First Month on Mistress Adreena’s OnlyFans

First Month on Mistress Adreena’s OnlyFans – Testimonial by @Slave4Period

How I discovered Mistress Adreena

I knew Mistress Adreena from twitter, a charming and professional lady, and I checked her website, read every testimonial about her, saw how friends who served her personally talked about her and, effortlessly, she occupied my mind.

As I am not ready to have a real time session yet, I thought I might have to join her Onlyfans for a start and I did.

Once you get in you lose time in her presence and you just watch every video again and again!! 

The Teasing Queen of all

YES!! You might just watch a video with her teasing in silence and she still owns your senses. When it comes to teasing, she is the queen of all.

Of course with her exquisite beauty, charming smile, seductive eyes and addictive feet, you have no choice but to submit. You fall into her loop daily once you wake up until you go to bed again, you can’t stop missing her and opening her Onlyfans repeatedly.


There, you find a lot of professional teasing with her possessive voice using her perfect body to eliminate all your defenses. She also has a lot of videos of her sessions which I personally prefer to the professional shooting where you get to know how lucky you will be when you manage to serve her in person.

I am an armpit sub, so I searched for armpit content and of course I found her enslaving me with an armpit teasing video which I can’t get over it till now.

If you like spitting, definitely, you should subscribe to her as you have to watch how she likes to get close to her sub teasing him with her breaths and making him ache and suffer until receiving her tasty spit. I really can’t describe how talented and professional she is, but in one word just SUBSCRIBE! 

Join Mistress Adreena’s OnlyFans 

I have to admit it, everyday I fall more in her net and deep in my mind, a decision has been made, she is the one I would want to have my first session with her when I am ready. 

I recommend Following her on Twitter – @InannaLdn, Instagram – @adreenaangela, reading her website and getting closer by joining her OnlyFans to touch on the real meaning of femdom.

Thank you


There we have it, Kinksters!

A big, big Shout-Out to @Slave4Period for sharing your first month’s experience on Mistress Adreena’s OnlyFans! You can learn more about Mistress Adreena in the links below:

Kinky Cocktail Hour – Mistress Adreena:

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