The dangers of bad-mouthing a Domme to another Domme.

Bad-mouthing a Domme to another Domme is a gargantuan no-no. Wait a minute. Why would anyone Bad-Mouth a Domme?

  • Do you feel you’ve been wronged by a Domme?
  • Was your session cancelled because of the new tiers and lockdown rules?
  • Did your session not go as planned?

Whatever man. Whether you was wronged or not. It really doesn’t make much difference you know? They say you never look good trying to make someone else look bad. That’s so friggin’ true, right?

The dangers of bad-mouthing a Domme to another Domme

So let’s discuss the dangers of bad-mouthing a Domme to another Domme. 

Let me ask you something. When you are speaking negatively and unsympathetically behind a Dommes back. What kind of impression are you given off? Bad-mouthing a female to another female. Bwoy! You’re digging your own grave. You will come across as resentful and disingenuous. 

Sessions are supposed to be fun. Toxic, negative energy can affect your session and your relationship with your current Domme. Personally, I wouldn’t chance it.

Your current Domme is probably thinking. When things don’t go your way will she become your new victim? 

In conclusion! Do not bad mouth a domme to another domme

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? If you have an issue with a Domme. Instead of bitching behind her back. Man up and say it to her face or send her a message and don’t be friggin’ rude. 

E.g maybe you got the hump with your Domme because you mentioned to her in emails that you want to be Facefucked. However, when it came down to it. You was massively dissatisfied because you are not a fan of hands free FaceFucking but you love being FaceFucked with a strap-on.

However, YOU didn’t specify in your emails. Please take note.

Being polite is the best way to get what you want. Send her a polite message or email saying something along the lines of…..

Dear Mistress, in our upcoming session I would really appreciate it if you could FaceFuck me with a Strap-on. Strap-On FaceFucking is my absolute fave!

There you go. Problem solved!

So what have you learnt from this? I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

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