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Chastity Device: The Holy Trainer V4 

Size: Small 

Colour: Black 

Day 1

So you’ve all heard that song from Ice Cube – It was a good day. Well… let’s remix that to: Podopheleus – It was NOT a good day. Ok, so on Tuesday I received my Chastity Device. As you can well imagine, I was awfully chipper. I want to bring to your attention that I’ve never been locked in chastity. Yup, thaaaaaas right, chastity lovers! I AM A CHASTITY VIRGIN!! Anyhoo, so the first thing I did when I got hands on my new device was to try and put it on. First and foremost, I used a shitload of lube. I was absolutely delighted that my cock fit in the cage. Woot! However, getting my balls through the ring felt like an impossible task. So, I started freaking the fuck out. On the 30th of September I had a session with Mistress Adreena, and I explained the problems I was having with the device. Mistress Adreena kindly gave me a helping hand, Erm… Hands actually. Although it did take some time we managed to get the device on. It felt nice and snug. Yeet! However, half way through my session, Mistress Adreena pegged me and guess what? My device friggin’ dropped off and just to rub salt in the wound, we were playing a ‘humiliation games session’ and I got points deducted for that. Darn it! Anyhoo! Back to the 1st of Locktober. I could not sleep and woke up early morning, eager to put on my device to make sure that I could a) get it on without help and secondly and b) that it stays the fuck on. 

Anyhoo! I managed to put it on with a lot of lube, sweat and tears. Aww yeah!! Once again, it felt nice and snug. It fitted perfectly! Although, it slipped off within the hour. Flaming Nora! So once again I went back into panic mode. I instantly contacted Mistress Adreena. She replied: 

“Eeeeugh that’s so annoying!! Do you want me to do shout out to any experienced chastity guys to see if they can help?”

I replied: “That would be awesome. Thank you!” JFYI – I purchased the device from House Of Denial. A guy from their team instantly messaged me asking what the issue is. I went into details. He explained that he thinks that the issue is that the ring is too big and advised that I find a way to “tie” my balls together making it more difficult for one or both of my testicles to pull through the gap. So I used a pair of tights as a temporary solution. However, it didn’t work, once again, my right ball slipped through the gap within the hour. Goddammit! Then he suggested that I use something like a ball stretcher and sent me a link. The only issue is the delivery timeframe was around 6 – 7 working days. I contacted a few other suppliers, once again, the delivery timeframe was around 4 – 5 working days. Geez Louise! What the heck am I going to do now? I couldn’t waste anymore time on this. I needed to pick up the kids from my mother in law. Additionally, my mum kept on messaging and phoning me, me and my sister are convinced that she has dementia. It was all becoming too much for me.

Chastity Diary week 1
Chastity device

Day 2

I messaged Mistress Adreena and I told her that I’ve decided that I’m no longer doing Locktober. I was absolutely devastated. However, a few hours later, something hit me. I remember reading an article about a guy who had a similar issue. JFYI – the ring I used was a 50mm and I struggled to get into that. However, if the ring is too big the only other solution is to try the 45mm although it seemed too small. So in the article I read, the guy mentioned that he had the same issue. But he found a solution! He used baby oil gel to fit into a smaller ring. So I bought some baby oil gel. And guess what, guys! It friggin’ worked. So I instantly messaged Mistress Adreena. She replied: 

“Ahahahahahaha. That’s wonderful news!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻” However, her webmaid removed my profile and she had to reinstate my account. So after a little while I received an email saying my account had been reinstated. I logged back in using my Sub ID. I was absolutely livid that I missed out on the first day. In light of that, I’m more than ready for today’s task. 

Today’s Task – Masturbation

Today’s task was to write about what we think about when we are wanking. Obviously, she took a little shot at us “you remember those days..?” And the winner of the task will earn double points, so I had to make it good. Here’s what I wrote: 

You look at me with prodigious, alluring eyes. In a soft yet imperious voice:

“Kneel before Me, at once!” 

You thoroughly and embarrassingly inspect my naked, vulnerable body. You put a collar around my neck with a leash attached. You pull it firmly towards you, gently run your fingers across my lips, my mouth gaped open as you finger fuck my dry mouth. I manage one mouthful before I start to gag. I find the gagging sensation highly pleasurable! My cock throbs by itself, I desire desperately to stroke my cock, however, I am forbidden to touch my cock. You slowly remove your fingers from my mouth. 

“Open your mouth wide” 

As always, I follow your instructions, you spit in my mouth, a derisive chuckle as you look upon strings of spit drip from my mouth and down my body. 

“Do you like having my spit in your mouth?” I instantly responded. 

“Yes, of course!” 

you slap my face with such force. 

“You must address me as Mistress. Am I making myself perfectly clear?” 

“Absolutely! I sincerely apologize, Mistress!” 

“You will now be punished accordingly.” 

You put on a harness, then slide the Vixen Outlaw dildo through the harness’s O ring. You adjust the hip straps, then tug on my leash. You stand in front of me 

“Open up your mouth as wide as it will go.” 

You shove your cock down my throat. You grip the back of my skull, my head bobbing up and down, you go deeper, harder, faster, ramming your cock down my throat until I gag. Of course, I had tears streaming down my face. Although my throat feels sore, The feeling is truly euphoric. Oh I am such a filthy slut for Mistress Adreena!

What do you guys think of my wank bank write up? Will I win this task? Hmm… I guess you’ll just need to stay tuned to find out.

Chastity Diary week 1

Day 3

Have you ever heard of the term “morning wood’?” Well, even if you haven’t, here’s what you need to know – morning wood is when a man wakes up with a boner and that’s exactly what kept happening to me last night whilst locked. My first wake up call was at 1:40am. I could feel my cock straining against my cage. It was extremely uncomfortable yet I felt aroused. This went on for a couple of hours. Anyhoo! I went back to sleep, a little while later It started happening again. My cock was really going for it, like it’s fighting for boner rights. I decided to get up after that and do 100 push-ups. And btw… I didn’t feel any discomfort doing push-ups locked. Then I went to put petrol, yet again, I didn’t feel any irritation whilst driving caged.

If you’ve never been caged, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to pee whilst being locked. It’s pretty simple, really. Just sit on the toilet and pee, providing you got the right size, the pee hole should align with the opening cage. However, it does feel a little strange at first when wiping the tip of the cage and it can feel a little sensitive. Also showering caged – I have not experienced any issues yet. In terms of what to wear – today I’m wearing baggy combat gear. Although I’m not wearing boxer shorts. Nevertheless, it feels comfy. So far, no irritations whatsoever.

So Mistress Adreena has just updated the top 3 leaderboard and btw I’m not in the top 3. Heavens to Betsy. It’s all good though, it just means I need to work a little harder to get myself some points. 

Today’s task – Twice as much fun

So here’s the task for Day 3 – Mistress Adreena posted a photo of herself with her Twin Sister. Titled twice as much fun… She mentioned that she hadn’t seen her twin sister in 3 years and the first thing they spoke about was her locked boys, of course. Then she mentioned “can you imagine two of me?” So I decided to get creative. I wrote a BDSM games session about Mistress Adreena and her Twin Sister. Here it is: 

Twice as much fun Games session (Mistress Adreena and Twin Sister) 

Twice as much fun Games session with Mistress Adreena and Twin Sister. This session will consist of activities, scores, funishments or Punishments.

Your twin sister is in command of my own penis. She is my keyholder. Firstly, she will set us activities to do. Secondly, she will make a list of punishments and funishments, she’ll then tear up the pieces of paper and put them into two separate hats. So here’s an example of how the game is played. 

Your Twin Sister will assign an activity. For example: Mistress Adreena will pee in a plastic cup. Then tie my hands and feet behind my back, then I have to figure out a way to drink Mistress Adreenas pee from the plastic cup without spilling anything. If I pass I gain points. Once I earn a certain amount of points, I will be unlocked and allowed to cum. Regards to the funishments or punishments – will be picked from a hat by your Twin Sister. 

Here are some examples of the funishments: foot worship, ass worship etc. Here are some examples of the punishments: impact play, CBT, orgasm denial/stay locked in a cage 😧🍆🗝️🔒

Whatcha think guys? Do I deserve some points for this write up? Or do I really need to start kinking outside the box.

Day 4 

Ok, so, I had another rough night, guys! Geez, I really need a good night’s sleep. My boner was so strong last night that I could feel the ring moving away from my right testicle. I got up at 3am to unlock the cage and readjust. I felt exhausted, I drifted off to sleep and a few hours later my alarm clock woke me up – Yup, you guessed it – my morning woodie. Oh golly! Right now, I’ll do whatever it takes to get a good night’s sleep. Oh don’t worry guys, there’s no way in hell I’m removing my cage. I’m hundred percent committed to do this!

Later on

So I spent most of today out and about. I’ve gotten pretty used to wearing my cage now, and I actually like having it on. However, there is an issue here. Around lunchtime, I could feel my right testicle slipping through the gap of the ring. Luckily, I keep my chastity key on my keyring along with my house and car keys. I had to find a public toilet and once again I had to readjust my device. Gosh! I really hope this doesn’t happen again. 

Today’s task – Personal Shopper 

So for today’s task, Mistress Adreena wanted us to look through all the wonderful links to clothing retailers and designers she has on her gift me page, and pick out 5 items we think she’d most like to receive and then save an image of each item and submit them, along with a message explaining why we chose each item.

So I have to admit, I found this task really difficult. JFI I don’t have lingerie, latex, leather fetish or kink. I picked what I thought Mistress Adreena would most like to receive based on photos Mistress Adreena posts on social media. To be perfectly honest, I don’t expect to score any points for this task. 

Day 5

I was half-asleep when I felt my cock pulsating against the cage. However, I was so tired and went back to sleep. A few hours later, I felt a sharp pain in my right testicle. Once again, I could feel my right ball slipping from the gap of the ring. I woke up instantly, grabbed the chastity key and readjusted. Geez Louise! What the friggin’ heck is going on here? I don’t know why this keeps happening to me!? My cage is tight, it fits me well and It seems like the right size for me. Hmm… I was bewildered by it all. Shortly thereafter, I had to get the kids dressed, eat brekkie and do the school run etc. I gave them Coco Pops with milk. Then guess what happened? The ring started pulling away from my body. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, right?” So I quickly ran to the toilet to readjust. I put some baby oil gel on my balls, grabbed the ring and then my 4 year old started screaming. “Ahh, fuck me!” I quickly hid the cage in my bathroom cabinet. I ran out to find Coco Pops all over the floor, and my 4 year old was crying because she needed to poop. So I put my 4 year old on the toilet and by the time I had the Coco Pops cleaned up, Oh gosh! Something is definitely happening – My 2 year old pooped in her nappy. Goddammit! By the time I changed her, I realised we’re running late and really needed to leave the house. As we were driving to nursery I realised something. “Ahh, fuck! I’m not wearing my cage.” So, yes, I had an eventful morning. I felt so guilty, I felt naked without it, I felt like I was doing something wrong. Having said that, there’s no way on earth that I was going to cheat by jerking off. The rest of my day was just as eventful as my morning. I care for my mum while looking after my 2 year old. I’ll spare you the details, but today was a stressful day, and because of this friggin’ petrol crisis, I got home around 6ish. As soon as I got in I gave the kids a bath, then put them to bed around 7pm. And then… Finally, I put my cage back on 🕺 and I wore tight boxer shorts to keep my cage in place. Huzza! Words can’t explain how excited I am right now. And just to avoid this from happening again, I ordered Oxballs OX Ball Stretcher Rings. Apparently that’s the solution for low hanging balls, which I have btw.

Today’s task – Things just got real… 

Mistress Adreena posted a 5 minute real time chastity play video with her sub James along with a written question: “How much do you wish I was holding your cage in my hands right now..?” 

So here is what I wrote: 

If I had a genie lamp to rub on, I would wish for Mistress Adreena to hold and tease my cage putting me in a constant state of arousal. Exerting control over me, whilst you rub your long nails along my balls and grip them firmly until an unimaginable arousal begins to build inside my cage. A strange combination of feelings – pleasure and humiliation, Knowing that I can’t do anything when my cock belongs to my pulchritudinous keyholder – Mistress Adreena.

So what do you think, guys! Do I deserve to score some points for that write up? Yay/nay? 

Day 6 

Guess what, guys? I’ll have to enthusiastically tell you that I got a good night’s sleep, Woohoo!! And no morning woodie!! Hmm… I hope the little fella is ok down there. It’s unlike him not to pop up and say heelloo. Anyhoo! I think the tight boxer shorts did the trick since my right scrotum hasn’t slipped out the ring. Victory dance, guys? Ok, I won’t get too excited yet. 

Today my wife is working from home, so that means I’m on daddy duties. Late this morning, I took my daughter to Tesco’s to buy Elsa shoes. It just felt so weird walking around in public locked. It was a little strange, but also in some ways exciting. It’s like my big little secret that no one else knows about apart from my keyholder and my wife, of course!

Today’s task – Introducing Belle 

So in today’s task Mistress Adreena is introducing her naughty friend Belle. She then goes on to say that she’s had fun talking about our caged cocks to her friend Belle and then says “Well done boys, I’m proud of what you’ve managed so far. And if these photos make your cage strain – I want to hear about it ;)” along with 2 images of Mistress Adreena and Belle holding a key and lock. 

Ok, I’m going to be real here, guys! My cock is not straining in its cage and I don’t feel teased one bit. This is not to say that the Mistress Adreena and Belle do not look beautiful in these photos. In all sincerity, these are stunning images and both Mistress Adreena and Belle are ethereal Goddesses. But that’s the issue here – they’re just images and images don’t really do it for me. To be honest I’ve been struggling a lot with these tasks because online teasing images and videos don’t excite me. You’re probably thinking so why on earth did I sign up to this. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting it to be like this. I thought the tasks would consist of teasing games as opposed to writing tasks. Don’t get me wrong I love writing, I am a writer after all, I write about kink nearly every day, and I don’t necessarily have to be horny to write about kink. 

Click here to read my kinky stories

So you’re probably thinking what teasing games do I have in mind? I’m just thinking out loud here but something that involves some kind of solo stimulation Instructions/games. For example, a face fucking instruction/tasks whilst being locked, being asked to put a prostate massager up my ass whilst being locked, 5 minutes of solo edging then back in Chastity. Another suggestion is for Mistress Adreena to give us a 10 minute ball fondling instruction before completing a writing task, all these tasks will be enough for me to feel teased. I’m not saying that this is what Mistress Adreena should do btw, I’m just merely saying what would get my juices flowing. I can’t speak for everybody, but that’s just my personal feelings. I could just go ahead and face fuck myself and the fact that I can’t orgasm will intensify those feelings. However, my cock belongs to Mistress Adreena this month and I don’t want to do anything without her saying so. Excitingly, I don’t know what is in store for us next week. Maybe things are going to get really wild in the upcoming weeks but for now Mistress Adreena is slowly toying with us. However, as it stands now none of these tasks have got me hot and bothered. I want to join in the fun, however, I don’t want to lie either. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Here it goes: 

Okay, I’m not just dropping bars I’m raising the weight 

Will I earn double points for just playing the game?

God the almighty! My cock is straining in the cage

Although my hard ons are causing soreness, aching and pain

It puts a smile on my face knowing that it’s making your day

The picture I’m painting is pleasure with the pain

So I should score points for being creative, right? Do you see what I did there? I said; “Will I earn double points for just playing the game?” So, I am being subtly honest here. 

Today’s bonus task – Do I have your attention? 

So Mistress Adreena and Belle posted a short clip. Belle explains what her favourite thing is about chastity. Whoever responds first with the correct answer will win! Here is the correct answer: 

Belle’s favourite thing about a boy in chastity is knowing that he can’t get any pleasure without her say so.

I responded as soon as I saw the video. The question is was I the first to respond ⁉️

Day 7

So last night it felt like I had a hard on for most of the night. I woke up early in the morning and I could feel the ring pulling away from my testicles. Which is becoming a real problem now. This can’t keep happening – FFS!! Okay, so, I’m trying to make sense of all this. The 50mm kept slipping through the ring because it was too big. I’m now having the same issue with the 45mm ring but it’s staying on for a longer period of time. Nevertheless, it’s still falling, pulling away, slipping whateveruwannacallit! So that means the back ring of the 45mm is also too big. So once again, I used an abundance of baby oil gel and I attempted to put on the 40mm ring. You’ll never guess what happened next..⁉️ I managed to fit in to a 40mm ring 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 However, I’m not going to get too excited until it stays on for more than 4 days. 

New part-time job 

So, I got myself a part-time temporary job, guys! It’s just to bring in a little income for now. So today is my first day. The big question is should I wear my cage or not? What happens if I’m speaking to a client or a co-worker and my cage falls off? What do I friggin’ do then? I was on the horns of a dilemma. Having said that, the 40mm ring feels pretty snug. Fuck it! I’ll just take a chance on it. So how did my first day go? Well… Let’s just say that I spent most of a day sitting down making sales calls. I could feel the tip of my penis uncomfortably chafing against the cage and the ring chafing my balls. So I left the office feeling a little sore. Aw-shucks! 

Today’s task – congratulations boys! 

Today’s task was not exactly a task. Alternatively, Mistress Adreena sent us a message saying “I thought it would be nice to drop you a personal message as a way of a thank you for your effort so far. I hope you are all having a fun evening!” In addition to posting a after-session video congratulating us for completing one week in chastity, she then goes on to explain that she just had an hour session of edging and mostly thought about us because the guy she played with was hard and it made her think about us and our poor locked cocks. Furthermore, Mistress Adreena was dressed in a see through all in one outfit.

Locktober Week 1 conclusion

Oh boy, oh boy. Week 1 of Locktober has been one helluva eventful week. So let’s go through them one by one. 

Day 1 – my chastity device kept slipping through the gap of the ring, I thought I had found a temporary solution, but my temporary solution soon became a “No Solution”

Day 2 – it all became too much for me and I forfeited Locktober. However, a few hours later, I had an aha moment to use baby oil gel to fit into a smaller ring and it friggin’ worked, shortly thereafter, Mistress Adreena, reinstated my account. 

Day 3 – was my first full locked day and my first locked morning wood experience. 

Day 4 – my right testicle slipped through the ring, TWICE! 😶 Day 5 – I had an eventful morning. I rushed out of the house without wearing my cage. 

Day 6 – I had no morning woodie, and stayed locked for the entire day! Furthermore, I’ve come to the realisation that these online tasks are not teasing me. 

Day 7 – once again, my morning woodie caused the device to pull away from my body. I grew frustrated and tired; but then I had another 💡 moment, and managed to fit in to a 40mm ring using an abundance of baby oil gel.

So, as you can see, week 1 of Locktober has been one helluva an eventful week. I guess I can say that I’ve gone through a rollercoaster of emotions this week.

Would I recommend Mistress Adreenas Locktober to others? 

Well, that all depends on YOU! If you enjoy online teasing and are interested in chastity, then Abso-friggin’-lutely!! Mistress Adreena has done a magnificent job here. She has created something unique and fun. I also like the fact that every task is different and new people are introduced to the tasks. So far we’ve been introduced to Mistress Adreenas twin sister, sub James, and Belle. I’m also super impressed with how much work Mistress Adreena has put in. Additionally, I just want to make something perfectly clear here. Although, I haven’t necessarily felt teased that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying this Locktober challenge. I’m having a great time. Furthermore, I like being locked in a cage. Oddly enough, I find the morning wood a turn-on. I guess the biggest issue I have with myself is that I’m too friggin’ self-disciplined and I have strong will power. Having said that, if we minus day 1 and day 5 where I forgot to wear my cage before leaving the house then I’ve only been locked for 5 days. So, yes, it is still early days.

What would I like to see in week 2? 

I would like to see some solo stimulation Instruction activities/games as opposed to writing tasks. Although, I feel very good to have written so much this week, on the other hand, I feel like My 🧠 is 🔥 when I say “written so much” I’m talking about writing new content for my site along with writing a new guest article, preparing interview questions, I’m also working on a collaboration article and writing daily in this chastity diary.

What advice would I give to someone who is interested in experiencing chastity? 

Geez! I’m going to put it like this: if you’re interested in chastity. Whatever you do, Don’t follow in my footsteps! Meaning – trying on your first cage the day before Locktober. Prepare well in advance. Here’s an excerpt from my interview with Mistress Adreena: 

“I would always recommend that someone experiences chastity before jumping into a month-long program. Don’t run before you can walk! Like all things, you have to get used to something and practice. Chastity isn’t easy and most people will struggle after a week or so the first time.”

Click here to read – Locktober interview with chastity keyholder – Mistress Adreena

Am I looking forward to week 2? 

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Abso-friggin’-lutely!? There’s no question about that.

There we have it, Kinksters! I hope you enjoyed reading my chastity diary – Locktober week 1 2021. 

Let’s support each other, kinksters! So please feel free to SHARE this with others. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @podofeleus and Instagram @Podopheleus.

Much Kink Love


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