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Podopheleus interviews Miss Jugg – Erotica & Comics Artist

Hello, Erotica comic lovers! Recently, I came across Miss Jugg’s Twitter account. I was immediately blown away by Her art style. When I first discovered Miss Jugg’s work, I thought, “Holy cock and balls, this is friggin’ amazing!” I needed to interview Miss Jugg ASAP! 

Before we get started, I asked Miss Jugg to write a little introduction.

Introducing Miss Jugg

Jugganaut (a.k.a. Mistress Gabrielle, a.k.a. Miss Jugg)

Hi! I’m Jugganaut (a.k.a. Mistress Gabrielle, a.k.a. Miss Jugg) and I create Lewd (Hentai / Erotica) Paintings & Comics. My body of work is quite diverse, I dabble in a number of different fetishes, from Futanari to “Big Muscle ” to Feminisation.

I’ve been a full-time erotica artist for about 4 years and in that time I’ve created a number of different Comics, Pin-Ups and Multi-Character Illustrations that can be found around the web. I’ve been creating art for over a decade, I have 3 different Bachelor’s Degrees in Animation, Graphic Design & Concept Art respectively. I love my job and I wake up excited to work every single day, most days it doesn’t even feel like work.

1. Tell us about your erotica comics? What are the central themes?

My comics are very personal to me, I have this thing where I inject bits and pieces of my own likeness into my work. They’re personal because if you look close enough, you will see my physical characteristics and likeness across a number of different characters.

I like injecting real-life situations into my Comics, even though some of them may be fantastical in nature. The central theme that runs throughout all of my works is “Transformation”. Whether it’s from man to woman – woman to trans woman (futanari) or man to trans woman, I love all types of transformations and gender play.

2. Are your characters and stories based on your experiences? Or fantasies? Or strictly about entertainment?

Erotica Comic - Miss Jugg
Student Life 1 by Miss Jugg

It varies from project to project, depending on the sponsor. Student Life 1 was sponsored by an adult erotica company called Lustomic.Com. They pretty much gave me freedom to go as crazy as I wanted to, they did not constrict me, they didn’t even provide me with general guidelines for what they were looking for. All they wanted was a mtf (male to female) transformation story. That said, I searched deep into my own personal life and extracted different personal events. I used those events, gave them color for dramatic effect and included them in the comic. Student Life 1 was based on real events.

For my other works, Futanarification and Brewed Awakening, I was given strict guidelines by their respective independent sponsors and I executed on them. Both of those projects are entirely based on fantastical themes.

I’m currently working on a Comic called Jugg x Gaby which is being sponsored by my own Patreon. The different outcomes for each individual page are put on a Poll and voted on by my Patrons. That is a very fun project for me because I leave the outcome to a majority vote and I am the main character that is undergoing the transformation. I would say that Jugg x Gaby is an entertainment / interactive project. 

3. For the uninitiated, what exactly is FUTANARI? TRICOPHILIA? 

Futanari is a Japanese term for hermaphroditism. However, since I’ve been a part of the Hentai / erotic art community, I’ve found that it is also used by westeners to describe trans women within the Erotic Art world. In my world “Futanari ” refers to either a female with both genitals and / or a female with a penis.

Tricophilia is a personal fetish of mine, it is extremely niche, but it’s very near and dear to my heart. Tricophiles are people that get-off sexually on HAIR. whether it’s gorgeous, glammed up -”Big Hair ” or certain hairstyles such as Pigtails / ponytails etc. Tricophilia is “Hair Fetish” for a lack of a better term. I am OBSESSED with it -to the point that I’ve practised hair-rendering / drawing / painting more than any other aspect of digital art. I love playing with different textures and I love VOLUME -Big, thick hair volume to me represents SEXYNESS; whether on a man or woman.

4. Can you tell Podopheleus readers a bit about celebrity fake? How did you come up with the concept for celebrity fake? 

Cardi B image by Miss Jugg

Celebrity Fake is not something that I came up with, it’s something that has existed on the internet (seemingly forever). Photo-manipulators will take the body of a pornstar and stick the face of a celebrity on it -that is “Celebrity Fake”. These days there is a very controversial practice known as “Deep Celebrity Fake” which is where a programmer / digital videographer will take a clip of a pornstar having sex and they’ll super-impose a celebrities face over theirs.

I only deal with still images, so my Celebrity Fakes are paintings of celebrities in sexual / graphic manners. I’ve done a number of celebs in the past, from Nicki Minaj to Ariana Grande to Cardi B -they’re actually really popular amongst the community because they present a “what if ” scenario and that can be a lot of fun.

5. Were you ever nervous about putting out content that is rebelling against social norms?

HA HA! That is the “big question”… I am not nervous about it, I never really was, but that’s because I’ve been drawing nudes since I was 13. It’s something that I’ve done for a very very long time. At 31 I’ve grown to love the community and the space, I feel that sex is something perfectly normal.

Horror, fantasy and sci-fi have existed forever; so why not mix those genres with erotica? I’m a horror junky at heart and I actually love to include bits and pieces of “grotesque” into my art. To me it’s like eating spicy food -it burns you, it’s hot, but you’ll keep on eating it because it’s delicious. My work is like that -you will be shocked by it, it might blow your mind a little, but you will eventually get turned on by it if you stick with it for long enough.

6. Do you think your erotica comics, art and stories can help reduce stigma and discrimination against trans women? 

Miss Jugg

This is an interesting question because I don’t really have the answer to that. I wouldn’t say that my work is derogatory towards trans women, but it does sexualize them quite a bit. I am a trans woman myself and I like to keep my personal life separate from my work.

I don’t really think that my work will reduce stigma or discrimation towards us, because ultimately that isn’t really up to me. I think religion and political affiliations play a big part in that. It’s a much bigger issue in my opinion… I’m just trying to have fun and all I’m doing is providing escapism, much like Robert Rodrigues or Quinten Tarrantino do with their films. 

7. Of all the comics you’ve illustrated and written, which do you like the best? Why did you choose this comic over the others?

That’s another tough question because I can spend years on Comic book projects and I see them like my babies. Each one represents something different to me, even though they all dabble in similar subject matter. I do like Student Life 1, and to this day that is the most controversial project that I’ve ever worked on. It’s a relatively older project and it gets brought up by my fans to this day. I like it because it was my 1st erotic comic and because the story is very personal to me, a lot of it really happened to me. 

8. And finally, could you tell Podopheleus readers about what you’re working on right now?

Erotica Comic ‘Jugg x Gaby’ by Miss Jugg

Right now I’m working on Jugg x Gaby, like I mentioned before -the interactive comic. I’m working on a number of different celebrity fake Pin-Up packs and I’m planning on getting into the NFT space -possibly selling my work there as well. 

There we have it, erotica comic lovers!

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog on erotica comics, art, story telling and more. A massive Shout-Out to the incredibly talented – Miss Jugg! Thank-You for answering my questions so comprehensively.

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