FinDom – Interview with the Domme-Pire!

Guest Blog: Interview with the Domme-Pire! By Jassy & Miss Money Trap

Recently, I was speaking with Jassy and Miss Money Trap. Jassy came up with a pretty neat concept interview idea. The concept he had in mind is a bit like Interview with a Vampire, but it’s an interview with a domme. I thought that sounded pretty awesome! So we are kinky folks. 

Interview with the Domme-Pire!

Jassy: Tell us about yourself, where you are from etc. And when did you start doing FinDom?

Miss Money Trap: I am from Essex and started Findom in late July last year. I am bisexual. I have studied clinical hypnosis and I am currently in my 3rd year of studying Psychoanalysis.

Jassy: Was that your first foray into the scene?

Miss Money Trap: Not to the kink scene but yes to findom.

Jassy: What got you started?

Miss Money Trap: I had been doing all different jobs while studying and just finding nothing worked well. I always joked about starting an OnlyFans but I didn’t want to show my breasts so didn’t bother lol. Then I saw a video of a Mistress doing a findom session online and I thought I can do that. I started researching and made my first twitter account Mistress Money Galore.

Jassy: Who was your first send?

Miss Money Trap: Oh wow, let me think….

Jassy: And did it happen straight away?

Miss Money Trap: I don’t know if it was the very first but the first one, I can recall, had a twitter account with the username BAF, I remember he was Scottish.

Jassy: Was it a big send? A random send or after a chat?

Miss Money Trap: No, but I believe the first send was within 48-72 hours, which I believe to be lucky as I have seen new girls struggle in engagement groups.

Jassy: A lot of the girls don’t last that long from what I can see.

Miss Money Trap: It wasn’t a big send, it was £10 after a short chat and followed by more £10 sends.

Jassy: But enough to prove the concept and keep you going.

Miss Money Trap: From here the empire was born! It was £40-£60 he sent within 20 minutes so that definitely piqued my interest.

Jassy: I bet. Was it a first time for him? It is kind of unbelievable that there are real paypigs I guess.

Miss Money Trap: No, not as far as I am aware. He had an account which was at least two years old.

Jassy: Did you have to wade through lots of time wasters first?

Miss Money Trap: Yes, a huge amount but I learnt the difference between what a time waster and a real sub was.

Jassy: Did you have to put up with loads of unsolicited dick pics in your DMs?

Miss Money Trap: Not as many as I got when I was on dating sites.

(Jassy) lol

Jassy: Do you think of yourself as a sex worker?

Miss Money Trap: I know it’s classed as sex work but I can’t say I see it that way. I see myself as a dominant woman getting what she deserves.

Jassy: Has FinDom jaded your view of men though?

Miss Money Trap: I think I had a realistic view of men before and if anything, I feel I have a much greater understanding of men’s mental health and the shame men feel around their kinks.

(Jassy) I like that answer.

Jassy: So from a single sub back in July how many subs do you think you have since then? And how long do they last for?

Miss Money Trap: Fucking hundreds, they range from 2 weeks to 4 months.

(Jassy)There are real pay pigs out there. 

Jassy: what is the age profile you come across most?

Miss Money Trap: It’s a split, I’d say early 20s and mid 40s are the 2 biggest age groups but range all the way up to late 60s.

Jassy: And you think FinDom can provide a viable income? As opposed to just pocket money?

Miss Money Trap: Absolutely, I know it can, but it doesn’t just happen. You must put time and effort into creating content and engaging with subs, sifting through time wasters and taking part in engagement groups.

Jassy: Do you think of it as easy money, or money you have to work hard for?

Miss Money Trap: Both.

Jassy, 23:00

Jassy: Where do you make most from is it content subscriptions, sessions or sends?

Miss Money Trap:Sessions and sends are pretty close for me as far as received, subscriptions would be wayyyy behind.

Jassy: What do you think is the difference between a SEND and DRAIN\RINSE?

Miss Money Trap: A send could be like buying a drink at a bar, coffee, a reimbursement or maybe just because, whereas a drain/rinse is a whole different situation, I will be turning the screws and upping the pressure as opposed to being my normal delightful self.

Jassy: Does it work? Can you push them that bit further?

Miss Money Trap: not always sometimes I’m not as patient as I need to be like when a lioness misses the buffalo.

Jassy: When was your last send and how much was it for? And same for your last drain?

Miss Money Trap: Last send was you! I haven’t been active today as I’m still on a break, the last drain would have been Sunday.

Jassy: Is it just the money in FinDom or do you get a kick out of the kink?

Miss Money Trap: Not just the money although that is always the main aspect, It is incredibly empowering, having the ability to make all these men weak and kneel for me, performing tasks for my amusement if I wish. 

Jassy: What is the kinkiest thing you think you’ve made someone do? And what haven’t you done but would like to do?

Miss Money Trap: I know I’d like to do a sissies make up, that’s something I haven’t done yet!

I had a sissy training session with a married sub (wife asleep in the next room), he had poppers and an array of toys including an anal pump.

Jassy: On Cam?

Miss Money Trap: Yes, I also made him watch BBC sissy porn on teamviewer as we were skyping.

Jassy: What are your plans with FinDom and\or FemDom over the next 12 months? (Could be the same thing!)

Miss Money Trap: Finish building my website, start a blog, podcast and get a catalogue of professional pictures. Also diverse my portfolio in terms of where content can be viewed and bought.

Jassy: Good luck, I think you will be successful!

ok introduce yourself 

Jassy: I am a PayPig, I am in my late 40s and live in Cambridgeshire.

Miss Money Trap: For how long have you been a paypig?

Jassy: Since September 2019, I think. (Actually it may have been 2020, the September before Covid)

Miss Money Trap: Can you remember your first send?

Jassy: Yes, I do remember it.

Miss Money Trap: Tell me about it and how it made you feel.

Jassy: It was for a FinDom who lives in Brighton, who wanted some Uber money. It felt kind of hot, and I felt that it was….well it felt like a very submissive thing to do, and felt like something forbidden. But there was this hot girl, urging me to goon and as a voluntary payment for that I could or should send.

Miss Money Trap: And how much was the send?

Jassy: £13 I think, as it covered her Uber.

Miss Money Trap: Did you interact with her before/after the send?

Jassy: Not much before the send, but afterwards we did exchange quite a few messages.

Miss Money Trap: Did you feel it was appreciated?

Jassy: A little bit, but probably not enough. For a first send it felt like a big deal to me.

Jassy: Also at the time…I had been using WebCams and I wanted to stop using them and to ease myself off them. Because…and this will sound stupid…but I was unsure how exploited the webcam girls were, and I didn’t like the fact that I could be contributing to that. So Findom was the opposite.

Miss Money Trap: I think that’s very noble in wanting to stroke your little cock kind of way.

Jassy: Sort of. 

Mistress -although i’m sure that happens in Findom too, in some cases, controlling, abusive and manipulative men might be behind some of the biggest domme accounts on Twitter for all we know

(Jassy)That’s true. The verification videos are actually a good thing, from that perspective too

I tend to steer away from the big accounts.

Miss Money Trap: How much do you think you have sent in the 2 and bit years you’ve been involved in the scene.

Jassy: Let me think, Not sure if the answer is too much.

Miss Money Trap: What’s your biggest one-time send?

Jassy: Not huge. Probably about £80 as a single send. But bits of occasional debt.

Miss Money Trap: RT Game?

Jassy: Yes, I kind of had £80 as a cut off.

Miss Money Trap: Have you always been submissive?

Jassy: Sexually? Not always, and probably not all the time either.

Miss Money Trap: Interesting, was there a time when it became apparent that you had become more submissive?

Miss Money Trap: Would you identify as a sub or switch?

Jassy: I think that being a submissive was a role play, obviously you have to have a predilection for it.

Jassy: You’d turn the switch from being vanilla to submissive which would be fun. Then it would cease to be a switch but became a dial. Then slowly from role playing as a submissive one day you realise that this is your default state and you are now role playing as vanilla.

Miss Money Trap: What drew you to me/my account?

Jassy: Good question. I liked the hypno type posts you made, liked the look of you and your attitude. These are the things that probably led me to like one of your posts. I was out gooning and wanted to be noticed.

Miss Money Trap: Did I approach you after you had been liking my posts?

Jassy: You did and asked if I had done gooning and was I going to start sending? I said I might later.

Miss Money Trap: A great opener! An average response lol

Jassy: Then you came back later, not that day but later and I gave in.

Miss Money Trap: What kind of things are you keen to try in the future with the kink world?

Jassy: The first post of yours that I liked said ‘Tell me your kinks and secrets” lol I like the idea of cucking.

Miss Money Trap: With your wife or with a superior couple?

Jassy: With a superior couple. Also I am keen to get back to having my sexuality as a button not a dial! I want both things. Also…I like the idea of everyday submissive stuff, like you have done, out for a coffee with a sub, but you spit in it and it is just a normal thing.

Miss Money Trap: Oh yes, I love them. I was happy how that video came out.

Jassy: That is the sort of thing that is normal for a sub.

Miss Money Trap: Absolutely.

Jassy: For a cuck, it wouldn’t be humiliating but normal. 

Miss Money Trap: As it should be.

Jassy: There is a sort not a class thing, but a breed thing in findom. Subs are the cattle or the pigs. They are the livestock for the kink. Any other questions?

Miss Money Trap: They need to be milked regularly and then taken to slaughter. I think that’s all for now.

Jassy: Yes and the skill of the FinDom is to know which to do.

Miss Money Trap: Until next time.

Jassy: Until next time.

There we have it, Kinky Folks! 

A Big Big Shout-Out to Jassy & Miss Money Trap! 

Thank you so much for creating this fascinating dialogue between Domme & sub, for the Podopheleus site. It was most definitely an intriguing read. 

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