A Chastity Story, Continued- Part 6

Sally and Peter were marveling at his new tattoo after it had peeled and healed in. She was amazed at how it held its color. The lines of the heart and the infinity symbol were dead straight and unblemished and that made the tattoo very readable. It stood out on his bare skin. Peter felt more owned than ever. He now was a marked cuck. He was permanently in chastity, and he was being sissified. Sally looked at him and said, “Peter, I think that you are about to take a deep dive into your submissive nature.” Peter looked startled. “What do you mean Mistress?” Sally looked at him for a long time before answering. They were just there in the kitchen being with each other. The only sound was the hum of the refrigerator and the kitchen clock ticking. Peter looked at Sally expectedly. He was aware of the garlic and sage aroma of the pot on the stove. He waited for Sally to speak. She looked at him. Then she spoke softly, “I have made the decision to give you a daily maintenance spanking.” Peter raised his eyebrows. “Why? Daily? Why?” Sally smiled at him and said, “There is nothing wrong. You are not being punished. This isn’t about punishing you for being bad or anything. I have been reading about this and in many cases where a sub and his Mistress implement this, they get even closer together. I think that when you have been spanked in the past, you get very clear about things. It always leaves us much closer together. So, starting today, I am going to give you a maintenance spanking, and after we are done, you will eat my pussy.” Peter gulped. She was not wrong, and it was her decision. He looked down as she spoke. “Cuck, this is for us, you will see.” Very quietly, Peter said, “Yes Mistress.” 

At 4:00 pm, Peter was standing with his hands palm side down on the table, his panties around his knees and patiently waiting for the first stroke. He dreaded the first stroke. After that it wasn’t as bad, but that first stroke always got his attention. “THWACK” he heard and felt the impact before he felt the pain. The pain got his attention though and he yelped. He was still complaining as the second and third strokes landed on his ass. Sally was watching his ass and monitoring how pink it got. She liked it when it was pink all over, so she shifted her aim from time to time. She was getting very good with the bread board. After what seemed like ages, she said, “Ok cuck, eat my pussy.” Peter dropped to his knees as she sat in the adjacent kitchen chair. He looked a bit surprised when he realized that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She spread her legs for him and pulled her knees up as he used his fingers to spread her lips to expose her clit. He lowered his face into her crotch taking her clit in his mouth. She was very aroused, and her clit was swollen as a result of her delivering the spanking, so she climaxed quickly. Peter was surprised to realize that he was leaking pre-cum out of his cage. “Perhaps she is right.” He thought. 

Sally was feeling on top of the world. She loved her husband, and she enjoyed and even loved her Bull. She loved him differently, but she loved him as her lover. Simon encouraged her dominant and submissive tendencies. She liked it when he took her and treated her like a whore. He sometimes gave her a good over the knee spanking before he fucked her, and she found that being spanked like that made her very wet. It was Simon who suggested to her to take a firmer grip on Peter. He suggested that she look into daily spankings and perhaps piss play too. Of course, Sally was intrigued by these ideas and so she jumped in with both feet. She started watching spanking porn and piss play porn and it was during one of these moments that she got the idea to use him as toilet paper. It was naughty, dirty, and she got very aroused by it. 


Chastity – Part 6 by SafferMaster

She was lying in bed one night waiting for cuck to join her when she was fantasizing about pissing in his mouth and down his throat. She was stroking her pussy as she thought about how she would proceed. She made the decision that in the morning, after she gave him his spanking, then she would piss in his mouth. Peter came to bed and said, “Shall I service you Mistress?” Sally smiled, she was very wet, and she said, “Yes cuck, eat my pussy.” He was now eating her pussy several times a day and was getting to be an expert at where different strokes of his tongue or different patterns of licking and sucking and of how much pressure to suck with to get the biggest response. He loved making her cum. He did his best work and found that she was very responsive to his efforts. Exhausted she curled up on his chest and went to sleep. Peter lay in the dark listening to her breathing, and he felt very aroused. His cage was tight and uncomfortable, and he had not had a release in weeks. He was feeling very sexually frustrated. He resolved to ask her to give him a release in the morning. She was in a good mood lately and she might agree to it. With that he pulled his now numb arm out from under Sally’s head, and he rolled over and went to sleep. 

In the morning, Sally was up first, and she took a shower washing her hair and getting herself squeaky clean. She was standing in front of the mirror with her gown on and towel wrapped around her head listening to jazz on the radio as she made up her face. A sleepy Peter wandered in and sat on the toilet. He always sat on the toilet now that he was caged. He had learned that the cage was like a watering can, and he had no control of his stream. He rubbed his eyes, and after he flushed, he pulled off his shirt and stepped into the shower. Sally finished up and went down to the kitchen. She drank the first one and then a second glass of water. She made coffee and poured herself some Kashi cereal with some fresh strawberries and some milk. She was glancing at her phone reading the morning news when Peter came in. They kissed and he made himself some breakfast and poured them both a cup of coffee. They ate in relative silence with Sally commenting here and there about a story she read. 

Sally’s bladder was full. She looked at Peter. He was unaware of what was about to occur. She got up to go to the bathroom and said to Peter, “I am going to the bathroom, come along.” He dutifully got up and followed her. He kneeled in front of her, and she didn’t sit down. Instead, she said. I want you to put your head over the toilet, looking up.” Peter hesitated. “Now.” He crawled over the toilet and rested his neck on the seat looking up at the ceiling. She kicked off her slippers and climbed on the seat putting her feet on either side of his head and then she squatted down. Her pussy was just over his mouth, and she said, “Open up and drink.” Peter did not know what to think at first. He was a bit surprised at the speed of everything happening and he had no time to prepare. Her stream started immediately. He felt the warm acidic liquid in his mouth filling up fast so he swallowed as fast as he could trying not to close his mouth. He did all he could but there was piss spilling out of his mouth and running down his neck and chest. He felt dirty and sexy at the same time. When she was done, she said, “Now clean me.” And he sat up and turned around to find her sitting on the front of the potty with her legs spread allowing him to lick her clean. He licked and licked and brought her to orgasm and then she said, “Good cuck.” She got up and went over to the sink where she washed her hands out of habit. Peter was left kneeling in the bathroom trying to process what had just occurred. His wife had pissed down his throat. He felt humiliated and degraded and very erotic. His wife had just pissed down his throat and he was happy. 

Later in the day, it was time for his daily spanking, which she was enjoying immensely, and Peter was feeling pretty subby from being fed her piss earlier in the day. He was unclear about how to process what had occurred. She pulled out the bread board, and set it on the table, which he heard from the living room where he was reading. He crawled into the kitchen to find her standing at the table waiting for him. He glanced up at the kitchen clock to see that he was on time. He stood up and pulled down his panties and leaned over the table putting his hands down to support himself. She started warming him up with a few lighter strokes then gave him 25 solid hard strokes making his ass very pink. Satisfied with her work she sat in the chair, pulled down her panties and spread her legs. He dropped to his knees to service her. 

When she was satisfied, he said, “Can we speak Mistress?” She looked at him wondering what favor he was going to request, “Yes cuck, what is it?” He cleared his throat and said in his most deferential tone, “Thank you for sharing your water with me this morning Mistress, I was not expecting that, and I think its very erotic and naughty.” Sally laughed and said, “Yes, I like it too. I liked it a lot.” They smiled at each other. “Mistress, I have a request. I am feeling very backed up. I am leaking all the time and I feel like I need a release. I am requesting that you milk me please.” Sally looked at him and thought about his request.  He was right, it had been some time since he had a proper orgasm, and she did feel a little guilty about it. In addition to being sissified and being turned into a fuck hole and cocksucker for Simon, he was now being spanked every day, he also had a tattoo and now he was drinking her piss. She felt that in truth, he deserved a reward. She smiled at him and said, “My sweet cuck, you are such a good obedient boy, I really care for your wellbeing and to honor our dynamic I will indeed milk you.” She kissed him passionately. And then said, “Go to the bedroom and kneel on the bed. I will be up soon.” 

Milking Her Cuck 

Chastity – Part 6 by SafferMaster

Peter crawled up the stairs and then to the bedroom. He took off his clothes and kneeled on the bed waiting for her to come up. Kneeling there on the bed he lost himself in a meditative state as he focused on his breathing. He was feeling very subby and the combination of the spanking and the piss play and then eating his wife’s pussy so many times today left him feeling very heady. She came into the room and took the key from her neck and unlocked his cage. He sighed with relief when it was removed. He started to get aroused immediately in response to her slight touch. His cock was almost completely erect when she said, “All fours.” He complied and got onto all fours with his feet hanging off the end of the bed. His ass was still slightly pink, and she chuckled at the sight. She had brought a cocktail glass with her, and she positioned between his legs on the bed. She figured that he would cum quickly given how long it had been. She thought about it and decided to make it memorable. She put a rubber glove on one hand and lubed up a finger. She slipped a finger into his ass and gently stroked it in and out feeling for his swollen prostate. With her other hand she stroked his now rigid cock gently coordinating both hands working together to raise his arousal level. By the sounds he was making she could tell that he was about to cum. She took her finger out of his ass and held the glass below his cock so that he would ejaculate into the glass. It took no time at all, and as soon as she made firm long strokes moving his shaft skin over the tissue below, he was groaning in ecstasy. He was definitely backed up and he had a series of prolonged ejaculations that almost filled the glass. She was a bit surprised and noted to herself that perhaps too much time had passed. When he was done, she said, “Sit up.” And he dropped to his knees and kneeled sitting erect. He was curious. She handed him the glass and said “Drink.” At first it did not register, but then he understood what the milky substance was, and he took the glass from her hand and drank his cum in one swig. “Good boy.” She said as she took the glass from him and indicated that he should lay back so she might replace his cage. She pulled the key from the lock and put it around her neck where it lay just above her cleavage and Peter looked at it lovingly. Then she held the two pieces of the cage together and slipped the lock through the two, snapping it shut. She kissed Peter passionately and told him, “I am so in love with you cuck.” 

She left the room and Peter lay back on the bed with his eyes closed. He was in love. 

Sharing Her Journey With an Old Friend 

Sally left the house to meet her friend Mary for tea. They arrived together at a local tea shop where the smells of all the teas were almost overpowering. They ordered a pot of Earl Grey and some scones. They say at a shaded outside table on a sunny day warm enough for Sally to wear a tank top. It was just cool enough in the shade that her nipples protruded provocatively. They chatted about this and that getting caught up on the time that had elapsed since they last had a chat. A moment of silence descended on the table as they sipped their hot tea. Mary spoke, breaking the silence saying, “Sally, what is that key around your neck?” 

Sally thought a long time before she answered. Mary was her oldest friend, and, in their youth, they had shared sexual exploits with each other willingly. Mary was also in an unsatisfying marriage that sounded a bit like hers and Peter’s did before he became her cuck. She took a deep breath. “Mary, what I am about to tell you is probably going to shock you. It is perhaps the most radical thing I could tell you about my life. I have known you for a long time and we have shared openly all our lives. What I am about to tell you is very personal and something I have not shared with anyone else in my circle of friends or my family. I am asking you to honor my confidence in sharing this with you by keeping it between us.” Mary was intrigued, almost to the point of wanting to know more than ever what Sally was about to say. “I promise,” she said looking intently at Sally leaning forward resting on both elbows. 

Sally started at the beginning, and she told Mary everything short of the details. Mary was speechless. Eventually, Sally came to a natural place to stop, and she asked Mary if she had any questions. Mary was sitting with her mouth agape. She seemed to be forming a thought but could not bring herself to speak. Sally said, “Mary?” 

Mary eventually said, “Wow Sally, that is amazing. I have so many questions, and I am really very excited to learn more. It’s just overwhelming. I never knew anything like that was possible.” Sally smiled. “Oh, it is. It definitely is.” Mary went on, “I’m so intrigued. My relationship with Bill is not great. This sort of thing might inspire him. Although he is not a weak man, I don’t see him being submissive.” Sally nodded as she spoke and then said, “This is an important distinction Mary, a man who is submissive sexually is not necessarily a weak man. The two do not have anything to do with each other. Peter has a lot of responsibility in his life. He chooses to submit to me as is his way of exploring a side of himself that has been dormant and unexplored for years. At the same time, I am exploring what it’s like to have power in our relationship and I am loving it. What has been amazing about it is that both he and I are more self-expressed sexually than ever before. And we love it.” Mary cocked her head to one side and sighed. “It is something I would wish for, but I don’t know how to introduce Bill to the idea.” 

Their conversation drifted to other things and then Mary said, “Sally, I would love to see Peter. It’s been years since we chatted.” Sally smiled and said, “That can be arranged. I’ll let you know when we can have you and Bill over for dinner.”  Mary thought to herself, “What is she up to?” but she said, “Ok that would be great!” 

Sally went home and found Peter preparing dinner. She went into the kitchen and took a seat at the table, she said, “I had tea with Mary today and I want to invite them over for dinner.” Peter acknowledged her by saying, “How is Mary, it’s been ages?” Sally said, “She is doing well, although her and Bill are about where we were before we started on this kinky adventure.” Peter smiled and thought, “I bet that would be a surprise.” He continued cutting the carrots. Then he said, “Did you share our life with Mary, I mean you guys go back a long way?” Sally nodded and said, “Yes, I told her everything.” The blood drained from Peter’s face. He almost cut his finger instead of the carrot. He stopped what he was doing and turned around to look at Sally who was sitting with her elbows on the kitchen table. “Mistress, was that wise?” he asked. Sally looked at him and said, “Don’t worry cuck, Mary promised she will be discreet. She is very curious and would like to learn more about the Female Led Relationship and our D/s dynamic and you being a cuck. A dinner with them will settle her mind and perhaps Bill’s as well.” “Oh, Bill will never go for this.” He scoffed. Sally thought for a minute and said, “Each to their own, right?” Peter said, “Right.” And he turned back to his carrots. After a few moments in thought he said, “I can’t believe you told Mary everything. I mean it’s our private life.” Sally said, “Well I didn’t give her details or a blow by blow, but I painted the picture for her.” Peter turned around again, this time with the knife in his hand. He said, “Does she know you piss in my mouth, that I drink your piss? Does she know you make me drink my cum, and that I suck Simon’s cock and get ass fucked by him? Does she know that you keep me locked up and that I wear ladies’ underwear and that you make me into a sissy to fuck Simon? Does she know all that?” Sally held up both hands and said, “First, calm down, and second, no she does not know all that. She knows you are cuckold. She knows I have a Bull. She knows you are caged. She knows I am working on sissifying you. That is the extent of it.” “Jesus Sally! What if I don’t want people to know these things?” Sally sighed, and then said, “Look, Mary is my oldest friend. I am completely authentic with her. I trust her not to spread rumors. Let’s have them over for dinner and you can share whatever you feel comfortable with.” Peter nodded and turned back to his vegetables. 

To be continued…


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