Introducing Sarah and the Sissygasm

Her First Sissygasm

“Sarah” knocked on the door. She was wearing a short tartan skirt, thigh high black boots, a boob prosthesis stretching her knit red sweater and her blond shoulder length wig to accompany her carefully applied make up. She was excited. She was going to see her Pro Domme for the second time. The first time, she had been made to get naked, except for her cage, and her Domme, Scarlet, had teased her ass and coaxed a little dripping cum from her caged cock with a vibrator. She had been made to service her Domme by licking her pussy and cleaning her after using the bathroom. She found it so hot and exciting to be the plaything of her Domme. 

Visiting Scarlet 

Her First Sissygasm

Scarlet answered the door. She looked amazing. She was wearing a leather strapping that highlighted her big tits and as she gazed down, she noticed the fat strap on cock Scarlet was wearing. Her heart skipped a beat. With wide eyes she looked at Scarlet’s bright blue eyes peeking out of her dark bangs. She was so sexy, and Sarah loved the idea of submitting to Scarlet no matter what she asked. 

Worshipping Scarlets feet

Her First Sissygasm

She stepped into the darkened dungeon and followed Scarlet to her throne. She kneeled on the floor at Scarlet’s feet and looked at her longingly. She was so sexy in her leather outfit that covered practically nothing but highlighted her curves and her black high heels were clearly in need of her attention. Sarah asked, “May I kiss your feet Mistress?” Scarlet smiled and nodded. Sarah immediately went to the floor and kissed her feet passionately. 

She pushed Sarah away with her foot against her shoulder then said, “Are you wearing no underwear as instructed?”  Sarah nodded and smiled saying, “Yes Mistress, only my useless cock is in a cage.” Scarlet smiled and pointed to the fuck bench. “Go kneel on the bench Sarah. Pull your skirt up for me.” Sarah crawled over the fuck bench. She was nervous. That dildo Scarlet was sporting looked fat and long and dangerous. As threatening as it looked, Sarah had been fucking her ass with a dildo for months on her own, she had just never been “taken” before. She was literally a virgin sissy. This would be her first time. 

With her head down, she could see the lower half of Scarlet as she rose from her throne and sidled over the fuck bench and the sissy exposed and vulnerable. Sarah felt herself getting very aroused by the anticipation of this lovely creature using her ass for her pleasure. Sarah had made sure her ass was ready to be used as Scarlet had instructed. She was confident that she was properly prepared. 

Sarah was keyed up, but she tried to relax. She trusted Scarlet. That dildo on her pelvis caught her attention as Scarlet got closer. She shivered in anticipation. 

She almost jumped when Scarlet started spanking her bottom lightly with her hand. “Have you been a naughty sissy?” she asked. “No Mistress, I am a good sissy!” she continued to spank Sarah’s bottom with a firm hand, and she was slowly turning pink. “Well, my little sissy, Mistress is going to fuck your ass as promised. Try to relax.

Sissygasm preparation

Scarlet slipped her hand into a plastic glove and lubed it up before slipping a lubed finger into Sarah’s ass. Sarah inhaled a little but made a good effort to relax her ass. Scarlet expertly slipped two fingers into Sarah’s ass and felt for her prostate, she tapped, squeezed and massaged the prostate on the inside while rubbing. Sarah was panting hard. Her cock was squeezing against its cage, and she felt her balls stretching. She was wearing the smallest cage she could and was not concerned about it falling off. She was able to focus on Scarlet’s attention to her prostate. Scarlet was cooing as she stimulated her, and Sarah was able to hear Scarlet say, “I like that you are dripping pre-cum.” 

Scarlet felt that Sarah was ready, and she stepped to the back of the bench and slipped a fresh condom on the dildo. She squirted a glob of lube into her ass, and she heavily lubricated the dildo. She pressed the head of the fat cock against Sarah’s asshole. Sarah tried her best to relax. She wanted to please her Mistress. 

Sissy pegging – ready for a sissygasm

Her First Sissygasm

She felt the cock stretch her ass as she gasped audibly. Scarlet was praising her for being a good sissy with comments like, “There’s a good sissy”, and “Feel Mistress fuck your sissy ass” and so on. The sound of Scarlet’s voice along with her invention to relax completely and just “be with” her ass being fucked allowed her instead to focus on being the sissy fuck slut of this beautiful woman. To her surprise, she felt herself becoming very aroused and to her surprise as Scarlet was quite literally aggressively fucking her deep pelvic thrusts that increased in depth and pressure that had Sarah’s eyes closed tight in a trance. 

Her first sissygasm

The orgasm started in a way that she had never experienced before. It came from deep inside her. She felt a growing sensation of ecstacy and she erupted with a massive ejaculation that just seemed to keep going. As she ejaculated, she let out a scream of pleasure – her first sissygasm, and Scarlet matched her with a similar scream. 

Scarlet was still now. The dildo was buried in Sarah’s ass and she tried to squeeze against it. Scarlet slowly pulled out and peeled the condom off. She binned it and walked around to the front of the bench. “Suck my cock sissy” she said emphatically.  Sarah opened her mouth and gagged as Scarlet slowly fucked her throat. She was in heaven. She had been taken by her mistress and had her first ever sissygasm. Now she was worshiping her Mistress’s cock. 

It was a great day…



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