Goddess Sophia of Portsmouth Testimonial by @Sophiasballz 

Having decided during COVID to stay away from the BDSM scene, I then had the fortune to chat on dommeline with Goddess Sophia. And within 5 minutes after the call, I had booked our first session. We had a few chats in between as it was a longtime before the meet. 

Day of session

On the day to say I was excited would be an understatement. When she opened the door I was met with the most amazing smile from the most beautiful Goddess.

To say first impressions last, that moment will be with me forever.

I think the calls before had us in sync as we chatted like old friends, certainly not like two people meeting for the first time. After tea and cake (which I had bought) we started the session. 

CBT and Ball Busting! 

We were doing cbt and ballbusting much to her genuine delight and we would film many clips. Her expert delivery of some very hard kicks certainly found the spot, along with my ability to take and her delight that she could really go for it made the time fly.

Her ability to read my body’s reactions to pain and attack more and back off when needed certainly allowed us to both have a fantastic time. Her laughter at my pain was exciting and certainly encouraged me to take more.

Holy balls! Ouch!

The most incredible pain was yet to come. After delivering some swift and harsh kicks I fell to the floor she came in so close and looked at me and smiled as she took my battered ball in her hand an gave the most intense squeeze ever – that pain and smile and her closeness all rolled into one is the most amazing moment I’ve ever had in the scene. 

Busting my balls – literally! 

We had messaged each other a lot before and this had included a video call where I was made to bust my balls for her amusement and resulted in me buying her a mallet to use in session. The fact she nearly forgot was just how great a time we were having. This was a clip we did, and hell she certainly gave it a smash.

As she so innocently said, always go all in. The session ended the same as we started – chatting and drinking tea like old friends. She knew I had a 2 hour journey home and asked me to text when I got home safely. 

Goddess plus good friend

She is now my Goddess and a great friend. We both have ups and downs in life but are there for each other in ways that we can. As I write this I’m filled with pride that she chose me to be hers. We will session again in a week and it will be a very long week for sure. 

And finally…

Simply put, Goddess Sophia of Portsmouth is so much more than Beautiful.


Goddess Sophia Testimonial

There we have it, Kinksters! 

Salute to @Sophiasballz for sharing your lovely experience with the extremely beautiful – Goddess Sophia! Thank you So much for your marvelous testimonial. 

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