Gloryhole Scene – INTERVIEW with Catherine Duffy

Podopheleus interviews Catherine Duffy – Gloryhole Scene

Hello, Gloryhole Loves! 

Get ready for a hot and seedy interview about the gloryhole scene. If you have a thirst for Deep-Throating mysterious cocks and gulping down mountains of spooge, then… this is just what you need! First and foremost, please allow me to introduce you to the sex positive/gloryhole hopping – Catherine Duffy!

Introducing Catherine Duffy

Gloryhole Scene Catherine Duffy

Hello, Podopheleus readers! My name is Catherine Duffy, the proud whore behind Whoreuro magazine. For over a decade, I’ve taken advantage of the travel requirements that come with my job to sample some of the seediest corners of global sex and kink.

From creampie gangbangs in Germany to Gloryhole-hopping across Eastern Europe, there are few debauched sex scenes in Europe I haven’t slid inside and explored. These days, one of my most pleasurable activities is spilling the sticky details of my debauchery in true confessions from my journey.

When Podopheleus suggested an interview about the little-known Gloryhole scene in Europe, I was more than happy to spread my legs and let him between my smooth thighs to discover the secrets. 

Now allow me to take you in my whore hand as I guide you through the sleazy world of Gloryhole sex. Open wide!

1. Can you explain to the uninitiated what exactly is a Gloryhole? How is it spelt? For example, Gloryhole, glory hole or glory-hole.

In layman’s terms, a Gloryhole is a waist-high hole in a wall or partition that allows two people to have anonymous sex. Historically, they’ve been used by the gay community to have sex when such behaviour was, or sadly still is, criminalized.

These days, they’re a form of kink with an almost cult status amongst all genders and all sexual persuasions. Personally, I spell it as Gloryhole, but the other two variations work too!

2. How does one find or join a Gloryhole scene? 

Many people struggle to find a Gloryhole and mistakenly assume that they exist in obscure places like public toilets (although, historically, they often did!). Today, you can find them in a wide variety of places. 

I recently wrote a comprehensive guide on ten online resources to find Gloryholes, which you can check out here. But most commonly, you can find them in places like swingers clubs, gay saunas, porn theatres, adult arcades, etc.

3. Is there a limit to how many cocks you can serve in one scene? Or It is a personal preference?  What is your record?

It’s absolutely personal preference. Honestly? That’s one of the things I love most about Gloryhole sex. It’s exempt from the abhorrent sexual judgement kinksters face from mainstream society. If a woman wants to suck 100 cocks in a day, she’s labelled as a disgrace. In the anonymity of the Gloryhole booth, she’s free to explore her sexual desires in her own, private space.

About my record, it’s hard to get an accurate number because you don’t see the guy’s faces so you may suck the same cock twice or more. But I once visited a Gloryhole in a Budapest porn cinema and sex shop on a very busy weekend that coincided with a fetish convention in the city. 

In a conservative estimate, I sucked between 35 and 45 different cocks and swallowed or sprayed my body with almost as many of their loads. Walking past the doe-eyed university student working behind the counter of the attached sex shop really turned me on.

I made eye contact with her whilst my face was covered in spit and cum and my eyes red from deepthroating. I said thanks with a raspy, cock-ravaged voice and left. I still remember the shocked smile on her face. Hopefully, I inspired her to follow in my footsteps.

4. What is the most amount of cum you’ve swallowed in a ‘glory hole’ scene?

Over thirty loads of cum in one sitting. For me, cum is like a drug. The mere smell and taste of it send me into a sexual frenzy. I could drink it all day. So having it on tap from a long line of cocks at a Gloryhole is like heaven for me. 

I also find that the more cum I swallow, the easier it is to deepthroat as it lines my mouth like a natural lube. Some straight guys may be put off being sucked by a girl with a mouth lined with cum, but I guarantee I could convert you and empty your balls within ten seconds!

5. Tell us about the most memorable Gloryhole experience you ever had? 

I’m sorry, but I can’t narrow it down to one experience! There are three which are ingrained in my memory forever. I’ll confess them all briefly.

  • Visiting a Gloryhole with a Dom. I wore an open mouth gag and he held my head against the hole with his feet. I was used like a cheap Fleshlight and throat fucked by over 11 different guys. I was a complete mess at the end. I loved it!

  • When I was dating an extremely submissive cuckold in Berlin, he was always thirsty for me to drop surprises on him. He was working from home one day, so I went to a porn cinema armed with a butt plug. In the cinema, I hooked up with a gorgeous black guy and asked if he’d be interested in giving me a creampie through the Gloryhole. Long story short, he slipped his lubed up cock in my arse and pumped me full of seed within a few minutes. I gently pulled off and plugged the hot, white goodness inside me. Back home, I ordered my cuck boyfriend to lie down before squatting over him and ordering him to rim me. It took him a minute or so to realize there was a treat inside my ass. Luckily, he was hungry!

  • Bringing a sissy slut sub of mine to a Gloryhole dressed as his favourite pornstar and putting her to work. Parading her through the Gloryhole booths afterwards was amazing. Her slutty outfit was ruined and her makeup was running all over her cum-soaked body.

6. What do you love most about being a part of a Gloryhole scene?

I adore how Gloryhole booths provide a seedy, kinky world that allows you to explore your sexual lust without judgement. Once the door closes behind you, it’s just you, porn playing, and lots of anonymous cock!

I don’t have to flirt, make conversation, or deal with any nonsense. At a Gloryhole, I can take advantage of a supply of hard cock for my own pleasure. If a guy cums too quick? Nevermind! Another dick will take his place in seconds. 

But one of my favourite aspects is the old school atmosphere. Entering a Gloryhole feels like you’ve stepped into an alternate universe. Leaving hours later into the daylight and walking past the public with the taste of cum in my mouth, knowing they’re unaware of the debauchery the woman walking past them has just been throat deep inside, is a huge turn on.

When I return from a Gloryhole, the smell that lingers on me sends me wild. You smell like stale cigarettes, male sex, and cum. Basically: pure sleaze! It’s the perfect masturbation aid for me.

7. What are some of your favourite Gloryhole Roleplays? 

I’m a switch. So I love a mix of Dom and sub roleplay at Gloryholes. If I’m Dom, I’ll bring a willing slutty sub or a sissy and put them to work. As their mouth is put through its paces at the hole, I’ll ravage their ass or pussy with toys. I also love doing a cumswap with them at the end to reward them for their efforts.

When I’m in sub-mode. I love to be genuinely used by a Dom. One of the most sordid roleplays was as a well-behaved, obedient sub. I’d sucked around 18 different cocks in a medium-sized Gloryhole booth. As we wound down, there was jizz, used condoms, and cum soaked tissues all over the floor. It was total carnage, an absolute mess. As the final crescendo, my Dom ordered me to clean up the floor of the booth with my mouth. It’s safe to say, the taste lingered in my mouth for days. But the humiliation at the time almost made me cum hands-free.

8. Lastly, tell us a little bit about your ‘Whoreuro membership’ and what does it involve? And how can one join?

My Whoreuro website is full of tonnes of free content. But some of my most debauched content is restricted to members only. From being the used condom cleanup girl in a German bordello to unique insights into the life of a single female visiting seedy porn cinemas, you won’t find erotic content like this anywhere else. It costs less than the price of a coffee a month to join up and it’s regularly updated with regular content. 

There we have it, Gloryhole Lovers!

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog about the gloryhole scene. A massive Shout-Out to the sex-positive/gloryhole hopping – Catherine Duffy! I thank you hugely for taking time from your tight schedule to answer my questions.

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Much Kink Love,


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