Double Domme – Mistress Kaz B & Miss Poison Candi

Double Domme session with Mistress Kaz B and Miss Poison Candi – by JB

Hello, Double Domme Lovers! 

At the end of my last review, I mentioned that if you want to take on the challenge of serving more than one Mistress at time, Kaz has many friends who love to join in her special games.

I have over my time of serving Mistress Kaz B had the opportunity to experience a number of “Double Dom” sessions and on one occasion even had the opportunity to work with my special Mistress and a female submissive, all things are possible in our kink filled world if you approach the subject politely with someone whom you have served loyally.

Comedy role play idea

Returning to the subject at heart I was messaging Kaz one evening and we talked about a particular comedy role play idea and I suggested that we could invite Miss Poison Candi as well, a week or so later I got a message that these two special ladies were in touch with each other and that a certain date would work for all parties.

Double Domme session with Mistress Kaz B and Poison Candi

The day duly arrived and we all met at the agreed location and I was taken on yet another memorable journey.

Miss Poison Candi had laid out a variety of toys and implements before we arrived, these were soon joined by a favoured selection of toys from Mistress Kaz’s armoury of devilish delights and before you could say, wow, JB was lying helpless on the bed awaiting his fate.

Flogging with Mistress Kaz B and Poison Candi

The good ladies started with a gentle and then not so gentle flogging taking it in turns to see which sensitive parts could be reached whilst the other ensured that I had no idea when and where the next strike would occur, the chosen method will be obvious to anyone who has read any of my other recent articles here.

Estim boxes

The warm up was over and it was time for the estim boxes to come out, the loops were soon attached to the cock and balls and the “depth charge” inserted where the sun doesn’t shine. I was now totally under the control of these twins as they ramped up each box in turn and took great delight in my squeals, struggles and writhing.

The perfect Double Domme

They interacted as though they had known each other for years, each in turn instinctively knowing which dial to turn, which button to press and even when to let poor JB have a breath or two.

And finally

Double Domme Posion Candi Kaz B

Our time together would soon end but not before JB had been rewarded for his efforts in submitting to and amusing these two special people.

If you want to know more, can I suggest that you follow @poison_candi on Twitter and

 I suggest that you follow Kaz B on Twitter and keep an eye on and if you want to see the lady in action then

Additionally, respectfully approach either Mistress and you too might find yourself recalling memories of a very special day.

Thank you,

JB – @JCFW40

There we have it, Kinksters! 

A massive Shout-Out to JB for sharing more breathtaking experiences with the amazingly beautiful Goddesses Miss Poison Candi and Mistress Kaz B! 

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Podopheleus 🖤

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