How to write a sexual roleplay for a session

How to write a sexual roleplay for a session with your Dominatrix or indeed partner? Firstly, let me start off by saying it’s not rocket science and do not see it like your trying to solve some complex math equation.

Writing roleplay scripts for sessions are fun! So have fun with it and remember, you can turn most everyday situations into a roleplay. The key to writing consistent roleplay scripts is to tap into your imagination and to get those creative juices flowing.

How to write a sexual roleplay for a session

Awrighty then… I will give you an example.

In my previous employment I used to do a lot of leaflet dropping (zzzz). One sunny day whilst leaflet dropping I thought to myself Hmmm… how could I turn this into a roleplay script? So this is what my imaginative brain come up with: 

Sexual Roleplay: NO JUNK MAIL

I am a salesman and today, I’m leaflet dropping. I came across a house that had stickers on the door stating; “WARNING NO JUNK MAIL” I’m thinking whatever and posted my leaflet anyway. An angry but incredibly attractive woman stormed out and questioned my inconsiderate behaviour.

I said “I’m sorry maam but No Junk mail is a bit vague.” The woman then grabbed my hair and dragged me into her home. “How would you like it if I shoved vulgarity down your… Without your permission! Now open wide for me and take in my whole……!”

See, that’s simple! You can even turn your favourite film or TV show into a roleplay! I recently watched Cobra Kai and I thought it was the Bees-Knees. If you agree, spud the screen, it’s cool, I can feel your loving kinky energy. Anyhoo, let’s turn Cobra Kai into a roleplay shall we!

Sexual Roleplay: MISTRESS ….. DOJO!

I am a pupil of Mistress ….. Dojo and You are my Sensei! As the day of the tournament dawn’s? In today’s lesson you will teach me the rules of: Strike first  strike hard  & NO MERCY! Fear ? Pain ? Defeat does not exist in Mistress ….. Dojo!

Contains: Intense head grappling, hair pulling, merciless Strap-On FaceFucking!? Plus Dildo size challenge?????

Your 30 Day Challenge!

There you go! Haha! Now now I will set you kinksters a challenge to write a new sexual roleplay script for 30-consecutive days.

Come on guys! You can do this! You got this man! I want you guys to have a good think about your sexual desires, your kinks and your fetishes and merge it into a situation. Simple right!

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Need more Sexual Roleplay inspiration?

Believe me, you are going to have a tonne of fun writing roleplay scripts. Just to give you the heads-up it can become addictive! But in a darn fricken’ humorous way!

Here is some more ‘food for thought’ – have you heard about Sploshing? Perhaps you could incorporate your favourite food fetishes into a sexual roleplay? Now there’s an idea…. Mmmmm!

What about god old fashion burglar turned in to a sex slave story?

Alrighty then I give in – I’m making this far too easy for you guys! Here’s a read of my Top 11 Sex Roleplay Ideas.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site to let me know how you guys are getting on with your 30-day sexual Roleplay script writing challenge. I would absolutely love to hear your roleplay ideas!

Much Kink Love


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