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Hello again, Kinky Readers! 

Are you looking for a professional Dominatrix? Although you don’t know where to look. What better way to learn more about a Mistress than by reading authentic testimonials from the submissive men who serve Her.

In this article, you are going to learn why Charlotte Douleur is one of the most appreciated proDommes in the BDSM community. 

Charlotte Douleur

Before we get started, Did you know that I interviewed the blonde Goddess – Charlotte Douleur, back in September this year. 

Check out the full interview with Charlotte Douleur here:

Furthermore, did you know that I wrote an article in relation to 7 Chastity Keyholders for Locktober 2022. Undoubtedly, Charlotte Douleur, was added to the list. 

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Charlotte Douleur

With all that said, I’m now going to show you some testimonials that will blow your Goddamn mind.

Testimonial by Cage Little Sausage 

Mistress Douleur is my first experience with a pro domme. I did a bunch of looking at different people and how they present themselves, though. I felt that Mistress Douleur would be a good fit for me as someone who is new, but also appreciates an approach that is more calm and certain.

I feel I made a good choice for me. I reached out to her interested in long distance keyholding and the experience couldn’t have been better.

She is honest and listens, but is also very straightforward and strict about her expectations. For someone who desires letting other people have control sometimes, it has made for a very satisfying experience. If Mistress Douleur’s online presence seems appealing to you, I highly encourage you to reach out, you will not regret it.

Charlotte Douleur

Testimonial by “A”

The best way to describe Charlotte Douleur is that “she is the exact Mistress that I’ve been looking for my whole life.” Okay, not my whole life but the significant part of my life that I realised I’m into this community.

She is (mischievously) cruel, in a thrilling way that you want to be constantly around her. She is kind, in the way that you want to open up and let her dominate you with outmost care.

She disciplines you in a way that even your day to day habits change. I’m not scared of her, because serving is not about that. I deeply admire her during the short span that I’ve served her, and I get a tingling sensation behind my ears every time I meet her or even communicate with her.

From the very first email to the subsequent video consultation, and then our meetings, she created a safe space without compromising on what she needs or wants.

Selfishly, I do not want anyone to read this review. But she really deserves to be known as the scrupulous and magnificent Mistress that she is. The care and trust she nurtured between us is rewarding. I hope I get to serve her as long as it pleases her. 

Charlotte Douleur

There we have it, Kinky Readers! 

I hope you enjoyed reading the wonderful testimonials in relation to the blonde beauty, Charlotte Douleur!

Charlotte Douleur

A huge Shout-Out to Cage Little Sausage and “A”. Thank you for writing such lovely reviews for your Mistress.

A Massive Shout-Out to the delightful, Charlotte Douleur. Thank you for all that you do for the BDSM community. We appreciate you!

Charlotte Douleur

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