How to fill out a submissive submit form?

What’s cracking, fellow Kinksters? This blog should be helpful for newbie submissives or novice subs – let’s look at how to fill out a submissive submit form!

Okie dokie. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

Dominatrix Session Request

So, it’s your first time requesting a session with a Dominatrix. How do you go about this? Most dominants have a submission page built right into their website with a form to be filled out by the submissive (that’s you!).

In today’s blog I will create a sample submit form with questions and answers. It is important to note: the sample answers are for guidance purposes only.

Alrighty, let’s get down to Kinkness! Q&A time…. I’ve got your back guys!

1. What are your limits? 

First of all, what is a limit? 

Limits are split into 2 categories:

  • Hard Limits

A hard limit is a BDSM activity that you specifically wish to avoid and it is not up for negotiation. 

In a D/S relationship, both Doms/Subs have the right to set their own limits. It is essential that both Dommes and subs are respecting and are not violating each other’s boundaries and limits. 

Also, read this blog about Safewords – what they are and how to use them during sexual play.

  • Soft Limits

In a nutshell a soft limit is an activity that you are not sure about. However, it could be considered through negotiation at a later time. 

E.g. You enjoy licking, sucking, worshipping feet. You are curious about foot gagging simultaneously you don’t feel ready to try it yet.

So, my hard limits are:

  • flogging
  • caning
  • whipping
  • piercing
  • needles
  • pain play

My soft limits are:

  • rope bondage
  • pet play

Now think carefully about your hard and soft limits.

Before moving on to the next question, it is important to note that Dommes have hard limits too! Let’s name a few:

  • no sex services (e.g. blow jobs, sexual intercourse etc.)
  • do not ask for hand jobs or foot jobs
  • do not send unsolicited dick pics
  • do not touch a domme unless given express permission.
  • Etc…

Most Dommes clearly express their hard limits on their website. It is essential to read through the hard limits section cautiously before submitting your form.

Also, check out my blog on What Not To Say To A Dominatrix – there you are, Kinsters, you’ll have D/S etiquette down to a T!

2. Have you got any health conditions or bodily injuries I should take into account?

Why is this question so important?

Okay. Let’s say that you have arthritis and you have trouble bending over, crawling and kneeling. Furthermore, Let’s say that you have booked a foot worship session. 

Did you know that the kneeling position is the most common submissive position?!

How to fill out a submissive submit form

Therefore it is imperative that your Domme is fully aware of your disability/injury beforehand for the purpose of making preparations for your session.

3. Tell me about yourself

This may sound like a very basic question. However, this is your opportunity to talk a little bit about yourself. This question is not about your kinks and fantasies. This question is about YOU. So, put in the effort, guys! 

E.g. I am 30 years old. I enjoy listening to Hip-Hop and rap music. I like reading fiction. I work out 6 days a week and I am passionate about writing.

4. Tell me about your fetishes, kinks and fantasies

I’m going to quickly run through the difference between a FETISH and a KINK because most people get really confused by this.

A fetish is needed and necessary in order to achieve an orgasm.

A kink is an unusual thing that turns you on. 

Now we’ve cleared that up, remember to be super specific. For example:

My Fetishes include:

My Kinks are:

  • Being spat at. 
  • I enjoy being foot slapped and face slapped.
  • I like having my hair pulled.

My ultimate Fantasy is:

To have a Dominant firmly grab my hair while FaceFucking me until I am choking and gagging. 

Now think about what turns you on a little bit (Kink) and what you need in order to reach an orgasm (Fetish)

5. Tell me about your experience so far, if any:

Now is the time to talk about your fetish experience.

E.g. 2 years ago I had a 1-hour light foot worship session. In that session. I licked my Mistress’s feet and sucked her toes. I laid on the floor for the most part of the session while she smothered me with her soles.

6. What are you hoping to explore in a session with me? 

This is your opportunity to expand a little on what you want to explore in your upcoming session.

E.g. This time around I would like to explore FaceFucking and foot gagging. I want to be forced and humiliated and treated like a good little slut/bitch.

6. Preferred session time and date?

Simple answer and be specific! Your Domme has a life and other clients to service so help to make her life easier. 

E.g. Wednesday the 5th of May 2021 at 1:30pm

7. Session length?

Again as above – be specific. Most Dommes state on their website minimum length for session times. E.g. 1-hour 

There you have it guys. I hope this blog was valuable for you and please let me know what your thoughts are. Good luck with filling out your next submissive submit form! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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