Dia Dynasty interview – Shamanatrix, Wholistic Femdom, & Femdom Farm

Hello again, Beloved Spiritual Kinksters! 

So, what does it mean to be a Shamanatrix? What is Wholistic Femdom & the Femdom Farm? Are you ready to learn more? Please allow me to introduce you to Shamanatrix – Dia Dynasty! 

Introducing Shamanatrix – Dia Dynasty!

Hello dear reader,

My name is Dia Dynasty. Embodied, I am a Chinese-American woman. My spirit came to Earth during the year of the Dragon, on a bright winter morning in December. I am a brazen optimist with advanced skills in heart connections, manifestation and facilitation, and holding space. A Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon, Aquarius Rising. 

I started my Pro Domme journey in 2008 after answering an ad on Craigslist for a NYC Chinatown dungeon. Within its three various themed rooms, I would learn about so many peoples kinks, serve their fetishes, and cultivate a profound and evolving perversion of everything that reveals to be pervertable.

After seven sordidly ridiculous and mind-blowing years, the dungeon set me free and I was finally independent. Shortly thereafter, My dungeon mate and Domme sister Lucy Sweetkill and I brought intentional dialog about kink and sex work out of the shadows and into the home with weekly live broadcasts from La Maison du Rouge.

La Maison du Rouge represented an intersection of bdsm, sex work, wellness and social justice, as well as building community around its Manhattan studio. Since that project ended in 2021, I became a founding visionary of Temple New York, a consent-driven space hosting embodied and ethical explorations of transcendence. I have held events from facilitating discussions around consent to group-topping experiences for a singular birthday friend at this space. It is also my current default kink play space. 

1. What does it mean to be a Shamanatrix?

In my humble opinion, A Shamanatrix is a dominatrix, a femme who plays with power, who utilizes the energetic qualities of the Natural World (plants, animals, cosmos) and metaphysical arts (energy work, breath work, deities and archetypes) as tools in their craft of Domination. 

Crafting with intention (herbalism, divination – tarot, , hypnosis/ the spoken word/ spell casting, kitchen witchery, alchemy ,elements (water, air, fire, earth), astrology – natal charts, current cosmic alignments, are all forms of how to bring Spirit into play. And by play, I mean also making it fun and absurd at times.

My lifelong fascination with Magick and all its different forms inspired a friend to introduce me to this term, Shamanatrix. It really resonated. From then forward, I aimed to bring the intentions and services of a shaman/witch doctor’s healing abilities into ritualized BDSM.  

2. How does one go about becoming a Shamanatrix? Do you need to be qualified? 

There are no absolutes in one’s pathway to Shamanatrix. Anyone can claim it for themselves. It begins with an intention to engage with the spirit realm to help others find answers and/or healing.

I engage with the unseen forces to aid healing through energetic means. I hold space for darkness and celestial rebirths. I utilize the power of an ordeal to aid in transformation of the self. I hold space for another in discomfort and vulnerability. I utilize the body as a conduit to a higher realm, to see the slow unfolding of transformation.

Many of us use similar tools such as rope, impact toys such as floggers and whips, and sensory modifiers. Many of us also use various healing modalities blended with traditional BDSM techniques. 

3. What exactly does it mean to be a practitioner of Wholistic Femdom?

I believe Femdom is much more than a kinky heterosexual male’s masturbation fantasy, but a way into a more meaningful, full-spectrum existence for all humans. To break it down, Femdom, or Female Domination would inherently function differently than Male Domination in the sense of the word Domination as by definition.

It is by default a male energy to dominate, while it is a female energy to cooperate (I use these binaries to refer to energy, not gender). With respect to the ideologies of Patriarchy and Matriarchy, Matriarchy focuses on very different values (needs-based vs power-based) and functions in a more egalitarian vs hierarchal.

So in line with these ideas Wholistic Femdom is essentially a slice of Matriarchy at the level of individual relationship dynamics. 

4. How does one become their most authentic self through wholistic femdom?

Allowing Femdom to affect the whole self – not just sexually, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically, etc through Self reflection, self evaluation, self expression. Journaling is a practice that is enforced. Specific books are sometimes prescribed in redress of some noticeable selfish/self-serving behaviors.

Many of us have been deeply socially conditioned and programmed to follow and support in systems of oppression – patriarchy, colonization, capitalism, white supremacy – and we operate on these programs fed to us by media, grade school indoctrination, religion, and any entity large enough to have a hold on our sense of freedom.

Because of the way these consciousnesses live in our bodies and influence our fears and desires, we abide by them unconsciously.

What if we became aware of how these systems of oppression limited us? What if our awareness brought us to new spaces of liberation?

5. Can you talk to us about your view on healing through BDSM and spiritual expression? Are the two connected?

As the body is the doorway to the spirit, BDSM is a way of playing with the body (and mind and spirit) in intentional and safe ways – with enthralling pain, sensory modifiers, compression, restraint.. sensations felt in the body that can lead to a transcendent state. In this state, the sub/bottom is operating in an altered state, closer to the subconscious. 

Two foundational components – the feeling of safety and trust – must be present. That is why basic principles of BDSM, such as negotiation and consent as well as having a safe word, are so important to this work. 

6. What can you tell us about Femdom Farm and how did it come about?

During the early pandemic, I lived in a spacious, bright one bedroom with a glorious walk-in closet – considered a luxury in NYC. My plants were thrilled and I was too, until it started to feel like a trap during the early days of the pandemic. Loud noise is a dreaded enemy to my nervous system, and there were some very jarringly loud fireworks being set off right near my home sanctuary for a few months. This struck a deep nerve that caused suffering. “This cannot be my final home, so what will?” I asked myself. Could I create a different reality from this point on? 

It was time to manifest. I made a vision board on the wall of my Bushwick apartment. I kept a ritual candle lit for 7 days. I asked my ancestors for help. I brought my mother into the process of acquiring a forever home. The alignments were right on. 

The Femdom Farm is a place where I intend to cultivate all of my lifelong loves and treasures – Nature, Family, Spirit, , and Harmony and Unity with all. Through the ideologies of EcoFeminism and Paganism, I aim to harmonize with the Natural World and provide reprieve from the inequities and injustices that modern society often thrusts upon us as tender humans.

Most of our deeply embedded worldviews are in through the lens of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. If we can practice taking a quiet moment to be still and listen, the heart voice whispers, the winds speak, and the ground vibrates. With great reverence to the practices and wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples of the area – mainly K’anien’kehaka (Mohawk as colonizers named them) of the Haudenausanee Confederacy, I believe we can remember how to live in harmony with the Natural World because it is, after all, where we come from.

7. What is your mission statement as it stands right now?

Work smarter, not harder

Be the change you want to see in the world.

There we have it, Spiritual Kinksters! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A Gargantuan Shout-Out and Thank-You to Shamanatrix, Dia Dynasty, for sharing your wisdom and for answering my questions so comprehensively.

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