Divine Theratrix – the launch of Centaur Studios!

Podopheleus interviews Divine Theratrix – the launch of Centaur Studios

Hello there, Kinky Studio Owners!

Did you know that I went to Centaur Studios opening on the 1st February 2022, I know, right? You can learn more here.


I’ve been immersed in the kink community since 2010 and added a professional dynamic to my lifestyle in 2018 when I created the brand Divine Theratrix. I had been working as a therapist, and I wanted to create a BDSM offering that emphasised the therapeutic applications, hence ‘theratrix’ i.e. a therapist crossed with a dominatrix. 

1. Tell us about your new studio? Where is it located?

Centaur Studios Hackney is located on the Hackney Road in Hoxton and opened on 1st February 2022 after 5 months of renovations. 

2. How did you come up with the name Centaur Studios? 

Divine Theratrix Interview

I originally started looking at potential premises in January 2020 (before the COVID pandemic put things on hold) and the first one that I viewed and was very keen on was an arch in Lambeth, on a street called Centaur Street. I’ve always loved mythology and so immediately latched onto the Centaur reference.

If you don’t already know, Centaurs are mythological creatures with the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human. Centaurs are thus a symbol for the hybrid position of human beings between the animal impulse and reason, which ties in perfectly with how I see BDSM as a vehicle for transforming what is subconscious and impulsive into understanding and consciousness.

So even though the premises on Centaur Street were not to be, the memory of their inspiration lives on in the name of the eventual premises that did become Centaur Studios.

3. How does your studio differ from others? 

Most spaces that I have seen tend to be in one room/area and display one aesthetic, whereas what I wanted to do was create something multi-faceted. Because I have personal and professional links to a variety of communities, I wanted to be able to host all of those communities.

It was important to me that people would not walk into the space and immediately pigeon-hole it as one thing or another; I wanted each person to be able to find a piece of themselves in the space and to respond to the implied invitation to experience different aspects of themselves.

4. Where did you draw your inspiration from when designing Centaur Studios? What can clients expect? 

Selfishly, my main inspiration came from the BDSM ritual sessions that were part of my craft as Divine Theratrix. I created my ideal session space, as a series of themed worlds that I could move clients through as part of their journey with me. Altruistically, I also put a lot of thought into what would make the space useful for other professionals to use, so I set up one room to be hired out to therapists for massage, tantra, and other bodywork.

Finally, I drew upon personal experiences of community spaces from my point of view as a neurodivergent person; I have often found that there was not enough variety in textures, colours, and atmospheres for me to effectively manage my energy levels during events.  

5. Is Centaur Studios a dungeon? A playspace? How would you describe it?

I like to joke that I have made a youth club for adults, or an adult playground. But ultimately, it’s a community space. It is a place where people from communities that need safer spaces to work and gather can benefit from. It’s a home from home. Somewhere that people will come back to again and again.

So many kink events end up moving around or losing venues, that I thought wouldn’t it be great to set up a venue with some degree of permanency; I have a 5-year lease so that gives plenty of time to generate that homely community feel that I think so many of us are searching for. 

6. When will you be taking session bookings for centaur studios? 

We have been taking bookings since February 2022 and our weekends tend to get booked up the quickest for private parties. The therapy room is used a lot during weekday afternoons, and we are starting to get more content shoots booking in now. I am pleased to say that I have personally carried out some very enjoyable sessions at Centaur Studios and look forward to developing my work there, as I am going to be reframing some of my offerings.

7. What are the rules of Centaur Studios?

One of the most important rules, is no shoes on the grass! A popular feature of the venue is the artificial grass that covers the floor in the Woodland Room and in the hallway outside; people crawl around on that grass on their hands and knees, and people also sit around on it during gatherings, so I don’t want grime from the London streets being tracked on it as it won’t be possible to keep it sanitised.

Treat the space like a dojo, or a temple.

Other rules include wiping down equipment after use, and to tidy up afterwards. Common sense stuff really! Please treat the space with respect.

8. And finally, why should one visit Centaur Studios?

To receive the gift of experimentation! Come and check it out. Immerse yourself in the different atmospheres. Give yourself permission to let your curiosity and playfulness take you in directions that you might not usually explore. 

There we have it, Kinky Studio Owners!

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A huge Shout-Out to the BDSM educator – Divine Theratrix ! I thank you hugely for taking time from your busy schedule to answer my questions.

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