What is Equanimity?

So, with everything going on in the world right now I had this urge to write a song about having a balanced mind during chaos. The song is called Equanimity and it’s set in a dystopian future. 

See, last year my father passed away from pneumonia/side heart failure. A week later my wife’s grandfather passed away from old age. My mother and I tested positive for coronavirus. The most devastating news last year was hearing about my friends 13-year daughter has passed away, the cause is still unclear. This is just my story, but the whole world is going through crap. Mental health is a real issue, and we all have to find our way to achieve Equanimity/balance during chaos. And this is my take on it. 

The question is are we able to cultivate Equanimity in the midst of madness?!

Remember, this story is purely fictional. Alrighty, let’s do this!

Equanimityby Podopheleus

(Verse 1)

Had to get out on the road again follow my path 

Not leaving the house though without my gas mask 

Because of this deadly virus 

I had to disinfect every item 

The anger, the suffering is brief madness 

We are paying more now in taxes 

People are killing each other over the vaccine 

People are impulsively getting angry 

Some of the rules are superfluous 

Eugh! The decision making is ridiculous 

There’s a black market for hand sanitizers 

Paying over the odds to the toughest misers 

People are frustrated, angry and distraught 

Calm your mind turn your focus inward 

Shit happens! And we get thrown outta balance 

Back to equanimity. The challenge!

(Verse 2)

Yo! Listen up people! What we have gone through is fucked

And the people who caused this are onto us

Moment of silence

To those who lost their loved ones to the virus

We no longer know what living an ordinary life is 

I don’t do fakeness (heh) I’m being real upfront! No boob job!

Oh gosh! Let’s uncover the naked truth like nude swaps 

Once we discover the truth we don’t shout from the rooftops 

Ugh! Shit is getting outta hand. It’s even worse than you think 

Introducing new curfews. Were banned from listening to music 

The cunts had us working like slaves and it’s SO friggin’ humid 

We are up to our necks in terrorism threats 

Hospitals are friggin’ prisons. Daily escape attempts

If you break the rules (Yikes) a punishment is in effect

Shit happens! And we get thrown outta balance

Back to equanimity. The challenge!

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Much Love


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