Addressing Consent

On Sunday morning after the escapades the night before, Sally was reading in bed and Peter was in the shower. He thought about the experience he had had and while on one hand he was satisfied that he had a good time, on the other hand, seeing himself as a fuck hole for Simon and, a slut to suck his cock, was a lot to take in. He was flossing his teeth when he glanced up and saw Sally walking into the bathroom. He turned and said, “I want to have a conversation with you.” Sally raised her eyebrows and said, “Oh?” Peter looked at her and said, “I think that for this conversation, you need to remove the cage so we can speak.” Sally gulped. Had she gone too far? Had she made a mistake by taking on her Hotwife status? She took the key chain from around her neck and unlocked the cage and set it on the counter. She stood up and kissed Peter on the cheek and said, “Let’s talk in the kitchen.” She turned on her heel and left the bathroom. Peter finished getting dressed and brought the cage and the key that Sally had left behind with him as he went to the kitchen. 

Sally had made coffee and poured both her and Peter a cup. He sat down and put the cage on the table. He set the key next to the cage and he picked up his coffee and took a sip. Sally looked at him intently. She started to say, “I’m sorry…” and Peter cut her off by holding up his hand and saying, “Wait, please wait. Let me start.” Sally nodded. 

Peter took a deep breath and began to speak. He talked softly, slowly, and deliberately. He held eye contact with Sally as he spoke. He said, “I love you Sally. I love you with all my heart and I want you to be happy. I really do. I asked you to be my key holder to have control of my orgasms and both my and our sexuality. I have given you freedom to explore. I have watched you blossom. I know you like Simon and he certainly is well endowed, and he seems to treat you well. He satisfies you in ways I cannot, so I do not object to Simon. I also took to you leading our relationship with a discipline based dynamic. In many ways we have become kinkier and more satisfied as a result of you moving in that direction. I like it. There is no doubt that you are more confident and happier these past few months and for me, our relationship is working well, all things considered, we are in a good space. What I want to talk about is the sissification. You had me wear panties instead of boxers and while I was embarrassed about this at first, I have grown used to it. It’s this weekend that troubles me. Do you want a gay or bisexual husband? Because I am not that person. I am not bisexual or even gay. But to please you I sucked Simon’s cock and he fucked my ass. And while in the moment it was ok, even good, it’s the aftermath that I am dealing with. I’m feeling conflicted about being your cuck and Simon’s sissy. I am conflicted.” 

A Struggle with Sissification

Chastity – 5 by SafferMaster

Sally listened and acknowledged him as he spoke. He made good eye contact and she matched his facial expressions. He felt heard because of her listening, she was sure of it. She waited till he was done, and she said, “Peter, thank you for sharing your concerns with me. I was afraid that I had taken too many liberties with you. Let’s try to separate these issues so that we can make an agreement about how to move forward. First, we have an agreement that you created that I am your key holder and that you are my caged cuck, correct?” Peter nodded and said, “Yes, that’s accurate.” Sally went on, “And, we have an agreement that I am the leader of this relationship, that you accept me as your Mistress. Is that accurate?” Again, Peter nodded and agreed, “Yes, that’s accurate.” Sally continued, “When we chose to retire your cock and cage you permanently, you were not just willing, but you indicated that you were excited about it. As I recall you mentioned that “It made sense given how things were going,” is that also accurate?” Peter nodded and said, “Surprisingly, yes, it’s accurate. I am your caged cuck forever.” Sally went on, “Then that leaves the sissification as something you wish to address. At anytime during the process, did you raise an objection?” Peter thought for a minute and said, “No, I did not.” Sally thought for a minute. “Peter, did you enjoy the experience of being sissified?” This time it was Peter who paused for a moment before offering, “I am conflicted. Yes, I enjoyed it. And no, I hated it. I am deeply conflicted. The idea of Simon having me suck his cock and you kissing him while I did is very hot, and at the same time, deeply humiliating. I am embarrassed that I dressed like a slut, that I know how to put on lipstick, that I enjoyed getting fucked in the ass by your Bull and that I sucked his cock. I am having a hard time with this.” Sally processed this and thought about what to say. She took a long pull of her coffee and thought before she spoke. She spoke quietly, authoritatively, and was quite firm in her tone. She said, “I was there. I watched you closely. At no time did you show any sign of being forced to do anything you were not completely on board with. I saw you smiling, and I heard your moans and I noted that you ejaculated while you were getting ass fucked by Simon. You loved it. I also understand that you are having misgivings. Consider that all of the shame you are experiencing is not because you did a bad thing. It’s because you enjoyed it. I am sure you are not alone. I think you should go on a cuck message board and chat with other cucks. I am sure others will share their experience with you and I am sure that you will find that you are having a common experience. The bottom line for me is that I watched you get ready with gusto, I watched you participate willingly, and I watched you have a great time. It occurs to me that this self-doubt you are expressing comes from a place of morality that itself is something you generally do not subscribe to. I love you. I love you as my cuck. I love you as my submissive and I love you as my sissy. I want to take the sissification even further because you are so much happier as a sissy than you ever were as my straight husband before we started this journey. What I want, Peter, is your consent to do with you as I please in regard to sissification.” 

Peter sat there feeling a bit naked without his cage on. He contemplated what Sally said. He could not disagree with her. His shame was not based on any rational understanding of his actions. He was living into his sexuality the way his wife guided him and without a doubt, they were both much happier as a result. He put his finger on the feelings he was having. He was disgusted with himself and yet, he wanted more. He wanted to feel like Simon’s slut. He wanted the attention of his wife who did his makeup and who put him over her knee. He wanted that experience of being alive.  He needed her leadership. He accepted her as his Mistress. He said, “Yes Ma’am. You have my consent.” Sally smiled at him and said, “Come here.” They stood up and he went over to her where she gave him a big hug and a kiss. She said, “I love you Peter, now let’s put your cage back on.” 

Peter spent the morning on a cuck message board in a chatroom with other cucks where they shared their experiences together. He felt reassured that he was not alone, and to be fair, he found that his experience was more common than uncommon. Most of the people on the message board were in the lifestyle longer than he was and most of them spoke about how much more pleasure and happiness they were experiencing by taking on the experience of being cuckold. He was also present to the fact that to a person, all the wives with few exceptions were happily being sluts enjoying their sexuality. He learned about some of the different ways cuck’s were being treated and he recognized that he and Sally were in a very good place by comparison to some. He thought about the conversation they had had earlier as he surfed the message board and he found that he was confident in his dynamic with Sally and that he had certainty that it was the right thing. He realized that the forced homosexuality that had occurred was not a bad thing in that he had participated willingly, and even liked it. He left the computer feeling like he was much happier with himself than when he had woken up in the morning. He got up and went to find Sally. 

Getting Marked as Her Cuck

Chastity – 5 by SafferMaster

She was in the yard. He went and knelt by her side till she acknowledged him. “What is it cuck?” Peter looked up at her and said, “Mistress, I have spent time on the message board with other cuck’s and I am here to let you know that I feel better about where we are and what we have taken on. I am OK with being sissified the way you choose. I am yours. I belong to you.” Sally laughed joyously and said, “I like when you call me Mistress. Do that from now on. No more Ma’am. And good. Very good. I appreciate you spending time thinking about it and researching. That makes me happy. You were a very good gurl yesterday and you are being a responsible cuck today. As a reward, I think I want to mark you as my property. Let’s go for a drive.” 

She went into the house to clean up after working in the yard and when she came out, Peter was sitting in the car waiting for her. She smiled and said “Good boy” under her breath. She got in and drove off and Peter was trying not to think about where she was taking him. 

He realized that she was parking near a Tattoo Parlor. She said, “Let’s go,” cheerfully and she got out. Peter followed her into the store. They waited for the heavily inked girl dressed in a punk outfit to help them. She was fiddling with the music and selected a heavy metal song that played too loud before she came back to the register. “Been helped? She asked. Sally shook her head, “No”, and then the girl said, “Do you have an appointment?” Again, Sally said, “No,” and added, “We are new clients.” “Oh,” said the girl, “Why didn’t you say?” Sally rolled her eyes and asked, “Can we see a tattoo artist now?” The girl looked at her computer screen and said, “Let me see if Jim is here.” She turned on her heel and walked back into the store and turned a corner. When she returned, she said, “Come with me,” taking them to an adjacent room. “Wait here please.” She left the door open, and Sally and Peter looked around at the various bits of art adorning the wall. It was mostly American Traditional, but there was some Trash Polka and a few watercolors but otherwise it was mostly what you would expect in a tattoo shop. There was nothing on the wall that inspired them. 

A large man with a nose ring and heavy neck and arm tattoos came in. “Hi, I’m Jim, how can I help?” as he shook their hands. Sally and Peter introduced themselves. Sally said, “Jim, Peter here is my property and I want to mark him as such.” Jim raised his eyebrows and looked at Peter. Peter said, “That’s right Jim, I belong to her.” Jim laughed and said, “OK, and have you talked about a tattoo? Do you know what you want?” Both Sally and Peter answered in unison, “No.” Jim sighed. He said, “Well, I can’t design a tattoo for you if you don’t know what you want.” Sally said, I want him to be marked as my property. What suggestions do you have? “Jim looked up at the ceiling in thought, then he said, “I’ll be right back.” When he returned, he showed them a couple of prints he brought with him. One had a heart with an infinity symbol woven through it, and the other was the symbol for a female woven with two male symbols. He said, “Both of these reflect your lifestyle and are quite commonly used. Does one of these appeal to you?” Peter looked at Sally and said, “Your call Mistress.” Sally gave him a loving smile and pointed at the heart with the infinity symbol. She said, “that encapsulates us nicely.” Jim nodded and said, “Now we need to talk about color. What are you thinking?” Sally said, “Can you do the heart black and the infinity symbol in a rainbow or watercolor? Jim thought a bit and indicated that he could by nodding his head as he thought about it. “OK, I need to go make a stencil. Go wait out front for me and then when I am ready, I’ll come get you.” Sally and Peter went and sat in the comfy chairs in the lobby and chatted about getting a tattoo. Since neither one of them had one, they had no idea. Sally said, “I can’t decide if I want that on your chest over your left nipple or lower, on your rib cage.” They watched the people coming in and were a bit surprised at the range of personalities that came through the doors. Everyone from people in business attire, to bikers it seemed. They looked at the photos of tattoos in the binder on the coffee table and marveled at some of the complex artwork they saw. Sally got to thinking and said to Peter. “I suspect more tattoos in your future.” 

Jim returned and waved them back. He had a piece of what seemed like tissue paper with the image they had chosen in an outline form about 5-cm square.  He looked at Peter, while he spoke to Sally saying, “Where shall we put this?” Sally said, “On his ribs on the left side under his pec.” Jim raised his eyes and said to Peter, “Do you have any tattoos?” Peter shook his head. Jim said, “The ribs hurt.” Sally said, “That’s fine. He will suck it up.” Peter got a bit pale. “Take off your shirt.” Jim said, looking at the image. Peter took off his shirt and Jim placed the image on his rib cage under his pec. He looked at Sally. “Here?” Sally stepped back and examined the placement from a distance. She nodded. “That’s perfect.” Jim told Sally to go wait out front and he went to work cleaning and shaving the skin to make sure that there was no hair. He cleaned it again with a solution and he dried it well. Then he put on another solution and taped the image onto the skin, stepping back to make sure it was in the correct position. He came back and made a little adjustment and then pressed the image firmly onto Peter’s skin. He carefully peeled away the paper and stepped back to see that the image was correctly aligned. He was pleased with his placement and said to Peter, “Please lie down on the bench with your head at this end.” He got his tools and inks ready and while he was doing that, he talked to Peter about getting a tattoo. He said, “This is going to hurt. A lot.  It’s important that you do not move while I am tattooing you. Because we are tattooing over your ribs, you will need to breathe slowly and quite shallow while I am on you. As soon as I take the needle off, you can breathe deeply. Do you understand?” Peter nodded. He was quite pale at this point. He thought to himself, “How bad can this be? I see images of people with massive tattoos.”  

Jim put on gloves, dipped his needle in the ink and said, “Ready?’ Peter nodded. Jim said, “Try not to move.” For the next hour, Jim worked silently, only asking Peter if he was ready for the next pass. Peter was sweating profusely. He had never experienced anything like this. It felt like Jim was using a saw to cut through his ribs. He gripped his hands as tight as he could and he curled his toes and he grimaced through each pass, but he never moved. His only reprieve occurred when Jim stopped to wipe away the excess ink to see where he needed to go next while he re-inked the needle. Jim had told him that being still would get it over with more quickly. The pain was exquisite. The combination of the sound and the feeling cut through him. He had the experience of trying to imagine the pain was a welcome experience. He tried resisting. He tried being with it. No matter what he did, the pain was amplified by the feeling that his bone was being cut into. He had one cogent thought as the hour neared, “When would this horrible experience be over?” He was lost in thought when the buzzing stopped, and Jim wiped him down. He looked satisfied and said, “Take a look.” Peter sat up and went over to the mirror on the wall. He looked at himself. He had a tattoo. A black heart with a colorful infinity symbol woven through it. He liked that he was tattooed as Sally’s property. He could not wait to hear what she thought. Jim went out and came back with Sally who beamed at him as she saw the finished tattoo. “I love it!” she said, “Thank you Jim.” Jim put some cellophane on the tattoo and taped it in place. He gave Peter instructions on the care of the tattoo for the next several days. He told him to stay out of the sun. 

In the car, Peter was a bit heady. The hour of the needle and pain that he endured had sent him into subspace. He felt a bit floaty. Sally jabbered on about how happy she was that he was marked as her property and she shared all the ideas she had for more tattoos, and he realized that she would likely get him tattooed again. He said, “Can we wait for this one to heal first?” Sally laughed at his remark and said, “Of course, I want to see this one when it’s healed before I decide what to do next. 

Human Toilet Paper

When they got home and went indoors, Sally said, “That whole experience made me excited. I have decided to implement a new protocol.” “Oh?” said Peter, “Yes, from now on, you will clean my pussy with your tongue after I go to the bathroom.” “Yes Mistress.” She turned and walked toward the bathroom saying, “Come.” Over her shoulder, she said, “Come kneel here.” As she sat down and pulled her panties down. She pissed in the toilet and then slid forward on the seat so Peter could lick her pussy. She said, “Lick me clean cuck.” Peter did as he was told. He licked and licked and licked her pussy till she climaxed. “Good boy, now go,” she said as she stood up and turned toward the sink. 


To be continued

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