Can Femdomme sessions become an obsession?

Can Femdomme sessions become an obsession? Well that is a thorny question. I guess that all depends on whether you have an addictive personality or not.

When I first started sessions, it felt a bit surreal because I had dreamt about this my entire life. Then voilà! It was everything that I ever wanted but on a different plane of excellence. A session is more satisfying than beatin’ the meat to a porno.

At the start I was doing both. Whacking off to porn and having regular sessions. I was feeling sexually aroused all the friggin’ time like I had Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. 

Can Femdomme sessions become an obsession

Why am I SO obsessed with Porn & sessions?

Porn was screwing with my head. I would have a session. Later I would watch porn. It put me in a state of desperation where I would be fiending for a session. 

I got myself in a real pickle. Sessions were helping me come to terms with who I am. I was embracing my fetishes which was a good thing. On the other hand I was feeling insecure because I became obsessed.

What am I going to do now?

I remember saying. Should I quit sessions? Hell fricken’ NO! I needed to ditch porn. 

Do I have an addictive personality?

I came to understand that porn wasn’t the central problem. Huh? I know what you’re thinking just bear with me. Ah, fuck it! Let me break it down for you.

Can Femdomme sessions become an obsession? Was I becoming addicted?

1. Story

I had to ask myself what stories am I telling myself? 

“I need porn in my life” 

“I need sessions to make me happy”

“I can’t go out out and have fun without drinking”

“Drinking coffee makes me a better writer”

Jesus Christ Almighty? So many Goddamn stories. Once I became mindful of the stories I was telling myself I came to a realization that I was emotionally needy. I had an addictive personality. My stories are just a list of addictions. Doses of dopamine. Artificial happiness!

2. No self-discipline 

I had no self-discipline. I allowed porn to take over my life. I lost control of myself. I needed to drink 3-4 coffee’s per day. Later, I restricted myself to 2 coffee’s per day. However, I couldn’t get through the day without having my 2 coffee’s. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. Why don’t I have any self-discipline? 

3. No inner strength

I had no inner-strength to say No!

E.g. I’m stuffed nevertheless I will keep eating more food because it was offered to me. Why do I find it so hard to friggin’ say No? 

I began my personal development journey

I wanted to improve myself and my life. I wanted to build self-discipline and inner strength. Firstly, I needed to change the stories I was telling myself. 

Step 1: to avoiding Femdomme sessions becoming an obsession?

Can Femdomme sessions become an obsession? As stated it obvioulsy can, so I have created some ways to try and stop this happening.

I created a powerful mission statement and I changed the stories I was telling myself. I learned that only I can make myself happy.

Step 2: to avoiding Femdomme sessions becoming an obsession?

I set myself 30 day challenges to build self-discipline and inner-strength. Here is the list of some of my 30 Day challenge accomplished achievements.

– Wake up at 4:30am ✓

– 30 day workout challenge ✓ 

– Meditate up to 30 minutes ✓

– Read every morning ✓

– Rhyme to the syllable challenge ✓

– Write a blog a day ✓

– Write 16 bars + ✓

Semen Retention

– No coffee ✓

– No junk food ✓

– No alcohol ✓

– Cold showers (morning & evening) ✓

– Reading affirmations first thing in the morning and before bed ✓

– Practising gratitude ✓

– Journaling ✓

I could go on forever. For the last year and a half I’ve completed a considerable number of 30 day challenges. The majority have turned into daily habits that changed my life. I have reached the conclusion that I am one self-disciplined Mutha-Puffer. If I say I’m going to do something, I will do everything in my power to make it happen.

As it stands, I no longer watch porn. I haven’t drank a coffee in over a month. I haven’t drank alcohol in over 3 months. However, I haven’t quit coffee or alcohol. I only drink coffee or alcohol when I feel like it not because I need to. The same applies to sessions. I only session when I feel like it. I will not book a session in an act of desperation. Sessions have not taken control of my life because I’ve learnt how to control my mind and thoughts.

God forbid that there is another 3 month Lockdown, I know I’ve got the inner-strength to hold my shit together. I session because I genuinely love my sessions and I love catching up with my Domme. She is a cool person and I like spending time with her. 

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale.

Can Femdomme sessions become an obsession?

Let me ask you again. Can Femdomme sessions become an obsession? Like much anything it can unless you have discipline.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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