5 best roleplay ideas for FaceFucking SkullFucking sessions

So I recently wrote a blog ‘How do I improve my Gag-reflex??’ for those of you interested in being FaceFucked/SkullFucked.

Now I will treat you to 5 x awesome sexual roleplay ideas for FaceFucking/SkullFucking sessions. Yup. I’m going to spoil you with my kinkness. Okay. Let’s get started! 

What’s in a name?

I’ve gone with FaceFucking and SkullFucking, but it doesn’t have to be one word, you can do Face Fucking and Skull Fucking too. Glad we got that out of then way. 

sexual roleplay ideas for FaceFucking SkullFucking sessions

1. SkullFucking competition

You’re my coach and you’ve just told me that I’ll be entering a SkullFucking competition and losing is not an option! However, am I ready for the stage? To prepare for my first contest, your going to bust my butt to get results. We are going to play a game called “Slide a new one in” you will start me off with a small dildo, forcing me to swallow the whole thing and then you’ll increase the size and “Slide a new one in” for best results, you will be cruel to be kind!

Contains: Deep-throating tears! Hair-Grabbing! Head-Grappling!

2. The SkullFucking Recruitment Consultant

You’re a recruitment consultant and I’m jobless and confused about what I’m supposed to do with my life. We’d scheduled a meeting to discuss my qualifications, skills and experience. However, You’ve noticed that I have a big mouth and juicy lips for a male and I should consider putting them to good use. I am SO confused! Instead of wasting any more time trying to figure things out, you’ve advised me to take action and to see where it leads…! You’ll guide me in the right direction using a large Strap-on dildo!

Contains: Merciless Strap-on Throat-Fucking. Getting Choked!

3. Mistress – Slut for hire!

I am your protégé! You will mentor me! Once I am fully qualified you will loan me out to other Dommes. Becoming your highest earning slut!! However, you do not want to embarrass yourself by recommending a unqualified poorly trained slut! In order to become a fully-qualified slut, I will need to have raw talent in:

– Gagging.

– Taking a whole dildo down my throat whilst you’re mercilessly pumping my mouth.

– Releasing deep-throating tears.

– Releasing a sloppy, drooling mess.

– Holding my breath, whilst you’re grabbing my hair and holding my face down on your dildo.

– To be FaceFucked in different positions. 

Includes position: Positioning yourself on top of my face & FaceFucking me hard & deep.

Contains: Deep & Fast FaceFucking! Gagging Noises! Squirming! 

4. SICK of being your slave!

We are a couple and you’re always ordering me about. You’ve asked me to do something. However, I’ve reached my limit and said “Nopity, Nope, Nooo! I’m not your slave!” Angered by my response you’re going to turn me into your slave by forcibly FaceFucking me. As you push your Strap-on Dildo farther into my mouth, I will eventually start pushing my head back. However, you’ll place your hand on the back of my head holding tightly. No matter how much I’m struggling you’ll continue to thrust all the way until I squirm and my eyes are watering.

Contains: Mouth-hammering at very fast and steady pace! Being used and abused!

5. SkullFucking12 Program

I’ve just signed up to the SkullFucking12 Program. The 12-levels of SkullFucking. SkullFucking12 consists of 12-individual levels. In each level l will go a little deeper! Becomes more intense & difficult! However, bringing greater benefits as I progress through the program. To pass the program I will have to complete the course in one go. Bare in mind there will be a punishment for failing. 

Here’s a breakdown of how the levels are justified:

6inches = Level 6

8inches = Level 8

12 inches = Level 12

Contains: Choking! Gagging! Drooling! SkullFucking tears! Pleading! Sloppy FaceFucking!

Because I’m feeling generous, here’s one more for fun! 


6. Leadership by force – SkullFucking

You’re a supervillain and I am a superhero who has been lured into your torture chambers! Having said that. I refuse to bow down to your leadership! You will show me the definition of leadership by force without my consent and sympathy by forcibly thrusting your large, girthy ? down the back of my throat! You will Facefuck me whilst firmly grabbing the back of my head to make sure there is no other way out for me. 

Contains: Red-Rimmed Eyes! Face Slapping! Intense FaceThrusting! 

And those are my 5 (6) sexual roleplay ideas for FaceFucking SkullFucking sessions 

There you have it guys. Which sexual roleplay did you choose for your FaceFucking and SkullFucking session?? I would love to hear about it! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


P.S. if you’re wondering if it makes you ‘gay’ if you love being FaceFucked – then read my blog on this exact question!

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