Chastity Story – 10 by SafferMaster

A Chastity Story Continued

Sally and Mary met for lunch. They each ordered soup and a salad and were enjoying bites during the conversation. Mary had invited Sally to meet over lunch so she could bounce some ideas off of her. Mary said, “Well, after we had dinner with you, Bill and I started researching cages, cuckolding, Hotwives and all of that. And WOW! Were our heads spinning.” Sally swallowed her mouthful and asked, “Have you made any decisions?” Mary shook her head and said, ”Well, we ordered a cage for Bill. We want to try that, and he did say I could sleep with anyone I wanted. So in that sense, I suppose we have, but the truth is, I don’t know where to start.” Sally took a long sip of her soda and said, “What? You don’t know where to start what?” Mary blushed, she said, “If I wanted to find a Bull, where do I start?” Sally chuckled and said, “Well how about I introduce you to my Bull, Simon, maybe he has some friends? While thinking about all the fellows that banged Peter the other day. Mary lit up and said, I think I’d like that!” They chatted about this and that and finished lunch with Sally saying, “I’ll call you!” 

Sally reached out to Simon and shared her lunch conversation with him. He said, “Well Sally, this is an opportunity. Let’s both fuck her.” Sally mused about this idea. She had always found Mary sexy. The first time she saw her naked was in the locker room after working out in college. She was olive skinned with big round breasts, and a tiny waist. She had never really been sexually attracted to her though, but her recent interludes with Diedre and Mistress Fiona had caused her to reconsider her position on having sex with a woman. She said, “Well since Peter is fucking or being fucked by men, I suppose I could consider it.” Simon, with a huge grin on his face said, “Great, work it out with her for Saturday.” 

Arranging a Threesome

Sally called Mary immediately. “Mary,” she said, “Come over to my place on Saturday evening. I have invited Simon to meet  you. If you play your cards right, he will fuck your brains out with his massive, and I mean massive cock.” Mary squealed, “Oh My God!” She was fanning herself thinking about her first possible Hotwife experience. She said, “OK, I am going to do this! What should I wear?” Sally said, “I’d go with sexed up!” 

On Saturday, Mary and Bill were getting ready for the evening. Bill was excited. Mary locked him in his cage. Their agreement was that he would wear a cage on the day she went out on a date. He was very excited. The cage felt foreign, and he found his mind wanting to do anything he could for Mary to have a great evening. The idea of another man fucking his wife was very arousing to him. He said, “Shall I go and buy you some sexy lingerie?” She grinned at him, and said, “Sure, why not?” She was pleasantly surprised at the impact all this was having on him. 

When he returned from the store, he handed her a wrapped present. She opened it to find beautiful white French lingerie inside. She kissed him passionately and said, “I think I am going to like this Hotwife thing.” Bill chuckled and said, “I know I am!” She went and took a shower and Bill was kneeling outside the shower door with a towel held up for her as she stepped out. “Thank you,” she said as she took the towel, noticing that he was naked except for his cock cage. She smiled as she brushed by him. She took her time getting ready. It has been a long time since she had gotten all dolled up before a date. She curled her hair and carefully applied her makeup. Then she slipped into her new lingerie and admired herself in the mirror. She nodded thinking that she looked very sexy. 

She slipped into a tight little green dress that was so dark it was almost black. She put on short black boots with a high heel and a pointy toe, and she grabbed her favorite pendant. To the chain, she added Bill’s cock cage key. She came out of the bedroom looking like a million dollars and Bill gasped in awe. He had forgotten what a babe she was. He was even more excited now and asked her to send pictures if anything happened. “Please,” he asked. She got a mischievous look on her face and said, “Let’s see if anything happens!” 

Mary Meet Her First Bull

Chastity Story – 10 by SafferMaster

When she arrived at Sally’s place, the door was answered by Peter who was casually attired in a polo shirt and jeans. “Oh, Hi Mary, looking for Sally?” Peter looked her up and down and said, “You look amazing!” Mary smiled her thanks, and nodded as Peter invited her in. Sally was in the living room and was also looking quite sexed up. She looked at Mary closely as she entered. She looked very sexy, her skin-tight dress amplified her large bosom, and those heels made her legs look long and sexy. She looked her up and down and said, “Wow Mary, you are a hot number!” Mary laughed and said, “Oh I am nothing next to you!” They both smiled in mutual admiration. “Here’s the plan, Simon will join us soon, we will have a cocktail here, Peter will serve us, then if you are ready to get fucked, and ready for your first Hotwife scene, then we will go to the bedroom together.” Mary gasped, “The three of us?” Sally nodded, “Actually the four of us, Peter will be tied up in the chair watching us. He cannot participate tonight. Mary raised her eyebrows. “Are we going to fuck Simon together, is that the plan?” Sally laughed and said, I am happy to share my Bull with you, Mary, and since you are so damn sexy, I might want a piece of you too!” Now Mary blushed and she said, “Oh, Sally, I have had a crush on you since college. I didn’t know you were bi?” Sally took Mary’s hand gently in hers and said, “It’s sort of new. Let’s see how this goes.” Peter who was listening in from the kitchen found he was aroused. His cock cage was stretching out his balls as his erection grew. The women were talking about their cucks and the lifestyle when there was a knock at the door. Sally got up to get the door and Simon grabbed her around her waist and kissed her passionately. She took him by the hand and said, I have a present for you to unwrap. She said, “Mary meet Simon, Simon, Mary.” Mary looked at Simon and saw in him a confident man who had an easy smile. She smiled back at him and said, “Hello.” She held out her hand and he took it and bent over and kissed her hand softly. “Nice to meet you, Mary.” They all three sat on the couch and Peter brought in three cocktail glasses. The shade of red in the glass was somewhere between red and purple. “What are we drinking Peter?” asked Simon, “Oh this is called a Guion – equal parts Gin and Sweet Vermouth, a teaspoon of Dom Benedictine and a splash of orange bitters. It’s delightful, “noted Peter as he handed around the glasses. They all clinked glasses and toasted getting to know each other and one by one they collectively said what an amazing drink they were tasting. “Peter you are a magician!” said Mary, as Peter came into the room. He smiled and kneeled on the floor beside Sally.   

Simon was sitting between the women. Sally more or less climbed onto him and started kissing him passionately. Mary, feeling bold, and a little curious, started rubbing and grabbing Simon’s hardening cock. She could tell that it was more meat than she was accustomed to and she got excited. Simon turned his head to Mary and she kissed him passionately too, and now it was Sally’s turn to go after his cock. She boldly unzipped his pants and started giving him a blow job. His arousal was just about complete and Mary took over from Sally, she gasped at the length and girth of Simon’s erect cock. She was licking and sucking Simon’s cock and Sally said, “Let’s go up.” She tugged at Mary who stayed put and Simon who ignored her and she put her hands on her hips in frustration. Simon stood up, told Mary to kneel on the couch, which she did, Simon lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and penetrated her and she screamed in pleasure. Sally thought this looked like a good idea, so she kneeled on the couch next to Mary. Simon, never one to miss an opportunity to fuck Sally, pulled out of Mary’s now dripping pussy and penetrated Sally while Mary kissed her on the mouth. Peter was watching this amazing lover please both women with his mouth agape. Simon was vigorously fucking Sally who was screaming with an orgasm peaking and he pulled out and told Peter to “Suck my cock, cuck.” Peter crawled over to Simon and started sucking his cock. He tasted Sally and Mary on the shaft and was deeply aroused with his cock swelling in it’s cage. 

The Cuck Fluffs the Bull

Chastity Story – 10 by SafferMaster

While Simon was occupied, Sally turned on Mary and peeled her out of her dress then Mary peeled Sally out of hers and both undid each other’s bra straps. Sally looked at Mary’s large breasts. Her large dark, erect nipples and large brown areola drew her attention. She reached for her breast and lowered her mouth to it. She suckled on her breast while fingering her pussy. Mary held her head in her hands and watched Simon get his huge rigid cock sucked by Peter. She was feeling very aroused and erotic. “Sally, lie down,” she said, and she positioned herself sitting on Sally’s face while she lowered her own face to Sally’s crotch. She spread Sally’s lips and exposed her erect clit and went to work. 

Simon looked over and watched these two beautiful women in a classic 69 as he enjoyed making Peter gag on his cock. Feeling close to cumming, he pulled out of Peter’s throat and climbed up on the couch behind Mary. He entered Mary’s pussy as she was being eaten by Sally. Every so often, he pulled out and plunged his cock down Sally’s throat. Peter marveled at his ability to please his wife who was clearly enjoying the experience. 

He was having trouble staying on the couch and eventually he pulled off the couch and said to the ladies, “let’s go upstairs.” 

They all trooped up the stairs into the bedroom, and Peter took his position on the chair in the corner. Sally came over and kissed him passionately and undid his cock cake with her key. “You may touch yourself Peter, but you are not allowed to cum, do you understand?” Peter smiled at her and said, “Yes Mistress.” 

While Sally was attending to Peter, Simon was eating Mary’s pussy. He slipped a finger into her wet pussy as he sucked on her clit. She was cumming hard and Sally went over to her and sucked on her nipples between kissing her passionately. Sally wanted to cum, so she sat on Mary’s face and looked at both Simon eating Mary’s pussy and Peter in the chair gently stroking his hard cock. 

Simon stood up and Mary sat up and got on the floor kneeling in front of Simon to take his huge cock into her mouth. He was so big that her lips felt like they were tearing, and he was long enough to completely suffocate her. She was turning a bit blue when she pulled off. Meanwhile, Sally had crawled around behind Simon and was playing with his balls as Mary sucked his cock. “Put your leg on the bed Simon,” said Sally. He did so and while Mary was sucking his cock, Sally licked his asshole and Peter almost shot his load. Simon was getting close to cumming, and he said to Sally and to Mary to stop. 

“Since this is Mary’s first time Sally, I think we need to send her home with a cream pie. What do you think?” Sally laughed and said, “I agree!” Mary grinned at them both, lay back and spread her legs. “Fuck me, Simon!” she whispered. Simon mounted her and Sally lubed up her finger and slipped it into Simon’s ass as he fucked her. She massaged his prostate and before long Simon began to cum. He came hard and long and filled Mary with his load. He pulled out of her, and Mary took him in her mouth to clean him off. While he was still hard, she said to Peter, who was still softly stroking his cock to come over to compare. 

Penis Envy

Feeling humiliated, Peter crawled over to Mary and Simon, and she held each cock, one in each hand, and the difference was stark. “Quick Mary, grab my phone there and take a picture. She did as she was asked and then she asked Sally to take a picture of her with Simon’s giant cock in her mouth, and she did. 

They all trooped downstairs and got dressed. Mary was feeling Simon’s cum running down her leg and she quickly put on her panties and pulled her dress over her head. She said to Mary, “Send me those pics please.” And she kissed Simon and Sally goodbye and ran out the door barefoot with her bra in one hand and her boots in the other. 

She got in her car and sent the pics from her phone that Sally had sent to her, to Bill with a note that she was “coming home with a present”.  

Bill had been pacing the floor at home. He was wondering what Mary was up to. His cock was itchy in his cage, and he was beside himself to have some knowledge of her activities. It had been several hours, and he was almost panicking. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he grabbed at it and was almost hyperventilating when he took it out of his pocket to see that it was a message from Mary. He clicked on the message, and he saw first the picture of Simon’s cock next to Peter’s. He gasped. “That is a massive cock!” he thought, and then he scrolled to the next picture and gasped when he saw that cock down Mary’s throat. He was erect and excited, and his cage was stretching his balls. He finally sat down in the living room and waited, knowing that Mary was on her way home. “What present does she have?” He wondered. 

Getting Cleaned Up

He heard the car pull up, and the door close. He listened carefully to hear Mary’s footsteps, and he frowned when he heard nothing. Suddenly the front door opened and closed, and Mary blew in. “Come on,” she said as she ran up the stairs to the bedroom. She let Bill undress her and he was surprised to see that she was not wearing a bra. He was rock hard, as much as his cage would allow. She lay on the bed and let him take off her panties. He noticed they were wet. She spread her legs and said, “Simon left you a present!” He spread her lips and did his best to lap up the cum in her pussy. He was in heaven. His wife was hot and satisfied and filled with cum and he was caged and eating her cream pie. He had never been so happy. 

At the other house, Peter was dutifully cleaning up after Simon left and Sally was enjoying a glass of wine and watching her favorite show on TV. The Great British Baking Show. She was a solid baker and she fancied herself able to contend. So she watched it keenly and was heard making comments at the characters as Peter went about cleaning up. 

“Cuck!” Sally called, “Come get your cage.” Peter came in. He had not ejaculated and was feeling frustrated. He said as he entered the room. “Would you like to milk me Mistress?” Sally was not feeling it and she shook her head. “No, cuck, but tell you what, you can jerk off on my feet and then clean up your mess.” Peter smiled. He loved Sally’s feet. She put both feet on the ground, set them close together. Her crimson toenails with sparkles glinted in the light of the TV. She continued watching her show and Peter dropped his pants and kneeled at her feet. He stroked his cock looking at her feet and was able to get quickly erect. She looked down at him and took both her feet and stroked his cock and squeezed his balls with her toes. He was about to cum, so she put her feet on the floor and Peter vigorously stoked himself to completion. He was quite backed up and so he showered her feet in cum. He got down on all fours and licked and sucked her clean. Sally enjoyed watching him and loved him even more. He finally stood up and Sally attached and locked his cage. She said, “Kiss me.” And Peter, now safely locked away, kissed his wife passionately. He had never been more in love in his life. 

Sunday morning, Sally said to Peter, “OK cuck, we are going to see Mistress Fiona again today.” Peter nodded, “Thank you Mistress,” he said. 

Back to the Dungeon

When they arrived at the dungeon, Mistress Fiona was attired in her latex suit as before. Peter greeted her, “Good morning, Mistress,” nodding at her. She smiled and said, “Good morning cuck.” She took Sally’s hand and said, “Good morning, Mistress Sally”. “Hello Mistress Fiona,” She motioned to a seat in the front room and said, “Let’s talk here.” Sally sat and Peter was about to when Fiona pointed at the floor. He kneeled down as Fiona took a seat. 

“Right, tell me about how the spanking experience has changed as a result of our last visit?” Peter looked at Sally who said, “Oh I feel a lot more confident, and I think that we are seeing Peter take more strokes, for harder and longer.” Peter nodded and when Fiona looked at him expectedly, he said, “I think I feel that as I get warmed up, the impact occurs to me differently, and I can absorb more.” Fiona said, “Yes, that’s correct. A lot of blood comes to the area and makes it a lot more resilient, and as a result, the impact occurs more as an energy transfer. It’s why we call impact play ‘energy play’. Ok good, so today we are going to begin to talk about bondage.” 

“Bondage is part of BDSM because all of kink is a power exchange. Bondage is one way of taking someone’s power. You restrict them. This can occur with any number of tools. You can use cuffs with D-rings to make it easier to restrict the limbs. We see use of rope, or ribbons, straps or chains as well. There are also rigid devices like cages. Sometimes, the bondage can be severe, this means that you might be locked in bondage with a lock that requires a key or a combination, like your cock cage, cuck. At other times, the bondage is more aesthetic like in the Japanese style, Shibari. So, there are lots of different ways to proceed with bondage. The point is to restrain the submissive, which leaves them vulnerable to the things you choose to do to them. We are not talking about lifestyle bondage, but only bondage for play scenes. So, the main thing, Sally, is that you create a way of utilizing bondage to enhance your scene.” Sally nodded and said, I have used rope to tie Peter to a chair in the past.” Peter nodded. Fiona said, “Well that is a good example of using bondage in simple ways to make your scene more fun. What I am going to teach you today are a few simple ties with rope that will make your experience of bondage go smoothly when you utilize it. For example, last time you were here, I used simple rope ties to tie Peter to the St. Andrews Cross so we could use the floggers and paddles. That is the sort of thing I am talking about.” Sally nodded and said, “Ok good.” 

She stood up and gestured toward the door. She unlocked and entered, with Sally and Peter following behind her into the dark dungeon. 

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