Subspace and Assgasms with Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress

Hello again, Beloved Kinksters!

On Thursday the 1st of July 2021, I had a Double Domme session with Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress. Aww yeah! It was a session that I was seriously looking forward to, because, leading up to the session, I have had many lovely email and Twitter interactions with Goddess Cleo.

What I love about Goddess Cleo is that she has 57.7K followers on Twitter, nevertheless, Goddess Cleo engages with her Twitter audience on a human level and she is very approachable. Furthermore, she was supportive of my blogs and the Podopheleus movement. So, Ta Muchly, Goddess Cleo.

Pre session chat

I sat at a round table with Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress. By this point, I was wearing only boxing shorts. The session began with a brief discussion on hard and soft limits. At first, I wasn’t sure how to take Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress. Goddess Cleo has an authoritative presence, and The Foxtress, well, she’s full of personality, mixing charm with her trademark sarcasm, and plenty of humour. Spoiler Alert! I grew fond of them both.

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Alrighty, Kinksters! Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to subspace.

Subspace with Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress

Goddess Cleo called me over to the anal swing and said, “Get your butt up here.” So I did what I was told and I got myself into a very good comfortable… Erm… Ass-fucking position. So, first things first, The Foxtress lubed up my ass. Truth be told, I was a little bit tight. Luckily for me though, Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress are well versed in loosening up buttholes. The Foxtress started off by using a smaller strapon. As The Foxtress pushed her strapon into my butthole, I took a big deep breath, and I thought holy fuck, as I felt my anal muscles contract and as I further relax my body, I could feel my butthole loosening up. Lord Almighty! Her cock felt sensational against my prostate and when I let out a sigh of relief, that’s when The Foxtress knew I was ready to take a larger cock in my ass.  So as expected, Goddess Cleo puts on her strapon harness, and I thought: Sheesh! That’s a big cock but it is a realistic size. She starts to fuck my ass nice and slow. As time went on, she picks up speed, and I want her to fuck me faster and harder. With that said, I was suddenly emotionally stimulated to the point beyond which I have never been. I kid you not, It was as if something else had taken over my entire body. My bottom lip started to quiver, my body started to shake. I let out a loud moan, “Ohhh!” The feeling was bizarrely intense. Goddess Cleo, told me to hang in there, but then something unexpected happened to me. I felt a tear roll down my face. I was struggling to hold back tears, then, out of nowhere, I was crying uncontrollably. Bless Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress. They were comforting me, saying, “Let it all out, don’t fight it.” We put the session on pause for a few moments. At that moment, all I wanted was for Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress to hug me and show me some affection, and they did just that. It instantly made me feel better. I want to make something very clear to you, kinksters! I wasn’t crying because I was in pain from being pegged, or because I was upset or angry about something. To me, it felt like a sudden release of emotions. I don’t look at what happened to me as a negative experience. In fact, I look at it as a new subspace experience. In all honesty, it was a beautiful moment. Also, allow me to point out that I have never cried during a session. I guess that shows you how much I trusted Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress.

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Assgasms with Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress

OK, Kinksters! Are you ready for this? This is where the real fun starts. The final hours of the session was filled with laughter, banter, sarcasm, assgasms, and strapon face fucking. It goes without saying that Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress made an interesting duo. Goddess Cleo was intellectually sharp, intimidatingly hot and The Foxtress was sarcastic, witty, and filled with energy and mischief. This is where things get interesting, Kinksters! I had two beautiful Dommes take turns to fuck my asshole. I felt like such a anal hussy, yet I loved it. This time around, Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress showed my ass no mercy. Both of them fucked my ass so hard. Once they got in a rhythm, they went faster and deeper. My body was shaking a bit, my head was swaying from left to right, I was at that point, I was moaning with pleasure, and I couldn’t speak. Once again, the feeling was so intense, and as my body spasmed, I came to understand what it feels like to have an assgasm. I would like to highlight that Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress are great mentors. They really guided me through this consensual, merciless ass-fucking! They guided me through a breathing exercise, they taught me how to check in with my body and relax. Additionally, pointing out my assgasms. During this session, I was forced to assgasm multiple times. At times, the assgasms were so intense that I spat the dildo right out.

In summation

The Double Domme session with Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress was an unforgettable experience.

Dear Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress, once again, I wanted to thank you both for being so considerate, kind, understanding, and thoughtful. Thank you for checking-in on me, just to make sure I was O.K. You have my admiration and gratitude.

Now here’s a question for YOU. Would you like to book a session with Goddess Cleo and The Foxtress?

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There we have it, Kinksters! Have you ever had an assgasm? Have you ever experienced subspace? I’d love to hear all about it.

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Much Kink Love


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