Centaur Studios First Event!

Centaur Studios opening event – a magnificent play space and dungeon by Divine Theratrix. This is a must read guest blog of Manlocks‘ tantalising experience!

A flashback 

Silence echoed through the dusty walls as Divine Theratrix introduced me to what would become Centaur Studios. The walls were filled with tools and planks of wood, each one threatening to embarrass me in-front of my new friend by causing a trip. 

Divine Theratrix broke the silence with a reverie of excited ideas. This was a woman with a vision. A woman who knew exactly what it is this place would become. 

“And here we will have dragons!…” she said as we passed the long hallway connecting the walls. “And here… and here… and there…” she continued. Her excitement and enthusiasm were infectious. I found myself forming her vision in my mind as she spoke. Of course it was impossible to have it picture perfect but as we went from room to room I realised this building would become something special. 

I had been asked here to help out with a few bits. It has always been my way to allow relationships to grow organically rather than to limit them with pre-conceived expectations. And so it was when I first spoke to Divine Theratrix. She allowed me to help her from time to time (see my upcoming service article) and in return I gained a supportive and open minded friend whose wisdom opened my mind to all kinds of possibilities and concepts. 

And so it was that I had been introduced to this project 6 months before the doors opened to the public. Before the 1st Feb. The day I turned up to see the project realised. This article is about what I found when I arrived at Centaur Studios.

Frustrated journey

I was elated when Divine Theratrix invited me to her open day. As a new sub on the scene it is such a privilege to be invited to an event by someone you respect and admire. 

Unfortunately, work was not kind to me that day. Once it was finished, I was exhausted. I got on my train to London and found myself sighing when the announcement came saying there would be delay. 

When I finally departed the train, I went to the underground to find more delays. Frustration was building up inside of me as I opened up Uber to see if they could save my journey. They did but they would be some time before they could pick me up.

I took advantage of the moments respite from my journey to buy a sandwich and fill my empty stomach. When I got in the Uber and was on my way, the 15 minute drive took 45 minutes due to traffic. Suffice to say I was tired and irritable when the car finally pulled up outside of Centaur Studios. 

Arrival to the magnificent Centaur Studios

I buzzed on the door and reinforced my metaphorical mask. I did not want to taint the evening with my sour mood. Divine Theratrix greeted me as if we had been friends for years. Her smile was sincere and her hug warm and full. Some of my earlier frustration was squeezed out of me from the hug as she invited me happily inside. 

As she made way for me to enter properly, I saw the changes that had taken place and all thoughts of irritation left my mind. I had been here only one week prior and yet so much had changed at Centaur Studios.

Mushrooms adorned the hallway and as I descended the stairs it felt like I was leaving London behind me and entering a world only Tolkien would imagine were he to have written adult fantasy. The mushrooms and scenery, beautifully painted on the walls kept us company as we descended to the bottom of the stairs where the studio opened up before us. 

If you recall Disney cartoons from the 80s where the characters’ eyes literally popped out of their heads and the jaw hit the floor you will have some idea of how I must have looked when I reached the bottom. 

This is not a studio. This is not a building. This is a world unlike any I have been in before. I will do my best to describe what I found but be aware that I am not a talented enough wordsmith to do it justice. 

Never ending fantasy world

I walked straight ahead and to my left were two large dragons engaged in a captivating dance through the air. Expertly painted to match the Chinese river and wind dragons from mythology. Sliding doors greeted me, promising mystery behind each one.

Instead of a carpet there was faux grass that felt soft on my feet. And a lounging chair with a trellis filled with flowers behind it. 

I went into the first room and found more grass on the floor. The walls had been painted to be a woodland with mysterious animals scattered throughout. On one wall a demon looked down at me with open arms. A shadow that could be either benevolent or malevolent. I instantly felt myself drawn to this room. This room could serve a multitude of purposes from gatherings and classes to primal play and touch play. 

While I am primarily a sub with gender confusions it was this room I found myself wanting to be in the most. Primal play and touch play has always been an area of curiosity for me and I found myself absorbing the atmosphere this room gently caressed me with. 

But I wanted to see it all and so I followed into the next room. A room far more intense and urgent than the last. A goddess had been painted on the walls, her piercing eyes observing all that was to happen in the room. The lighting matched the room perfectly, accentuating the room’s purpose. 

Centaur Studios

Adorning the walls and ceiling was a plethora of BDSM tools and toys from a sex swing to crops. In one corner was a throne that would make George RR Martin blush in its presence. If foot worship is your thing then that throne would work perfectly for any dominatrix. This room was the yang to the other rooms Yin. I was in awe. It was an imposing room for sure. But so inviting. I wanted to live out every fantasy I have in this room and then be introduced to fantasies I don’t have. 

But onwards I marched to the next room. A relaxed room that was not heavily utilised throughout the evening. It was currently decorated in Japanese aesthetics to match the new year. It was beautiful. The lighting set the mood and I could see this room being used for more intimate classes or for after care. 

At the end of the long hallway was a kitchen and sitting area. A mannequin (Eddy) was wearing a maids outfit and I found myself a little jealous at the costume he had been adorned with. I took some much-needed refreshment and continued exploring. 

Dressing room and dungeon spaces

I went back to the start and followed the second hallway this time. To my left was another room very different from the others. It was painted pink and white in stripes and a mirror was at its centre with lights all around it. This was the dressing room. This was the room I wanted to spend most of my time in and yet feared to be in the most. 

As a Crossdresser who has never had the courage to cross dress I found myself drawn to the clothes rail with a selection of beautiful dresses all calling out to me to try. 

The drawers I had been told contained knickers and bras and other accessories but I did not allow myself to open them as this was not a time to play or to explore myself. So with mixed feelings I left the room both eager to return to it and afraid of what might happen if I did. 

The last room once again was different from its peers. This room was dark. A large bed dominated the left wall and it was clear that this was done up as a traditional dungeon aesthetic. To my right was a large and imposing door where subs like me could and would be locked away. 

In a twist of innovation you could go even further to be put in a small subsection of this dungeon and be isolated. If being locked away is your thing I can think of no better place. 

This completed my introduction to the rooms in the Centaur Suite and so it was time to be a part of the event. 

Centaur Studios

The calm and atmosphere at Centaur Studios

I had arrived late due to the delays in my journey and so had missed the initial introductions and discussions. There weren’t that many people when I arrived, perhaps 10 or 15. They had each adopted a room and sat chatting and catching up with old friends or new acquaintances. Due to the variety in the rooms each one allowed for a different atmosphere. 

For those who wanted to sit and relax, the woodland room allowed for that. Sitting on grass and being surrounded by woodland while indoors was a surreal and calming experience. Some people commented that they would not want to meet the painted demon in a dark alley. I personally quite fancied spending some time with the demon as he felt like a benevolent force to me. 

Others stood in the room with all the toys in it, discussing kink and fantasising about how the toys could best be used. I listened to their conversation and learned about things I have little personal experience in. 

And yet others congregated in the kitchen where the refreshments were laid out for general consumption. The atmosphere was calm and content as people enjoyed the company and experienced their new environment. 

Divine Theratrix at this point was an effervescent whirlwind joyously talking to her guests and walking from one room to the other to help people be involved. 

Kink community

After a short while I bumped into someone I assume dear reader, given the site you are on, you will have heard of. Podopheleus looked exactly how I imagined him. We sat in the woodland room and discussed upcoming projects and experiences. While you all know him as Pod, in my head I refer to him as the saviour of subs.

A man dedicated to the wellbeing and mental health of subs. He is as respectful and charismatic in person as he is on the phone or online and I was glad it was him that had stepped up to support us. He left after we had been chatting for a while and I was glad to have caught him before he had to go. 

More and more people arrived as the sun continued it’s eternal journey to make way for night and the noise went from a calm background murmur to a hum of excitement and energy. 

Each person was there experiencing the evening in their own way. There was an animated woman who somehow seemed to put everyone within a certain radius of her at ease. Even I, tired and alone, found her a comfort to be near. She was also there to help Divine Theratrix and she did her task far better than I did. 

Another woman, I assume a professional dominatrix was walking from room to room with an experienced eye, appraising the potential of Centaur Studios. Her verdict was a positive one and she said she could see herself using these rooms for her own needs. 

Centaur Studios

I met a guy who later turned out to be a CD like me but far further on in his journey than I am. He was easy to talk to and even though I was struggling to be social he made discussion easy and enjoyable. 

I noted that Divine Theratrix was relaxing in the kitchen talking to a number of people around her. I was pleased she had taken a chance to sit down as I think she had walked more steps that evening than I had that entire week. 

Akin to the Fay

I could not say how many people were there by the time the ceremony began. I have never been good at estimating numbers but I would guess maybe 40? We all sat in a circle in the woodland room (the kind of circle a tired toddler might draw at the end of the day) and we listened to Divine Theratrix and her business partner tell the tale of how the suite had come to be. I was enraptured in her tale and only wish there had been a few more dragons in it. 

Once done a man named The Silver Bullet (I think) picked up his guitar and announced that he would like to play us some music from his album. Each song was about a kink and as he started I already knew I would enjoy them. The music was catchy and well written but most of all the three songs he played us had me laughing uncontrollably. I have written songs before and consider myself to have some talent for it but I am not funny and was in awe of how he had managed to combine the two skills together.  

I was only saddened that he had chosen to stand next to where I was sitting and all of a sudden there were cameras and phones pointed in my direction. As someone who is keen to keep his identity hidden for my career’s sake I suddenly feared my face was going to appear everywhere. I kept my face down but even that fear had to make way as I continued to laugh at the lyrics being sung. 

Centaur Studios – exploring, wondering and fantasising

Once we got up the atmosphere had changed. While still calm, a whimsical tone fluttered between us as the guests stood and chatted anew. Had the Fay from Celtic myth jumped out of non-existence to join us at that moment I would not have been surprised as people almost danced around one another to enjoy each other’s company. 

As I only knew Divine Theratrix and was too tired to put effort in to meeting new people I spent a fair amount of time observing and listening. And all I heard were happy voices. I watched with soul refreshing enjoyment as people laughed and hugged, talked and joked in the rooms so perfectly laid out to allow this kind of freedom from monotony. 

I wandered again to the dressing room and hoped one day I would find cause to use it. It was this room, I decided, that I would one day allow myself to experience being feminine for the first time. Others came in and made similar comments while I was there. We fantasised about the various dresses and laughed about whose legs would look better in the different outfits. 

Centaur Studios

Elated energy flowed

It was then that I noticed the most prominent sounds coming from the rooms were laughter. People had got to the stage in the evening where inhibition and reserve gave way to frivolity and a excitement. And from my perspective it looked like the energy in this once dusty place was seeing life breathed in to it by Divine Theratrix and her guests. 

An elated energy flowed care free through many of the people I saw and I knew then that this evening had been a monumental success. 

I did not see anyone playing by the time I had to leave Centaur Studios but I could tell the rooms were crying out to be played in. And I believe they will see that purpose realised before too long if not even that evening after I left. 

I left in a much better mood than I had arrived. I felt overjoyed that I had been privileged enough to witness the birth of a new suite of kink friendly rooms and that I had seen the effort and hard work Divine Theratrix had put in to these rooms paid off and come in to fruition. 

I said my goodbyes to my host and promised her that I would return. It was an excellent evening and one I really enjoyed. I vowed to find a reason to come back and perhaps one day someone to join me in being an active participant in the building’s history. 

Until then, I can only smile, knowing Divine Theratrix has created something special and that so many people will enjoy the events and rooms she has created for the community to use at Centaur Studios.

Thankyou for reading. 


Me: https://twitter.com/manlocksol

Divine Theratrix: https://twitter.com/DivineTheratrix

Centaur Studios: https://twitter.com/HackneyCentaur and website here: http://centaurstudios-hackney.com

There we have it play space lovers! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this guest blog from fellow sub Manlock. Thank You for sharing your superb experience and journey at Centaur Studios and that of the wonderful Divine Theratrix.

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