitter accounts.

On the other hand, there are beta males who (like me)— amazing as it may sound — have nurtured their own sense of sexual worthlessness. (These are the subs\paypigs you need to find). Why on earth would they do that? Well, actually, it is quite liberating for them.

Let’s be clear, as a sub if I send money to a findom, I am saying I am a beta and a wanker and me sending this money is proof. The FinDom hasn’t had to take her clothes off or send any compromising pictures.

Going back now to what I said at the start, about the male self-identifying as a Beta. They might be sending and fantasising over you — which is fine. But doing so knowing they would never have a chance with you. Like jerking off to a movie actress’s picture. As a vanilla content provider you either indulge that fantasy or you say how unattainable but beautiful you are. A few sends are likely before they go on to another girl.

The best Beta you want isn’t the one who sends cash and jerks off fantasising about you. 

The Beta you want is the one whose sexual trigger is to send you money. Whose ultimate sexual kink is in the here and now, that their happy sex life is sending you money and jerking off to your picture, or just talking to you, and you celebrating that with them.  Celebrating the fact that they are beta and that later you may be having actual sex with a real person.

Also, as a Sub they are sort of special but you have other subs too who also send to you. It is that fact about other subs that also sets the sub apart from any sort of sugar data. At least that is the place I am at with my Doms.

The more time subs spend sending and jerking the more they travel down the path of sexual inadequacy

The more they rejoice and celebrate their sexual inadequacy the greater and more real it becomes. They may have started this journey with a big hard cock and a horny 5 minute wank and a hard release. But will end it with a smaller flaccid cock, edging for hours and feeling horny for hours and ending with a dribbled release. But it is for those hours of horniness we love, with all the excitement of an affair but without the consequences. The good FinDom indulges the sub in this affair and extracts her own reward.

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