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Domina Events Near Me – In today’s article, MadKing, who is a submissive man, funnily enough, is someone I met when I worked at one of the Domina Parties. He is also a member of the private Submissive Men’s Support Group on Twitter, as well as a valuable contributor to the group. Anyhow, that’s a small introduction about MadKing. Lastly, this is not MadKings first article for my site; he previously wrote about his first experience at a Beautifully Destroyed Party. Are you interested to see what he has been up to since then? Well, let’s find out, aye?

Beautifully destroyed 

What is Beautifully Destroyed?

Beautifully Destroyed is a play party that can take place in both London and Birmingham. It’s the first play party I went to and I have so many wonderful memories of all the times I’ve been. 

My first time when searching for Domina Events Near Me

The first time I was extremely nervous. Even speaking to the people there was daunting at first. But once things get set in motion it’s one hell of a time. It is a great place to try something new, whether you’re mostly new to kink in general or looking to explore in a safe and fun environment. Even if you’re not new, everyone has a different style and it can be a great time trying something familiar in a different way. 

Are the Beautifully Destroyed parties different depending on the area where they’re happening?

No matter which Beautifully Destroyed you attend, all the dommes are welcoming and friendly (as well as your fellow subs) and while I’m sure everyone that has attended has specific dommes they prefer (we all have favourite styles and preferences) I’d be very happy to play with any of them. 

How many Beautifully Destroyed parties have I attended?

I think I’ve been to either three or four of these currently, Domina Events Near Me and every time they’re advertised, it’s tempting to go back again. Every time has been a blast. The system that Goddess Cleo (absolutely delightful and great with new people) has devised means you’ll have an amazing time doing things you love and/or trying new things. This party strives on variety and honesty. It’s just fun meeting new people, both subs and dommes. 

Fond memories of attending Domina Events Near Me

Domina Events Near Me. I have very fond memories of these. However, the first one In Particular was the most eventful. I was fairly new to kink (I had only played less than 10 times, I think!) And meeting new people is fairly anxiety inducing, especially people that are highly regarded in what they do. The call to confirm I was there was nerve-wracking enough, and they knew that instantly by the tone of my voice.

I was clearly the youngest one there. After some introductions from subs and dommes it was time to put Goddess Cleo’s system in place. It worked really well. I got to try new things, watch subs and dommes really enjoy themselves. Everyone is lovely and it’s very easy to settle in after some play. Also probably the worst marks I’d received at the time, hurt like fuck but was very grateful for them.

The one thing that caught my eye was CBT being done by Goddess Cleo. So towards the end I sheepishly asked if I could have a go. ONE OF THE BEST KINK DECISIONS I’D MADE! 

Goddess Cleo’s Subspace Experience

I’m not going to give away what she does specifically, but it is part of her Subspace experience she offers. While it didn’t last very long It absolutely sent me… It was my first time in subspace and I’ve later learnt that the subspace experience goes much deeper. I was in amazing care both through the experience and while I was coming down and trying to find the mental capacity to walk (I can only describe it as a high. No thoughts only bliss) I have also been told I’m now a story. I’m the newer guy who was shaking on the floor in ecstacy at the party. 

I’ve gone to a few parties since then and they’re always a lot of fun. Meeting new dommes and subs but that time specifically was magical. 

Strap-On Party

What is a Strap-on Party? 

This is another Domina Events Near Me that focuses on strap-on. The important thing is to absolutely clean yourself beforehand. This has happened in both London and Birmingham. All with many wonderful dommes, all and all with different ways to peg someone. For something as straightforward as strap-on, it sounds like every domme you end up being with has a different way to do it. 

First time being pegged at a Domina Events Near Me

My first time I was pretty new to pegging. Having only tired it once. And the dommes are very eager to make sure you have a fantastic time whether this is your 1st pegging (some butt play experience, I would recommend beforehand though) or your 100th. 

What’s the vibe like? 

It’s a really relaxing environment, everyone is lovely and while there is down time in between butt fuckings; you’ll need it. It can get exhausting, the arse is a muscle and it will get a work out. But even then, watching the Dommes in action is a sight to behold. Overall an amazing party with amazing people. If you like to be pegged I couldn’t recommend it more. If you’d like to be pegged by absolute experts there’s no better place. 

Fond memories that stick out

While having such fond times at the parties there are a few moments that stick out to me. The first one being christened as Ed. I’m pretty sure it was Foxtress that said “hey it’s Ed Sheeran” and being teased about it by Her and Anastaxia. I struggled to look them in the eye after that. I was very embarrassed but have since learned to embrace it. (it’s not like I get much choice in it anyway 😆) and although still easily flustered by them, I can talk to them. So I’m now Ed. 

First time experiencing Assgasms and pegging at a Domina Events Near Me

First time Assgasms and pegging induced subspace was an experience I had at a Domina Events Near Me What a combination. Very much needed a break and a lay down after that. Assgasms are really strong sensations, on top of the high from subspace. Incredible. That’s how I learnt I was a story from the Beautifully destroyed. Very well looked after. The body is capable of so many amazing sensations and just takes a skilled person to press all the buttons and activate it. 

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