How many ways to fuck a mouth/throat? (Femdom only)

Wassup Kinksters ? did you know that there are many ways to fuck a mouth/throat?! Would you like to know more? Alrighty then! Let’s get friggin’ started, shall we? 

1. Strapon Face-Fucking/Skull-Fucking/Face-Thrusting ?

First up, what is strapon  Face-Fucking? ??

In minimal detail, strapon Face-Fucking is when a Domme bangs the mouth of the submissive with a strapon dildo ?  I don’t know about you but my jaw literally dropped! 

So, before we get started, I’ve coined 3- levels to being Face Fucked.

LEVEL 1 – Less Grave Face-Fucking 

This is for the submissive who enjoys being Face-Fucked, however, has a sensitive Gag-Reflex. This will include long slow thrusts and light hair grappling. 

LEVEL 2 – Gravelly Face-Fucking

This is for the submissive who likes it rough and deep. This means plenty of gagging, choking and tears. ?

LEVEL 3 – Barbarous Face-Fucking

This is for the submissive who loves being brutally Face-Fucked. This Implies puking ? 

Do you want to progress up to Level 3? Well have a read of How to improve your Gag-Reflex!

Alrighty, Let’s talk about Face-Fucking positions and here you’re in for a treat… I’ll also give you my top tips to ensure a good Face-Fucking. 

Numero uno: Face-Fuck on knees. Domme stands.

Now picture this:

  • You (submissive) are kneeling in front of your Dominant. 
  • She grabs hold of the back of your head/hair. 
  • Pulling your face down in the direction of a dildosaurus.
  • While shoving it down your throat. 

Number two: Face-Fuck on knees. Dominant sitting down.

You are on all fours. 

  • Your Dominant is sitting on the edge of a sofa, leaning back.
  • Grabbing the back of your head and pushing your face down towards the dildosaurus.
  • You start gagging and the Dominant continues pushing your head down while hip thrusting your mouth/throat.

Number 3: Laying down Face-Fuck. 

  • You are laying down and your head is slightly hanging off the edge of a sofa/settee/some sort of flat surface bondage furniture.
  • The dominant positions herself on top of your face.
  • And the Face-Fucking begins.

Number 4: Head against the wall Face-Fuck

  • You are sitting in the seiza-style position, with your back and head against the wall.
  • Your dominant is standing over you. Shoving a dildosaurus down your throat while you can’t pull back.

Number 5: Double Domme Face-Fuck 

  • You are on all fours.
  • The first Dominant is fucking your ass with a strapon dildo.
  • Whilst the other Dominant is standing in front of you.
  • Holding the back of your head and pumping your mouth with her strap-on dildosaurus. 

Double penetration, baby! Holy sweet mother of God!

Looking for more inspiration on Face-Fucking? Okay then, here you are then with my 5 best roleplay ideas for SkullFucking sessions!

2. Fuck a mouth – Foot Gagging ?

Erm.. what is Foot Gagging❓

In minor detail, Foot Gagging is when a Dominant vigorously shoves her foot in the submissives mouth forcing the submissive to gag/choke. 

Why would anyone want to do that? Well, did you know Foot Fetishes and the desire to be forced gagged is more common that you think! Gagging is an erotic button!

Anyhoo, let’s talk about Foot Gagging positions.

Numero uno: Pulling leash and collar Foot Gagging

And again you lucky Kinsters, I’m also going to include my top tips to ensure a good Foot Gagging! Now picture this:

  • You are on all fours or you are sitting on your heels.
  • The Dominant is sitting on a chair/sofa.
  • The Dominant attaches a leash to your neck.
  • The Dominant fiercely forces her foot down your throat. 
  • Also at the same time, firmly pulling on lead. 
  • You are straining at the leash.
  • I call this a double-whammy choking session.

Number two: Rough hair pulling/head grappling Foot Gagging

  • You are on all fours.
  • The Dominant is sitting down on a chair/sofa/throne.
  • Firmly pushing her foot down your throat.
  • While at the same time, roughly pulling your hair and pushing your head down forcing you to gag on her foot.

Number three: Head against the wall Foot Gagging

  • You are sitting on your heels, with your back and head against the wall.
  • The Dominant is sitting on her butt.
  • She uses one foot to push your head against the wall. while using the other foot to penetrate your mouth/throat.

Number four: Laying on your back Foot Gagging

  • You are laying down on your back.
  • The Dominant is standing over you or sitting on a sofa/chair or standing on your chest.
  • While forcing her foot down your throat, reverse and forward.

Number five: Full weight Foot Gagging

  • You are laying on your back.
  • The Dominant is seated above your groin area.
  • Throwing her weight around. Pun intended.
  • Also at the same time driving her foot down your throat.

3. Hands Free Sweaty Dirty Sock-Gagging

To put it briefly, Hands Free Sweaty Dirty Sock-Gagging is when a Dominant has a sweaty dirty sock in her hand and forcibly shoves it down the submissive’s throat.  

4. Finger-Fucking 

In essence, fingers-fucking is when the Dominant slips her fingers into the submissives mouth. 

Here is an example ?

Inside tip! Mistress Adreena is well-versed in forcing her long nails further to activate one’s gag-reflex.

There we have it guys. Do you enjoy being mouth/throat fucked? Let me know if I’ve missed out other ways to fuck a mouth (Femdomme only)??! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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