Locktober interview with chastity Keyholder – Mistress Adreena – 8 Fascinating questions and inspirational responses

Dearest Chastity Keyholder and Chastity Lovers, Boy do I have a treat for you!

Chastity Keyholder: First off, will we go back into lockdown this year? Well, maybe not everyone, but at least most men should. Are you wondering what’s going on, guys? For those of you who don’t know, next month is Locktober! And guess what, guys? The pulchritudinous Goddess –  Mistress Adreena is accepting submissions for her biggest, most interactive and most immersive Locktober yet. Okie-dokie! Would you like to learn more about Locktober from a chastity keyholder point of view? Awesome! Let’s friggin’ do this!

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1.What is Locktober? And how did it come about?

Locktober is a month where submissives can hand over the keys to their keyholder and show their dedication and submission by being locked in chastity for an entire month.  Whilst it usually involves being caged, the general premise is the challenge of abstaining from masturbation, stimulation or sexual interaction for an entire month. As with most things that develop online, it’s hard to know it’s exact origins, but I’m pretty sure it was borne out of it’s pun title- October/Locktober and gained legs from there.

2. For the uninitiated can you explain what a chastity keyholder is?  

chastity keyholder
chastity keyholder

A keyholder is the person who holds the keys of someone’s chastity device.

For further context, a chastity cage is a device that is fitted over genitals and locked to prevent touch, stimulation, in the case of men- erections. In most instances it’s designed to prohibit orgasm. Or at least not a satisfactory one!

Most people understandably don’t want to do this alone and require supervision and encouragement, which is where keyholders come in. It’s generally undertaken by submissive men as an act of dedication and submission to their dominant- who is the chastity keyholder.

3. Why should someone do it? What do they gain out of it? And what’s in it for the chastity keyholder?

chastity keyholder
chastity keyholder

It’s generally entered into as an act of devotion and submission, but I find that it has unexpected rewards. As well as the satisfaction of proving yourself to your dominant, I’ve found in my personal experience that it can really sharpen a man’s focus. Without being distracted by their libido or chasing women, they often report to me increased focus and productivity at work and a deeper, more enhanced and authentic feeling of submission to the keyholder.

I think that it’s just as rewarding for the chastity keyholder as the locked (if you’re into that sort of thing!) I love seeing the depth of submission a man will fall into. It’s deeply erotic to see the lengths they will go to please you, and the frustration in their eyes as the month progresses. I love to get them all worked up with plenty of tease and interaction! Most of all, it’s fascinating to see the psychological changes they go through- from horny and desperate to euphoric, to accepting and deeply submissive… and everything in between.

As a chastity keyholder you can break them down and completely retrain them as you wish, and the power of that is very sexy.


4. How does one pick the right chastity device? For example, how to pick the right size and what are the pros and cons of plastic, silicone, and metal devices?

chastity keyholder
chastity keyholder

It would be difficult for me to go into detail now on how to pick the right device, but check out my website for plenty of Locktober and chastity content! Getting the right fitting cage is absolutely imperative both for your comfort and health, and for long term wear. So make sure you measure yourself carefully and test out your device before you begin- rather like wearing in a new pair of shoes before you go for a night out!

Different materials have different benefits. Metal are the classics- they are heavy duty and secure and look great. But they can be a bit heavy and solid for long term wear if you aren’t experience. Plastic is very lightweight and easy to wear but can sometimes bite the skin or catch. It isn’t very flexible. Silicon isn’t quite as secure I’ve found but can be great for long term where as it’s light, soft and flexible, moving with the body. I recommend it for people who have an active lifestyle.

 5. Could you recommend your top 3 chastity devices.

Not really… I tend not to have preference in specific designs, but more brands and types. I love steel devices for that classic look, and silicon for Sissy’s. A soft, pink cage is super cute! My favourite brand is House of Denial, both for quality and customer service. They do some pretty unique designs- check out the Beast. It may not be ideal for long time wear but aesthetically, it’s definitely a favourite!

6. Is it imperative to be completely shaven before locking up your cock, can a bit of hair or stubble cause irritation?

It isn’t imperative- I’ve seen men that aren’t. But it does help! As you mentioned above, there is a risk of hairs getting trapped and causing unnecessary pain. I think closely cropped is best personally. If it’s clean shaving then it can get un-comfy as it grows through. Good hygiene and personal maintenance goes a really long way when it comes to long term chastity. I cannot emphasise that enough.

7. The rule of Locktober is to stay locked-in for 31 days. Does that mean the device cannot be removed for peeing, sleeping or cleaning?

That’s a tough one. Generally when I have submissives in chastity I let them out to clean and dry their genitals. Feeling clean and dry will make them more comfortable and able to withstand longer time frames. Good hygiene and safe practice are really important to me and I don’t consider coming out to clean to be cheating- as long as they go right back in after and don’t make the cleaning too… pleasurable.

Sleeping and peeing, though? That’s a no-no. Cages are designed to be able to pee through (they have wide slats around the meatus) and there is no need to be allowed out to sleep. If you do that, why even bother? It isn’t comfortable sleeping in a cage, but comfort isn’t the point. It isn’t meant to be easy.

I absolutely adore thinking about my poor subs waking up to their morning wood struggling against their cages. It’s one of my favourite parts of chastity and I wouldn’t give that up.

Whilst I usually let men out to clean, I’m stricter during Lockdown. It is meant to be a challenge after all. So they don’t get let out in this instance- it’s perfectly possible to maintain good personal hygiene when locked if you’re careful and thorough, and clean yourself twice a day.

8. What advice would you give to someone who is going to experience Locktober for the first time?

I would always recommend someone experiences chastity before jumping into a month-long program. Don’t run before you can walk! Like all things, you have to get used to something and practice. Chastity isn’t easy and most people will struggle after a week or so the first time.

Always communicate. If you’re struggling, don’t bottle it up. Talk to your chastity keyholder and keep them informed. My subs always feel much better if they share with me and I interact with them regularly.

As I keep saying- be as clean and careful as possible! Avoid strenuous exercise or clothing that may catch on it. Keep a close eye on your locked cock and listen to your body. Don’t try and be a hero. If you’re experiencing pain, heavy swelling or seeing a change of colour, talk to your keyholder- you may need to get out of there.

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t feel ashamed. Rome wasn’t built in a day- and I’m sure your keyholder will come up with a suitable forfeit for your shortcomings…

Chastity Keyholder and Chastity month in conclusion!

There we have it, Chastity Keyholder Lovers!

A huge shout-out to the chastity keyholder – Mistress Adreena Angela. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions so comprehensively.

I hope you enjoyed reading our Locktober interview blog. Are you interested in doing the Locktober challenge? Are you looking for a chastity keyholder? Do you know someone who might be?

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