Podopheleus interviews @madkingj  – My First ‘Beautifully Destroyed’ Party

Hello, Kinky Party Players! What is ‘Beautifully Destroyed!?’ πŸ€”πŸ’­

Fortunately for us, @madkingj is going to kink educate us about what a ‘Beautifully Destroyed’ party is!? Furthermore, he will explain to us what exactly went down at his first ‘Beautifully Destroyed’ party organised by Domina Parties UK.

Introducing @madkingj

Hello I’m Madkingj, a young sub-leaning switch based in the UK. Been playing on and off for a few years and am currently with a wonderful play partner who I’m very happy to be her toy. Can normally be found at local munches or at the cinema. 

1. To the unkinkeducated, what exactly is a Beautifully Destroyed party? 

Despite the name it’s not all impact play. It’s a wide range of non penetrate play which can be impact, worshiping, service, nipple play and a bit of bondage. There’s something for everyone and quite the variety to leave the subs and dominas ecstatic. 

2. Let’s get down to kinkness, what went down at your very first Beautifully Destroyed party you visited? 

I got to try so many different things. Some heavy impact from Princess Bella @PrincessBella_B with some fun and sometimes mean toys and some bruises (optional) that lived up to the beautiful name. Also got to join in with some group rope bondage which was awesome. Being made to sit on my bum was just sadistic. 

Some service play for Mistress Katerina @Katerina_the_G which was fun and got to enjoy the sights of everything else going on. Which I got to see a different take of CBT while in service along with other subs getting “destroyed”. 

Some face sitting with Goddess Cleo @Goddess_Cleo which was a first and a lovely squish and probably some other things but this was a few years back. 

Finished the party off with one HELL of a taster to Subspace with Goddess Cleo. I had never experienced anything like it before at the time. Just a pure jittery body and mental high that is indescribable unless you’ve tried it. It’s intense and mind blowing. Thoroughly needed time to come back to earth afterwards. 

It seemed everyone was well looked after if not a little worn out. 

3. How many men usually attend these types of parties? Did you get the opportunity to play with all the Mistresses? 

I think there were 6-8 men. And absolutely. All lovely people. Enough time with all of them and certainly learnt and experienced something new from each of them. 

4. What is it that attracted you to Beautiful Destroyed!?

I was interested in learning and experiencing new things or the same things in a different way. I’d heard about the parties through twitter and with it having professional Dommes I figured what better safe place than at a party. 

5. How long was it for? Did you have any breaks? 

I’ll be honest I haven’t a clue. Subspace sent me. I think it was 1 or 2 till about 5 or 6. I Didn’t have a clue exactly when it finished because time didn’t really matter to me at that point. 

There was a short break between activities and you could sit for longer if you needed to. And enough time to wind down afterwards and looked after to make sure everyone was safe and had a great time. 

6. Would you do it again? Do you have any more Beautifully Destroyed events lined up? 

Yeah I’d likely do it again at some point but no plan currently. Now that I’ve learned more and experienced more kink in general I’d likely do a specific Domina party rather than cover a wide variety party like this one.

There we have it, Kinky Party Players! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog – great insights from the young sub! A huge Shout-Out to Madking! Thank you very much for taking time from your schedule to answer my questions.

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