How to sell Feet Pics?

Wassup foot lovers 👣 Do you know how to sell feet pics…?! This story is about a woman who lost her job during the pandemic and reinvented herself by selling pictures of her feet online that she never dreamed to profit from. 

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Juggling work and life…

Abidemi is a single mother of two boys, one almost 2 and the other 4. She worked as a insurance adviser, which she enjoyed. However, things had gone sour since the lockdown. The company had turned up the pressure. 

Abidemi takes her children to nursery on Mondays and Tuesdays. And Mondays and Tuesdays are, after all, the only two days which Abidemi has no childcare support. Her boss is fully aware of Abidemi’s child care situation.

So her boss – Mark Davies sent the team an email titled “Team Meeting” She couldn’t believe her eyes when she read Mark’s email. 

“I want to hold a face to face team meeting on Tuesday at 10:00am

In this meeting I will update you all regarding the new year, the new structure and targets and how we aim to move forward

This meeting is mandatory and no attendance will effect your contract

Can you confirm receipt of this email and attendance


Mark Davies”

First off, Abidemi felt angry and disappointed with Mark’s inconsiderate and unprofessional email. She then sent an email to Mark explaining why she could not attend Tuesday’s team meeting. To then receive a second shocking response email from Mark. 


This is a team meeting which is mandatory and you have been given enough notice to arrange child care

The date cannot be changed as the room bookings and availability has to be arranged

You missed the last one as you were ill

Tuesday 12th Jan 2021 – 10am till 2pm 

Please arrive 15min early

I will like to mention again this is a mandatory meeting and failure to attend will result in your contract to be suspended till further notice


Mark Davies”

Abidemi thought: firstly, this guy writes like a moron. Secondly, he’s only given me 2 days notice and thirdly, I didn’t attend the last meeting because I had COVID-19 and lastly WTF?!

As you can imagine, she never showed up for her meeting on Tuesday. Short time later, she received an email from Mark. 


As I have not received any communication from you and you did not attend today team meeting

I am afraid you have left me with no choice but to   terminate your employment contract

Please ensure you return the business cards etc to the office

Wish you all the best



She screamed at the laptop, “REGARDS not regard. You write like a fucking moron!! Grrrrr.” 

Come to think of it, Abidemi should have challenged Mark. However, she had reached the ceiling, and she could no longer listen to Marks ignorant, sexist chatter, and racial slurs. She loved the job, but resented Mark. Shortly thereafter, Abidemi went into a panic. “Fuck! How am I going to pay the rent?” 

What was she to do? 

The first thing Abidemi did was call her best friend Glo to have a good old rant. Glo treated her to lunch at a Caribbean restaurant. Glo was a good friend to Abidemi and assured her that everything was going to be fine. After they’d finished eating, Glo said:

“I’ve got my pedicure booked at 1:30pm. Would you like to come with me?” 

“Sure! I may even need a pedicure for my feet.” 

“Oh, I got you!” Glo said. 

So they headed to … Raz’s apartment. 

Pedicure Time – Pretty New Feet!

“Raz, allow me to introduce you to my best friend Abidemi.”

“Hey Abidemi.”

“Hey, nice to meet you, Raz”

So the girls were having a great time while they were getting their pedicures. 

“Oh em gee! You have the world’s most beautiful feet and I see a lot of feet.” Raz said to Abidemi. 

“Wow! Thanks Raz!”

“So how much do foot models get paid then?!”

And they both started laughing.

“You could sell pictures of your feet online and make a lot of money in the process. I’m not kidding, actually.”


“Seriously, a good friend of mine is obsessed with feet. He spends £300 a month buying photos of girls’ feet.”

“You’re kidding, right?” 

“Women have made thousands selling photos of their feet. It’s all over the internet. Hashtag foot fetish nation on IG there are six million posts. You should look into it.”

Abidemi’s Feet Photo research 

So, later that night, she began her own research. At first, she couldn’t believe what she was reading. A woman claims to make $5,000 profit a month selling photos of her feet to guys. She came to realize that this was serious business. She then Googled…

“How to sell feet pics?”

1. Set up a separate social media page for your feet

2. This is how to take beautiful photos of bare feet

3. How to sell feet photos without getting scammed 

4. Build a large following

5. Use hashtags like #feetpicsforsale and  #sellingfeetpics and #instafeet and #footfetishnation

6. Guys want photos of feet that are tailored to their taste

7. Join platforms such as Onlyfans and Instafeet and Feet Finder

8. Selling feet pictures on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, KIK, Foap, Zazzle and Etsy

9. Sell photos of your feet on a blog 

10. Selling feet photos on Patreon 

The results of Abidemi’s online search proved to be impressive. She was blown away by it. She was ready to do this and ready to start the process. 

Getting started with selling feet photos

How to sell feet pics?

First and foremost, Abidemi created a separate Twitter and Instagram account. She went under the name of Toetally Delightful. To begin with, she intended to take only around 20 photos of her feet in different poses, but ended up shooting over 300. Abidemi began to upload some of the photos to Instagram with the hashtag #footfetishnation. She then messaged Raz:

“Come and walk in my shoes. Just look at the images on my Instagram for – Toetally Delightful experience.”

Raz absolutely loved it! 

“OMG!! Hold on, hold on.” 

Within half an hour, she had gotten 30 new followers and she received an Instagram message from Raz’s friend:

“Seriously, a good friend of mine is obsessed with feet. He spends £300 a month buying photos of girls’ feet.”

Do you remember that?

He introduced himself as Darren and he offered to pay Abidemi £65 for a foot pic. And just like that, she made £65. A week later, Darren paid Abidemi £120 for  two photos and she gained 175 new Instagram followers and 400 likes. She phoned Raz to thank her. 

“Oh, this is only the beginning” said Raz. 

The End

There we have it, foot lovers! I hope you enjoyed this story. Have YOU ever tried selling feet pics? What was your experience? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

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