My father passed away last year and I see him in my dreams.

Good morning guys. It’s 5:45am on the 1st of February 2021 and I’m feeling confusingly awesome because I saw my deceased father in a dream. ❤️ I know, it sounds crazy right.

My father passed away last year from side heart failure and pneumonia. I was thirty-something years old when he passed away and he was 71 years old. I was devastated and I struggled to deal with the loss of my father. Furthermore, I was not able to see him in his final hours because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, I found comfort when I started seeing my father in my dreams.

I often ask myself why can’t I remember my dreams when I wake up? As of recently I have been seeing my father come back to life in my dreams. Weird, Huh?

I wondered, am I dreaming about my father because I want him back in my life so bad? Honestly, I don’t know!

Different Dreams

The first dream I had about my father was on the night before his funeral. He looked unwell and he wanted to go for a walk. I remember saying “Dad, you don’t look well and the weather outside is terrible.” I offered to go with him but he insisted I stay at home.

I had my second dream about my father a few days after his funeral. However, this time around he looked healthy and happy. Additionally, it was a bright sunny day. Even though I didn’t see the sun in the sky. I could feel the sunshine coming through my parents windows.

I had one dream where he was complaining about his health. He explained he felt restricted to do what he wanted because he was struggling to breathe. A part from this one dream, the other dreams I had about my father have no conversation. However, I recall conversing with my father in another dream. Please do not ask me what we spoke about because I have no friggin’ idea!

Cinema with Dad

Okay. Now I am going to talk about today’s dream.

So I had a dream that my wife and I went to the cinema. My brother-in-law met us there. We were sitting down waiting for the movie to start. My wife keeps needing to get up to go to the toilet. I looked towards her seat and sitting next to me was my dad. In total disbelief I got my brother-in-law’s attention. “Bro, what do you see?” He replied “Fuck! That’s your dad man!”

My dad had a smile on his face and he was wearing a polo shirt. He looked well. I hugged him tightly and I cried tears of joy. However, he disappeared after a few seconds. I woke up confused. I said to myself I am so grateful for this experience. I have no idea what this dream means. However, it brought joy to my heart.

I was wondering if my father is trying to tell me something! Or is he just paying me a visit? Is he alive in another realm? Or is it all in my imagination? What does it mean to dream about my deceased father? I guess there are many angles I can view this. Hmm.. how should I interpret my dreams!
I guess I need further explanation from a dream Interpreter/Oneirocriticism.

In summation

Have you ever had a dream about a dead person you loved? What did you experience in your dream? I would like to hear about your dream experience. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site.

Much Love

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