As the weeks went on, Peter got more proficient at applying his lipstick, eye shadow and mascara. Sally had instructed him to practice and practice, which he did. On Friday evening at dinner, Peter and Sally were laughing about their journey so far and marveled at how different their lives were before he had presented her with his cage and the key. They talked sincerely about their circumstances and agreed that things were unfolding in ways that they both didn’t expect. Peter noted that her deep dive into a FLR domestic discipline-based dynamic was a surprise that he had never expected. “On the other hand,” he reflected, “I think it’s good for us.” Sally agreed and shared that she had never been happier. The shift that they took together had “opened up her sexuality” and “allowed her to flex her wings.” Peter nodded and they continued to eat and chat. 

Chastity Part 4

After dinner, while they were cleaning up the kitchen, Peter asked when Simon was going to come over again. Sally cocked her head to one side, as if in thought, and said, “I think he is back from his trip so perhaps tomorrow. I’ll need to check with him.” Peter smiled inwardly as he imagined how much he was going to please his wife as her sissy got used by Simon. “Good.” He said, smiling at Sally. Sally grinned back at him. This made her so happy. 

On Saturday morning, Peter was mowing the lawn and Sally was pruning the rose bushes when her phone rang. It was Simon. “Hi babe.” she heard. “Simon! Are you back in town?” They chatted for a bit and Peter was not really aware who she was talking to. He only noticed that she was talking animatedly on the phone as he pushed the mower back and forth across the lawn. He liked the smell of the fresh cut grass. This task made him feel relaxed and being in the yard with Sally was one of his favorite activities. He saw her end the call and look up at him. He stopped pushing. “Who was that?” He asked. “It was Simon, he is coming over this evening. I told him we had a surprise for him!” Peter laughed and said, “We will see how sexy he thinks I am.” Sally smiled at him with a loving smile and said, “he is coming over at 4:00, so in a bit I am going to unlock your cage so you can go and shave your balls and your ass. I want you to shave your face super close.” Peter looked at her quizzically and said “Ok, I’ll finish here then I will head in.” 

Chastity Part 4

In the bathroom, Sally unlocked Peter’s cage and removed it. His pubes were sprouting, and she knew that those hairs would be itchy. Even so, she took Peter’s cock in her hands and stroked it a bit and he became erect almost immediately. He stood there watching her handle his cock and feeling like he was going to ejaculate immediately but he said nothing. She stroked him more and more vigorously and just as he started to climax, she stopped and let him experience a ruined orgasm. “Thank you, Ma’am,” he said sarcastically, laughing at her cruelty. She laughed too and said, “get cleaned up then come see me to put your cage back on.  He took out his butt plug and set it on the counter. He then showered and shaved everywhere he could reach. After exiting the shower, he put a fresh blade in his razor and shaved his face close as Sally had requested. 

He came into the bedroom with his towel around his waist and slapped his cheeks saying, “Smooth as a baby’s bottom.” Sally was sitting on the bed, and she beckoned him over. She slipped the ring over his cock and balls and slid the sheath over his shaft. She held the two bits together and looped the lock through the two snapping it shut. He handed her his butt plug and turned around and bent over. She inserted it without difficulty. “Put your panties on and go sit at the vanity.” She said, “OK, put on your lipstick and eyeshadow. I’ll touch up your face to make your blemishes disappear and highlight your cheekbones. You are going to look so slutty.” Peter laughed. This was a new experience for him, and he enjoyed it. He carefully applied his makeup and when he was finished, he looked at himself and saw that he did a pretty good job. He looked very cute. Sally concurred and said, “Turn around.” She started by adding a light moisturizer to his face. Then she applied a color matching cream foundation to a make-up sponge to even out his skin color. Next, she dabbed some concealer under his eyes just above his cheek bones. She blended some more foundation up into the lower eye area to blend the two areas seamlessly. She lightly powdered his face, “To keep it all in place.” She took a big fluffy brush to apply bronzer and a little blush onto his cheeks. She liked what she was seeing, and she was enjoying sissifying her cuck. Sally looked at his eyebrows and frowned at their disarray. She took an eyebrow brush and brushed up the hairs and clipped the hairs that were too long. She gently smoothed them back into place and filled in the gaps and arch of the brow with a color matching eyebrow pencil. “We are going to have to deal with those in the future” she remarked, “But they are good for today.” She looked at the entire ensemble and thought her cuck looked amazing. She grabbed his wig and pulled it on and gasped. Peter looked like a slut! She was happy and said, “Turn around!” Peter turned and looked at himself in the mirror. He did not recognize himself. He thought about it for a bit and thought, “I look pretty slutty – like Rocky Horror.” He smiled and said, “OK, I’ll go get dressed now.” Sally was happy at his reaction and was smiling as he nodded her approval. She said, “I will let Simon in and bring him to the bedroom. Then I will invite you to come in to present yourself to him.” Peter nodded and left.

At about 4:00, Sally heard Simon’s car door and she went downstairs to let him in. She was wearing a tank top, no bra and a pair of shorts. She was barefoot and her red toenails glistened in the sunlight.  Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she had put on a small amount of makeup so as to not overpower Peter’s appearance. She wanted the attention on him. Of course, Simon was not at all put off by her appearance and as soon as she opened the door, he swept her off her feet and kissed her passionately. She really liked Simon. She took his hand and said, “Come,” as she pulled him toward the stairs.” He recognized her excitement and allowed himself to be pulled along. She indicated that he should sit on the bed and said, “Now for your surprise.” She called for Peter to come in and in came this gurl looking all sexy and sultry. Pink hair, red lips, provocative blouse, short black skirt, mesh stockings and high-cut boots. The sissy slinked in and paraded around for Simon who was speechless. 

Looking “very slutty”

He stood up and stopped Peter as he twirled around. “You look very slutty. I like it.” He said as he slipped his thumb into Peter’s mouth. Peter sucked on his thumb provocatively. “Suck my cock, slut,” Simon said to Peter as Sally looked on with a huge grin on her face. This was working out perfectly. Peter dropped to his knees and unbuckled Simon’s belt. He then unbuttoned and unzipped Simon’s pants and they fell to the floor. While Peter was attending to getting Simon’s giant cock out of his pants, Sally kissed Simon passionately on his lips. Simon was still limp as Peter pulled his boxer shorts down, and he took that soft cock into his mouth. He felt the cock growing and growing. He gagged on the length of it as he tried to bring Simon to orgasm. Simon was grabbing Sally’s breast with one hand and kissing her as his cock engorged to its full arousal. Simon was groaning now and as Peter grabbed his balls he began to ejaculate. He filled Peter’s mouth with cum and it was dribbling down Peter’s chin as he attempted to swallow. Sally got on her knees next to Peter and kissed Peter fully on the mouth sucking Simon’s cum into her own mouth. They kissed for a while as Simon pulled his pants up and said, “I need a drink.” 

Peter and Sally fixed their makeup and Sally said, “I am so proud of your sweetie, that was so hot.” Peter blushed and said, I liked it. ” I was nervous at first, but then I just got into it.” Sally smiled at him and gave him a hug saying, “You make me so happy!” Peter smiled and said, “That is my goal.” Sally and Peter made their way downstairs and Sally said to Peter “You need to serve us.” Peter nodded and in his sexiest walk and with his sexiest voice he asked Simon, “What will you have to drink Sir?” Simon looked at Peter with a great deal of joy. It had been a lifelong dream to fuck a sissy, and this was heaven. “I’ll have Scotch, with a drop of water, please.” Peter looked at Sally, “And you Ma’am?” Sally looked up at the ceiling in thought and said, “Make me a Dry Gin Martini cuck.” Peter nodded and sashayed out of the living room while Simon and Sally kissed passionately on the couch.  

Peter went into the kitchen and pulled out the liquor and the glasses he needed. He started with the Martini because it would take longer. He poured 6 oz. of gin into a mixer tin filled with ice and added a smidge over 3/4oz. of dry vermouth and began to stir it carefully. Sixty turns later, he added 4 shakes of orange bitters to the mixer tin. He turned the mixer another 10 turns. When he was satisfied, he made a couple of lemon peel twists and coated the inside of the glasses with a cupful of vermouth. Then he carefully poured the mixture into the martini glasses and garnished with the twists. The martini’s looked perfect and yummy. Next, he selected a 12-year-old Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the bottles he had selected and poured a couple of fingers into the tumbler. He poured a couple of drops of water into the glass and swirled it. He put all three drinks on a tray and very carefully with his ankles still wobbly in the heels, brought the drinks out to the living room. Simon had his hands down Sally’s pants, and she was stroking his cock through his trousers. They saw him and put themselves back together so that they could enjoy their cocktails. 

Carefully, Peter handed Sally her drink, and then he handed Simon his drink and he set it on the coffee table. Sally said, “You kneel here next to me cuck.” So, Peter kneeled on the carpet next to Sally. Simon said, “A toast! To you Sally my sweet Hotwife and to you cuck, my slutty gurl!” They clinked glasses and said, “Cheers!” They sipped on their drinks and chatted about this and that, which was nice for Peter who had not really gotten to know Simon very much until now. Simon revealed that Sally was his 3rd Hotwife experience, and that he was no longer fucking the other women. He shared that he traveled a lot and had no real interest in a committed relationship. He emphasized that he loved this arrangement and loved where it was headed. Peter asked, “Have you had sex with men before?” Simon said, “No. You are the first man who has ever sucked my cock, but because you are a slutty gurl, I can enjoy it.” Peter thought a minute and then asked, “So you aren’t gay?” Simon shook his head, “No, I am more of a non-binary pan-sexual, I guess. We will find out tonight because I told Sally while you were getting the drinks that I am definitely going to fuck you tonight!” Peter looked at Simon and then Sally and then back at Simon. He said softly, “We would like that Sir.” Sally nodded and said, “Agreed.”

After a while, Simon got up and took Sally by the hand. “Let’s go upstairs,” he said. She got up and followed saying over her shoulder to Peter, “Clean up down here and then come up and join us.” Peter did as he was told and took the glasses to the kitchen and put them in the sink. He put away the bottles and wiped down the kitchen. He went upstairs and smiled as he heard Sally moaning. He walked into the room and watched Simon eating and fingering her pussy. She was naked and he was still dressed. He became aware of Peter and said, “Fluff me cuck,” as he took off his pants and stood in front of Peter, who dropped to his knees. Sally fingered herself as Peter sucked on the giant cock, he was now familiar with, and he marveled at the experience of the cock getting hard in his mouth. When Simon was fully erect, he said, I am going to fuck your wife while you take your panties off. ” Leave everything else on.” Peter watched Simon pierce his wife with that monster cock and he worried about how it would feel in his ass. He watched as Sally had a massive orgasm and then Simon climbed off her. “Eat her pussy and I am gong to fuck you slut,” said Simon. Peter crawled onto the bed and buried his face in her pussy. He felt Simon remove his butt plug and he felt the head of Simon’s cock pressing against his ass. Sally handed Simon a bottle of lube from next to the bed and he covered his cock in lube. He squirted a glob into Peter’s ass and pressed against him again. This time he felt Peter relax and he watched Sally’s face as that glob of pink hair ate her pussy. Peter was surprised at how thick Simon’s cock was and how it felt to stretch his ass out. His cock was swollen in his cage and Simon grunted, “I’m fucking your ass pussy cuck.” Sally laughed and moaned and said, “Oh, Simon, Oh Cuck ” and he had a massive orgasm just as Simon began to ejaculate into Peter’s ass. Peter was aware that his cock was dripping cum in his cage, and he tried to relax and enjoy the experience. It felt better, if he was honest, than being pegged by Sally with one of her hard dildos. With his ass in the air filled with a fat cock and his mouth buried in his wife’s pussy he felt the joy that Sally was expressing in the way she cooed and caressed him. He also felt the approval of Simon who had obviously shot his load into Peter’s ass. “OK cuck,” he heard as Simon pulled out of his ass, “Clean me off.” Peter pulled away from Sally and dropped to his knees and took Simon in his mouth again as his hard on was subsiding. He sucked and licked his cock till Simone pushed him off. “Good gurl.” Simon was getting dressed when he said, “Let’s all go get dinner.” Peter looked at Sally and shook his head, “no”, Sally nodded and said to Simon, “Peter will stay here, we can bring him something.” Simon looked first at her and then at him and said, “OK.” Peter replaced his butt plug, pulled on his panties and went down with them to see them out. 

Sally and Simon went off to a local pizza joint and ordered a pie to bring home. They sat at the table waiting for the order while drinking a beer. They sat across from each other. Sally said, “That was so hot!” Simon nodded. “For me too, I had always wanted to fuck the gurl-pussy of a slutty girl cuck with his little clitty caged up.” Sally laughed, “And how was it for you?” She asked. Simon thought a minute before answering. “Well, when I first saw her, she looked quite cute and slutty and I wanted her to suck my cock immediately, which she did. Then later, when I was fucking her gurl-pussy and watching her eat your out, it was over the top and I shot my load. So, for me it was hot as well!” “Now that you have her as a sissy to fuck, will you want her to be more involved in our scenes?” Sally asked. Simon took a long swig of his beer and then said, “Probably not, its you I want to fuck, she is more of a novelty to play with from time to time. Even so, when I come over, I want her to dress like that, real slutty, so I can enjoy her watching us fuck. Also, I think you should tie her to the chair so she can’t touch herself.” Sally laughed and said, “Gosh, you are so naughty!” The pie was ready and they finished their beers and left for home. She called Peter on the way home and told him to prepare the kitchen table for dinner. Peter did as he was told, preparing three place settings at the table. 

When Sally and Simon got back, they brought the pizza into the kitchen and she saw the three place settings. “Oh, cuck,” she said, “You will need to kneel here beside me on the floor to eat.” Peter looked down and nodded. He knew his place. He kneeled on the floor looking all slutty in his pink hair and made-up face, and he ate his pizza in that position while Simon and Sally conducted a conversation as if he wasn’t there. He was feeling a bit sorry for himself, but he understood the situation. After they had eaten, Sally said, “Go up stairs and sit in your chair please cuck.” He did as he was told and went and waited for them to come upstairs. 

Chastity Part 4 by SafferMaster

After a while, Sally and Simon entered the room and Peter looked expectantly at them. Sally said, “Please remove your panties.” Peter did as he was told. She went to a drawer and pulled out two lengths of rope. She tied his arms to the arms of the chair and then his shins to the legs of the chair so he could not move. She put an orange ball gag in his mouth, and then slowly stripped off in front of him. She was so sexy he felt his cock expanding in the cage. Simon sat on the bed, she dropped to her knees and undid his pants taking his fat cock out of his boxers. She quickly went to work on him. He was fully erect when he stepped out of his clothes and kneeled on the bed so Sally could eat his ass. She ate his ass while she stroked his cock and fingered herself. Peter was beside himself. He hated being tied up and he wanted to touch himself. He watched as Simon and Sally changed places and now it was Simon eating her ass and fingering her pussy. Sally was squirting, cumming and screaming in ecstasy. Peter felt his balls being stretched by the cage as his cock lengthened in arousal. She was still panting when Simon stood up and lubed his cock rubbing excess lube on her ass and pressed himself inside of her. She was screaming in ecstasy as he plunged again and again into her ass. They climaxed together and immediately Peter understood why Simon was her favorite lover. After he climaxed, Sally got off the bed onto her knees and sucked his cock, cleaning him off and while she did so, she pulled hard on his nut sack to his surprise. He liked it and let her pull. He thought about how much he loved the experience of fucking Sally and Peter as she sucked on his cock. “That’s enough” he said. They lay on the bed cuddling in the aftermath while Peter watched them from his gagged, plugged, caged and bound predicament. He was happy. She was happy. Simon was happy. 

The End

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