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Did you know that Dominatrix Boss by Asher Lake was the first femdom novel I read, and yes, It’s one of my favourite books ever. I’ve read it about 5 times, I know, right? So, when I had the opportunity to interview Asher Lake, it goes without saying that I was super psyched.

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 So, Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Tell us about yourself how did you become novelist in the kink world

I have a long personal history in BDSM and it’s something that’s not just a part of my life, it IS my life.

I’ve been fascinated with erotica since I was way too young to be reading it. I read the Marquis de Sade and Anne Rice’s Beauty series when I was in my early teens. It’s something I enjoy.

What I like most is female domination though, and what struck me is the dearth of novels about female domination. There’s just not a lot out there. Also, it seemed like much of the work I was reading was written by people who had no idea about real BDSM relationships, or real scenes, or real emotions that were involved in BDSM, or they just wrote about stuff that didn’t interest me.

I’ve been a fiction writer for decades, but I decided that it was time to take a shot at writing in a genre that I felt was underserved.

I can say that the genre has improved lately though!

2. Your first book dominatrix boss was a real inspiration to me. Tell us about the book without giving too much away

Dominatrix Boss is a story about an ordinary guy named Tim who has a crush on his boss, the beautiful Ava. He also has a deep desire to be submissive, so he spends time at work surfing the internet for femdom stories and photos, and Ava finds out! She calls him into her office to reprimand him, but her own curiosity leads to both exploring together.

It’s a story about BDSM, femdom, and the reality of a power exchange relationship, good and bad.

3. Although Dominatrix Boss is a fictional story, it has a sense of realness to it, how did you manage to create such believable characters?

There are two aspects to how real Dominatrix Boss seems to readers.

I’ve had people from all over the world contact me to tell me how the book affected them. It’s been really wonderful. Some people say that it rings true for them, and others feel that it was so true that maybe they weren’t really interested in serving a Domme because it required too much dedication.

We live in a world where there is very little out there besides porn to educate people. And books like 50 Shades of Grey, which was written by someone who had zero experience in the community, doesn’t help at all.

I have experience as both a dominant and submissive and I’ve been in the BDSM community for two decades. I’ve experienced much of what BOTH characters are feeling, and that was what guided my work and makes it more real.

Also, I’m a keen observer of human behaviour and have adopted things I’ve seen for both of the main characters. Plus, I’m one of those writers whose characters will speak to them. They live in my head and sometimes surprise me with what they say. These characters became real to me, so I’m glad to hear that they are real for others too.

4. For those who have not yet read Dominatrix Boss, there’ll be no spoiler alerts here. However, will the sequel carry on from where the first book left off? For example, will the sequel explore new kinks and fetishes?

When I was about 70% through the first book I realized that I didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters, so I set it up so that we could continue the story. Also, while Tim was supposed to have had experiences before, Ava is still very new to the scene.

In the second book, which I’m about 60% through the first draft, Ava reaches out to the local BDSM community to continue her education and Tim learns a lot about himself too.

The sequel picks up literally a week after the end of the first book.

I also have a free short story on my website that is set right after Dominatrix Boss concludes, so it’s like a bridge between the books. You can read that at AsherLake.net.

One of the surprising things about the first novel was people reaching out to me to talk about kinks and fetishes that they had never considered before. I will continue to explore some new kinks in the second novel, and I’ll discuss a lot more about what it means to be a BDSM slave to someone.

5. You’ve not written two books as part of a series, do you plan to expand into a trilogy, or delve into other universes?

Ava and Tim will have a trilogy. I already know what’s going to happen in the third book and I’m setting all of that up in the second book.

However, I have a long-term plan to write many erotic BDSM books, and I set up four other stories (with different characters) in the sequel, and those may lead to other stories as well. I plan on having a whole community that will interact with each other and build the stories together. Ava and Tim will be part of that, so they could show up in other books too.

It’s going to be kind of a kinky Marvel Cinematic Universe.

6. Any messages for my readers who might want to get into the world of erotic literature?

I’m not sure if you mean read more erotic literature, or get into writing, so I’ll answer both.

If you want to read more erotic literature then you should try to find people, like you, that is involved with reading and writing, and follow what they are doing and who they are interacting with. What you find to read is going to be a lot better quality if you take the recommendations of people who have read a lot and know what’s out there.

There’s so much terrible stuff out there, it’s very important for all of us to send people toward the good stuff.

If you’re thinking about writing erotic literature then I would suggest that you do a lot of reading in the genre of your choice and see if you can figure out what you like and what you don’t like before you start your project.

But most importantly, do your research. I’m fortunate to have experienced most of what I write about, but not everything. I have one element in Dominatrix Boss that I’ve never experienced, but I presented it so convincingly that a Domme reached out to me to write an article for her magazine on the subject and she said that it explained the experience to her in ways that nothing else had before.

Know your stuff. There’s a thing called the internet now that has the sum and total of all human knowledge. Use it. And furthermore, there are human resources out there who know this stuff too. Find them and talk to them.

Just because it’s an erotic BDSM book doesn’t mean that you can skip the important phase of research. In fact, it’s incumbent upon you to not put stupid stuff out there. There’s enough of that already.

Stand above the pack by presenting work that has some knowledge behind it. Readers will reward you.

Thank you for the interview, Pod! I deeply appreciate it!

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There we have it, Kinky Readers! I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A massive shout out to Asher Lake. Thank you so much for answering my questions. So who else is looking forward to reading the sequel of Dominatrix Boss and delving into Asher Lake’s – kinky Marvel Cinematic Universe? Can I see a show of hands?

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