How do you improve your Gag-reflex?? You want to be FaceFucked huh? However, you have an awful gag-reflex (sob!) and your throat won’t take a throat fucking (sob! sob!). Furthermore, the only thing that’s gets you off is merciless Skull-Fucking. Gagging is your absolute fave. Having tears streaming down your face brings so much joy to your kink life. 

“I really want you to Facefuck me! I’m gagging for it! Erm… pun intended. Bu-buut… I’m friggin’ worried I’m going to puke all over your dildo!” (Boohoo!)

How do you improve your Gag-reflex

So how do you improve your gag-reflex?!

First and foremost, start off by slipping a clean, sanitised finger into your mouth. Try touching the back of your tongue. If you feel like you’re about to throw up then you have triggered your gag-reflex. 

Secondly. How to choose the perfect dildo to improve your gag-reflex?? Okay. let’s get into it, shall we? 

What to take into consideration when buying a dildo for FaceFucking/Deep-throating!

1) Budget. 

How much should you spend on a dildo? 

I would say around the £100 mark for a good quality dildo.

2) Firmness.

You need something flexible and not too hard. So I would recommend single and dual density dildos. 

3) Material.

Silicone is the Number 1 body-safe sex toy material. So it’s a No-Brainer! Bare in mind, that most non-silicone dildos are non-porous and are not latex-free. So I would recommend using a condom. 

4) Size.

Length: I would recommend 6.5 – 8 inches. 

Width: I would recommend 1.5 width.

5) Preferred colors. 

See a lot of straight men that love being FaceFucked don’t like flesh colored dildos. Because they look too lifelike. 

My recommendations…

Personally I would recommend the Vixen Mustang ? but it does depends on your budget.

Why did you choose this dildo? 

I’ll break it down for you, shall I?

1. It’s silicone. So it’s a body-safe sex toy material.

2. It’s completely non-porous.

3. Its Phthalate-Free & Latex-Free.

4. It has a suction cup.

5. It’s not too thick or too big.

6. It’s easy to clean.

7. It’s not too squishy because of the firm inner core.

8. It has a soft, comfy outer material. 

9. It’s firm enough for FaceFucking.

10. It’s ultra-realistic in size, texture and feel.

11. It doesn’t have a horrible taste/smell.

12. I’m not a fan of flesh colored dildos. So the colour works for me.

So you found the dildo of your dreams, now what?  And how do I improve my Gag-reflex?? 

Let the fun begin. Firstly, take advantage of the suction cup and get comfortable. Whether that is on your knees. Standing or lying on your back. Okay let’s break it down. 

1. Put it in your mouth. Word to Akinyele.

2. See how deep you can go and then hold it in your mouth just for a few seconds.

3. Let me point out that you need to use a lot of saliva.

4. Saliva is your natural lubricant. See saliva is your superpower when it comes to Deep-Throating/FaceFucking.

5. Are you ready to go the extra mile? Use your saliva. Relax a little bit and just allow the dildo to go all the way down your throat.

6. If your eyes start watering then you are on the right track.

7. Now you’ve got the hang of it. Really go for it.

8. If you start gagging. I recommend you take a moment to catch your breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Wait a few seconds and go again. 

9. Challenge yourself. Try doing step 2. Holding it for 5 – 10 seconds. 

10. Challenge yourself. Take the whole dildo into your mouth and down your throat. Then come back up. How many times can you do that without gagging?!

Please note: Practice and don’t give up! Make sure that you’re working on your weaknesses.

11. REMEMBER – A good FaceFucking requires excessive mouth watering saliva. So take into consideration that you are going to feel very dehydrated. So once you’re done with being FaceFucked I would highly recommend drinking lots of water to put fluids back into your body.

To summarize….

And that is my advice on how “Do I improve my Gag-Reflex??” 

Super-duper G-Great! It’s now time to book a FaceFucking session with your Domme? Come on! Friggin’ go for it! Let me know how you got on FaceFuckers! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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