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Chastity Device: The Holy Trainer V4 

Size: Small 

Colour: Black 

Day 15

I woke early this morning, because I had a networking event at 6:15am. In all honesty, I really couldn’t be arsed. As I was having breakfast…Erm… Ok, you know what I’m about to say, right? I know guys, this ball-slipping palaver is just exhausting. (Ahhh!!) I made a conscious decision not to wear my cage for the event. Considering that I had to give a 30 second presentation. Firstly, I hate public speaking. Secondly, just imagine if my ball pops out of the ring whilst I’m giving a presentation. JFYI ball slips are painful! So I decided not to risk it. I feel like a boxer – in and out of the ring. 

Later, when I got home. I went back to wearing the 40mm ring. I don’t know if it’s because of the considerable amount of baby oil gel used, but I managed to just about fit a fingertip under the ring. So here’s the difference between the two rings: The 45mm ring is like wearing comfy, sagging pants and The 40mm ring is like wearing tight-fitting trousers. At times, causing groin discomfort. It’s almost like I need something in between the two sizes.

Alchemist concert 

So, tonight, I will not be wearing my cock cage, because I am seeing “The Alchemist” in concert. WOOT!! For those of you who don’t know, The Alchemist is a legendary Hip-Hop record producer/DJ. Additionally, he is currently Eminem’s official DJ. And before you ask, yes, of course I got Mistress Adreenas approval, which was comforting. 

Today’s task – Santorini 

So, this is not exactly a task, alternatively a video of the pulchritudinous Goddess in Santorini. 

“It’s the weekend… Have a treat on me ;)” ~ Mistress Adreena

 The video is 1 minute and 30 seconds. The video starts off with Mistress Adreena slowly stripping off her clothes, leaving her perfectly shaped breasts exposed, touching and caressing her breasts. The video ends with The Pulchritudinous Goddess pouting her lips for a kiss. 

Day 16

I got in at about 4:45 this morning. I had a fun yet eventful, and exhausting evening. Yup! I had an amazing night at “The Alchemist” concert. Although two fights broke out. Additionally, my mother locked herself out of her home at 3:30am. So for the most part of today, I felt like a zombie! 

Today’s task – Amuse me 

Mistress Adreena posted saying this:

“Are you guys using cubicles now?

Well I want a video of you in your cage, urinating at a urinal.

Give it a go.

Amuse Me.”

Is Mistress Adreena taking the piss? Geez Louise! Now thaaaaas a fucking task! However, I feel dog-tired today and can’t be arsed to look for a urinal to pee in. As an alternative, I filmed myself standing and peeing while locked in chastity. Ah Geez! As you can imagine, my pee sprayed all over the friggin’  place. Talk about “to piss around” ay? However, when I tried uploading the video using the video compression option, it kept failing. As an alternative, I sent a photo. Okay, so I won’t receive any points here, simply for two reasons: 

Firstly, I peed in a cubicle not a urinal.

Secondly, I sent a photo instead of a video. 

Nevertheless, I’m glad I got to experience what it’s like to stand and pee while locked in chastity.

Chastity Diary week 3 2021
Chastity Diary week 3 2021

Day 17 

Okay, so this morning I had another ball slippage. “ARRRR FFS, MAN!” At this point, I think I’ve accepted the fact that this is going to keep on happening and I should just accept that. I am disappointed, and I’m bewildered. The 40mm ring is the smallest ring I can fit into and I can just about get a finger tip in. It feels tight. So, God knows how my balls keep popping out. It’s almost like every time I relax, my balls shrink and find a way to escape like Harry Houdini. So, I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to talk about my ball slippages, I don’t want y’all to feel like this is a chastity version of Groundhog Day. So I’ll just deal with it and move on. Come to think of it, where the heck are my ball stretchers?

Today’s task – Easy like a Sunday morning…

“Today’s task is a simple one: make me smile. I’ll be checking your responses Monday morning, when I really need it. The winner gets a short custom video that I made to accompany these pictures, plus points. I may also reward early responders, if you’re looking for a way to pass the evening…” ~ Mistress Adreena

So I posted this:

Look at what I have for you 😋 Just tell me when and I’ll bring them down to Inanna straight away 😘

Have a lovely Sunday!

Chastity Diary week 3 2021
Chastity Diary week 3 2021

So, the reason I posted this is because Mistress Adreena loves my brownies, and rightly so, they’re banging! JFYI! I bring along brownies to almost every session. Here are some of the messages Mistress Adreena sent me after devouring my brownies.

“And thanks for that brownie. It’s 💦💦❤️🤤”

“Honestly. That brownie is giving me multiple orgasms.” 

I should hope this photo of my brownies, with the intention of delivering them to Inanna, puts a huge smile on Mistress Adreenas face. The good news is, if I don’t win this task. I’ll just have to eat them all by myself. So it’s a win-win for me either way 😋😁

Day 18

Meditation while locked in chastity

I woke up at 5.00am this morning. I got up and meditated while locked in chastity. I pay attention to my thoughts and feelings and focus on my breath. It gives me an amazing sense of peace. Instead of judging my feelings, my thoughts and my emotions. It was almost like I was watching them from a bird’s eye view. As I put my hands on my heart chakra, I say a prayer of gratitude, I feel love and joy. It was a wonderful experience. 

Today’s task – Kink of the day…

Today’s Kink of the Day is going to be sissification… 

This is what Mistress Adreena posted: 

“I know Mondays can suck even when you aren’t locked, and so today might not be easy for you. As such there is no task or torment. Today you get a treat.” 

Along with a video of Mistress Adreena detailing what she expects from her slutty sissy’s. She starts off by saying look at you, dressed in slutty lingerie and cock cage. I have something for you, some medicine that will turn you even sluttier, weaker and desperate to please me. Then she takes out a big black dildo, and says “let me tell you exactly what to do with it…” 

Mistress Adreena finishes up by saying, “Feeling inspired? Good. I’m giving you a break from tasks today, but I think today’s video might hint towards the direction tomorrow’s task will take. Hint, hint, if you want to start planning ahead. ** Be seen but not heard… If you aren’t asked to complete a task or respond to my message: I do not expect to hear from you.” 

Ooh! Goddamm! Looks like things might be getting serious for slutty sissy’s tomorrow 💄👗

Day 19

I have a lump on my testicle

Yup, that’s right folks. I have a pronounced lump on my right testicle, and it feels a little sore. (Ouch!) I have to admit, I freaked out a little bit. Who do I ask for advice? My initial thought was, do I have testicular cancer? I was panic-stricken. So I turned to my best friend for some advice – Google! According to my bestie – Google! Wearing a ring that’s too tight can cause problems with circulation when erect, (“morning wood”) which can cause swelling in the testicles. Some people have even mentioned having a lump on both testicles. Another person mentioned that it could just be fluids built up. The issue here is that the 45mm is too big and the 40mm seems to be too tight. Geez! It seems that I need something in between – hmm… maybe a 42mm!? Btw… I don’t know if any of this is true and I cannot say for sure that it is true, I’m just reiterating what I read on an online forum. But for the sake of my family jewels, I decided, I’m going to try this: 

🔹 I have a new rule of wearing only 40mm ring during the day 

🔹 I have a second new rule of wearing only 45mm ring for bedtime

🔹 Lastly, to unlock my cock when exercising and showering. For the purpose of maintaining good hygiene and to avoid cutting off circulation.

Okie-dokie! That sounds like a good plan to me. As always, I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on.

Today’s task – Good morning boys (and girls..!)

This challenge is based on yesterday’s sissification content. Mistress Adreena posted: “give me your best sissy” meaning to put on a slick of lipstick 💄 or to wear a pair of girly panties. And then went on to say “feel free to take a picture in your best outfit, makeup, poses…”

“The winner of this task will get a full length themed clip: ‘Mistress Adreena’s Sissy Academy’ as well as the usual assignment of points.”

This is a really exhilarating task for sissy’s. Although I won’t be participating in this task since I’m not a sissy. In spite of that, I just wanted to say: I’ve got a lot of respect for sissy’s and I’d like to give a special shout-out to all the slutty sissy’s across the globe. Do your thing, girls! You got this! 👗💄🖤

Day 20

Today’s task – Oops…

So, this is not exactly a task, alternatively a teasing video for feet/heel lovers. The video starts off with the pulchritudinous Goddess sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. As the camera moves, we start to see a restrained submissive male laying under The Pulchritudinous Goddess’s gorgeous black high heels. I would also like to point out that the Pulchritudinous Goddess is wearing a sexy black leather dress. This probably has the potential to be the sexiest ignored high heels worship video ever. 

Day 21 

Today’s task – Congratulations!

So, this is not exactly a task, alternatively, a treat! – “You’ve made it to the end of the third week… Happy Hump Day! ;)” ~ Mistress Adreena

Along with 5 drop dead gorgeous photos of the pulchritudinous Goddess dressed in a fishnet all in one outfit and sexy black tights. 

Locktober week 3 – Conclusion

Chastity Diary week 3 2021
Chastity Diary week 3 2021

Okie-dokie! Let’s just run through some of the highlights of week 3, shall we? 

Day 15 – Today, I had to give a 30 second presentation at a networking event and just before I left the house my right testicle popped out of its cage. Goddammit!! Later, I went to see “The Alchemist” at the Jazz Cafe – cage free! I know, right? 

Day 16 – My mum locked herself out of her home at 3:30am and I didn’t get home until 4:45am 😴 Now for the fun part: I filmed myself standing and peeing while locked in chastity. Mistress Adreena is taking the piss, surely?

Day 17 – I had another ball slippage. And that’s when I decided to name my right ball Harry Houdini! Today’s task is a simple one: to make Mistress Adreena smile 😁 so I bought the Pulchritudinous Goddess 5 multiple orgasm brownies. Fortunately for me, I failed at the task, which means I got to eat 5 multiple orgasm brownies all by myself. I can assure you of one thing though – I did not CUM!! 💦

Day 18 – I meditated 🧘 while locked 🗝️ in chastity and it was a wonderful experience. “Today’s Kink of the Day is going to be sissification…” ~ Mistress Adreena! Any sissy chastity slut who’d watched that video, well… Goddamn! Your cock must be throbbing in that cock cage, right now!

Day 19 – I found a pronounced lump on my right testicle 😱 although I don’t think it’s testicular cancer. It seems that the 40mm ring is too tight. It’s cool though, I got a plan, stan! Today’s task is for the slutty sissy’s. “give me your best sissy” ~ Mistress Adreena! The winner of this task will get a full length themed clip: ‘Mistress Adreena’s Sissy Academy’ OOH, exciting times for caged sissy sluts💄👗💋

Day 20 – Mistress Adreena posted a teasing video for the feet/heel lovers 👣👠 This probably has the potential to be the sexiest ignored high heels worship video ever. 

Day 21 – Woot! Woot! We made it to the end of the third week… “Happy Hump Day! ;)” ~ Mistress Adreena! And we received 5 drop dead gorgeous photos of the pulchritudinous Goddess dressed in a fishnet all in one outfit and sexy black tights. 

Final thoughts

Before I started chastity, my initial thought was that I’d feel sexually frustrated! Teased! I’d be aching for a session. And in desperate need of an orgasm. Oddly enough, being caged could not have been any more of the opposite of what I’d expected. Instead of feeling sexually frustrated! Teased! I feel more focused, and more content. On one hand, I feel disappointed with myself! I want to feel sexually frustrated and teased for the reason that I wanted the challenge of being turned on but not being allowed to cum. The thought of “Tease and Denial” really excites me. Furthermore, “Tease and denial” games is something that I hadn’t fully explored with a play partner. In this Instance, I could just go ahead and edge myself, playing the “the point of no return” game, for around 20 minutes – without ejaculation, then go straight back in my cage. However, secretly edging myself, of course, would have been breaking the rules. Additionally, I didn’t want to do anything without my keyholders saying so. Having said all that, I do feel more productive. l feel more focused and more connected with myself. I can see huge benefits in doing chastity. It reminds me of when I did semen retention for 70 plus days, during that time I wrote my forthcoming novel Triple-Formed – which I plan to self-publish in the upcoming months. 

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