My name is Podopheleus and I am a Rap-Poetry writer. I write about everything. However, I am passionate about men’s sexual health, sex worker’s rights, sexual exploration, mindfulness in sexuality and femdomme. Also known as Female Domination. 

I am Podopheleus

So, Podopheleus is a Kinkster

I’m a kinkster and proud of it! However, there are SO many males out there who want to explore their sexual desires but have no fricken’ idea where to look or how to go about it!

Don’t worry guys. I’ve been there! Yep! Can I help? Erm, maybe! Lol. Sure thing! Okay. Let’s continue shall we!

There are a lot of guys out there who visit a Dominatrix. However, there are also a shitload of guys who lead a secret life because they are ashamed of their sexual desires, fetishes and kinks. They go by some random code name like Ronald. 

And Podopheleus has a Foot Fetish 

I have had a Foot Fetish since the age of 6. I know! I was young! Ay! I saw a girl in my school performing in a play and she had her tootsie’s out and OMG I was in love. Okay, maybe that’s a bit strong for a 6-year old geeky oddball. However, after that I was hooked on feet.

As I got older, I watched foot fetish porn like every single Goddamn day. It was getting to the stage that it started becoming excruciating having to remember to delete my fricken’ history. As time went on, porn was making me feel ashamed of my Fetishes. I started feeling guilty! I spoke to my Wife about visiting a Dominatrix. Which she had agreed to.

Finding MY Dominatrix

How did Podopheleus find his Domme? Woo-Hoo! I searched online for months before I came across a Dominatrix that I wanted to session with. I reached out to her and she got back to me the very next day. I booked a 1-hour session and that session changed my life forever. In the last 2-years I have learnt so much about myself. I’ve also learnt a lot about sex workers.

I no longer feel ashamed, because I did things the ethical way. I got consent from the Wife. So when I session I don’t feel guilt and I can freely explore my desires with complete peace of mind. 

I also want to highlight that before visiting a Dominatrix I tried to explore my fetishes with my wife and well… let’s just say it wasn’t really her thing. Plus I didn’t want to make her feel insecure by trying to change her.

Giving Sexual Advice for men, not preaching to them

Lookie here, Podopheleus doesn’t like telling people what to do. It’s not in my nature. However, if you have a fetish or kink you need to explore it! It’s not going to magically disappear! Have a open and honest conversation with your partner or visit a Dominatrix. Providing you’ve received your partners consent. Honest communication is so fricken’ important.

Just remember guys, porn is just pixels on a screen. It’s just a spike of dopamine. Now that I session with a Dominatrix I no longer watch porn. 

How do YOU find the right Dominatrix?

I guess you’re now thinking how the eff do I find the right Dominatrix… I guess that is down to what your sexual desires are. See, when I was looking for a Domme I was looking for a Domme that specialised in sweaty feet and I found it so fricken challenging and that’s partly what drew me to the Domme I session with today.

Sweaty feet was advertised on her activities list. The Domme I picked ticked all the boxes because she was local, she offered sweaty feet sessions, she was attractive and when I checked her out on social media she had good taste in Hip-Hop (bonus!). It was a no darn brainer.

So take your time. Look through websites and go with the Domme that resonates with you and remember, you can session with as many Dommes as you like. They are no strict rules! I promise you! Lol.

My last piece of advice. Sessions are fun and you can learn a lot about yourself sexually. However, session because you want to session not because you need to or your desperate to. Otherwise, it will become an addiction and that could be mentally destructive for you. In my second book, I will talk about this is in further detail.

Lastly. Here are some bars for you. So you get a feel for the Podopheleus writing style!

Yep, we are all beings of light soul searching 

Yo, every bar I drop is pulse-churning 

If thoughts and Beliefs create our reality 

Why do we hold onto what makes us feel shitty? 

Invest in yourself even for a few hours 

Meditate and tap into your true power 

The more you put in the more you’ll get outta 

News at six, oh screw this. 

Who controls the media? 

Pay close attention to what they are feeding ya 

I had the stomach of a Great White Shark 

To ascend up the ladder 

I warriored forward like Leonidas of Sparta 

Found the Domme of my dreams I thanked the Oneiromancer  

Mind of matter, silence the inner chatter 

Some can’t get to the bottom of it, it’s too late 

Like the last stages of colon cancer 

Thoughtful gifts are the jewels we pass on 

Why do people fail in life? If you carried on 

You would have made it to the top like Pemba Dorje Sherpa 

You need to fight for your right like a sex worker

I hope you have found my story and the info I’ve shared useful. If you have any questions, or simply want to talk contact me and follow me on social media.

My Twitter handle is here, follow me on Instagram or to read the dedicated page to my book click here.

Much Kink Love


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