Mistress Adreena testimonial – my first visit to a Domina in London

Meeting Mistress Adreena

first visit to a Domina in London

I met Mistress Adreena at the end of November 2021. Mistress Adreena is the owner of the luxury – Inanna Studios and is one of the best and busiest Mistresses of London. 

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Avid Mistress Adreena follower 

first visit to a Domina in London

I’ve been an avid follower of Mistress Adreena’s Twitter account for a very long time. One day, Mistress sent out a tweet, pointing out unexpected availability in the next couple of days. As soon as I read the tweet, I promptly sent an email to Mistress Adreena enquiring about the available slot and mentioned my fetishes.

Quick response from Mistress Adreena

first visit to a Domina in London

Mistress Adreena responded and I couldn’t believe my luck. I would finally be able to meet Her in just a matter of a few days. I met Mistress Adreena at the end of November. We agreed on a one-hour session (although I would have much preferred a longer session) However, we agreed on a one-hour session due to Mistress Adreena’s very busy schedule. 

My Fetishes 

I have a shoe, feet and spit fetish. 

Prior to my session, Mistress Adreena made sure that She understood all my fetishes and took a good note of that. 

First time visiting a Domina in London 

This was my first time visiting a Domina in London and overall, my first visit in over 3 years. I was a bit nervous, Mistress Adreena understood that and made sure I felt comfortable before the start of the session. The session began with Mistress asking me to take off all my clothes and making me sit on my knees. After that Mistress opened my mouth and showered me with multiple layers of spit. Following this, Mistress asked me to lick and clean her heels using my tongue. What followed thereafter was one hour of pure intensity, where every instruction from Mistress Adreena felt like She was reading my mind. Overall, the session was very enjoyable and was the best femdom session I ever had. 

End of session

At the end of the session, we had a little chit chat which helped both of us know each other well. I told Mistress that we need a longer session next time around and Mistress agreed with that.

Thank you for reading this testimonial. 

(Anonymous Podopheleus reader)

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