On the 15th of November I received a DM from Goddess Cleo: “Hey Pod, any chance you’d be interested and available on Sunday mid afternoon in London for a podcast?” Geez! My mind raced, I’ve never been on a podcast before. However, I jumped at the chance to meet Shaun Attwood, Jennifer Hopkins, and Kaz B. And we got on like a house on fire from then on. 
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However, things have advanced since then. Jennifer Hopkins and Kaz B have their own YouTube channel called KazandJenTalks. And guess who was the very first guest on KazandJenTalks 🤔💭☺️ You guessed it — Podopheleus. 

So, when I had the opportunity to interview KazandJenTalks, I was—needless to say — very excited! If you are eager to learn more about KazandJenTalks, then please read on!

1. You have just launched a brand new YouTube channel, can you explain what your YouTube channel is about

Our brand aims to showcase those that work in the adult industry and challenge public perceptions by showing that they are normal people, that are just doing a job like anyone else. There are many stigmas attached to working in the sex industry and many discriminate against those workers from landlords and the general public through to the banks, who have always penalised sex workers. Sex worker is an umbrella term which covers any job from stripping and webcamming through to escorts, film producers and dominatrixes. 

We have begun interviews with a wide range of people within the industry from dominas through to the submissive men that book sex workers. We look at real life stories and explore mental health, and psychology as well as what it’s like to be a sex worker. We aim to give a voice to those in the industry.

interviews KazandJenTalks
interviews KazandJenTalks

2. Jen, you are a keen environmentalist, and share a passion for organic clothing. Kaz, you are a dominatrix and author. How did this relationship come about? And where did the idea of creating a YouTube channel together come from? 

We met through Shaun Atwood when Kaz was invited to come and do an interview on the show. We all went for dinner afterwards and got on like a house on fire. Kaz was also working with the producer James doing some interviews about the fetish industry which led to us both chatting about how we would like to change society’s perceptions. We are both highly passionate about many of the same topics such as domestic violence and discrimination and Jen suggested we form our own channel to tackle these topics. We are dedicated to work and helping those around us so it’s a perfect fit.

3. What are you trying to achieve? And where do you see this YouTube channel in 5 years?

Ultimately we want people to understand that sex work is a job and that many people rely on it to survive. We won’t to show their is a link between repressing sexual kinks and depression and we also want to educate the populace about domestic violence help people speak up up about abuse and mental health issues.

4. Kaz, you are an advocate for normalising sex work and Jen, you seem to share the same passion. What steps can be taken to make this happen?

The channel is a starting point to show the public that those in the sex industry are just normal people. We have discussed attending rallies next year and plan to take our productions global to spread our message far and wide. 

5. Feel free to shamelessly plug why one should subscribe to your YouTube channel 

This coming year we plan to talk over Youtube with our channel and We have some wonderfully articulate, funny, clever and passionate people who have interviewed for our channel. At times you will find their stories sad, but also uplifting in many ways. You might even learn something new 🙂

6. Lastly, what new and exciting projects are you working on next?

Alongside the Kaz and Jen Talks channel, Kaz is working on her autobiography which is nearly complete and Jen has exciting guests on the Shaun Attwood YouTube channel coming up and her organic clothing company is going from strength to strength with new exciting collaborations with some of her podcasting guests.

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There we have it, kinksters! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A Gargantuan Thank You to KazandJenTalks for answering my questions so thoughtfully.

Are you interested in learning more about the adult industry? Do you know someone who might be? If the answer is yes, then you know what to do.

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Much Kink Love

Podopheleus 🖤


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