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Lady Petra Playground is a sapio-demisexual who has a very strict disciplinary style. Wait a second, what in God’s name is a sapio-demisexual? 🤔💭🤷‍♂️ Are you eager to learn more about Lady Petra Playground? Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. For the uninitiated, what exactly does it mean to be sapio- demi- sexual?

interviews Lady Petra Playground
interviews Lady Petra Playground

Firstly, it is important to define each before discussing my personal construct.


Sapiosexuality means that a person is sexually, physically and turned on by intelligence. Sapiosexuals think that intelligence is the most attractive trait and value it more than a potential partner’s looks or personality. Intelligence is the genuine ‘turn-on,’ not the status, job, or financial benefits that might accompany a person with high intelligence. For sapiosexual folks, intelligence isn’t just icing on the cake for an already attractive partner; it is intelligence itself that drives arousal. Sapiosexual people might find that it’s difficult to connect sexually with a potential partner until they’ve engaged in some form of intellectual discussion. A sapiosexual person can identify as gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, or greysexual. 

Sapiosexuality is how the person develops their attraction to someone. It is the how, not the who, of their attraction experience. You’re a sapiosexual if you are easily aroused by someone’s ability to touch you without touching you…you know, make you steamy, intrigued, tantalized, and completely beside yourself with their oral expertise, but without an oral performance. People who consider themselves sapiosexual often find themselves in relationships with people who have a similar orientation. These couples often enjoy intellectual activity as an integral part of emotional bonding and even physical foreplay. 

We are a rare breed indeed. I self-identify as a partial sapiosexual (~40%). Looking back on my attraction to men, I realize that I have always been attracted to intelligent men, because I believe that the brain is the largest sex organ.


Demisexuality means being sexually attracted to someone only when you have an emotional bond with them. For instance, they may not feel sexually attracted to a person they randomly see at a coffee shop, but if they were to start talking to that person and form an emotional connection, they might then become sexually attracted immediately or over time. Another example, a demisexual person wouldn’t find themselves attracted to a famously “sexy” celebrity or even a classically attractive person on the street—in other words, they tend not to feel that same intensity or longing the way others might unless they got to know the person. Still another way to look at it: a demisexual person might not feel sexual attraction toward someone until they’ve bonded, whereas someone else might develop an emotional bond only after they’ve experienced that spark of sexual attraction. Call it what you will, but the following construct is not the mode of operation for a demisexual person: “one-night stands,” “casual sex,” “sex buddy relationships,” or simply the concept of eventually forging an emotional bond with someone through the act of sexual intimacy.

Demisexuality describes the circumstances in which a person experiences attraction. Who the person is attracted to can vary. Demisexuals may consider themselves heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, queer, polyamorous, or pansexual. Regarding gender, a demisexual person might identify as male, female, agender, or otherwise nonbinary. 

Demisexuality is not a choice: it is a sexual orientation. And like other sexual orientations, it is a distinct pattern of attraction, not a pattern of behaviour. Most people feel sexual attraction far more often than demisexuals do and without the close emotional bond. They may be sexually attracted to strangers, celebrities, or people they don’t know well. However, they may choose not to act on that sexual attraction. Demisexuals, on the other hand, don’t have sexual feelings in the first place from visual input. They only have sexual feelings for people with whom they have formed a close emotional bond, which is usually not a lot of people. I used to feel shame from not having the “attraction” urge like most of my peers did growing up.  Demisexuality is not a choice, I was just made this way. I self-identify as a partial demisexual (~40%).

Differences Between Sapio- & Demi- Sexuality

interviews Lady Petra Playground
interviews Lady Petra Playground

Sapiosexuality is the need to build an intellectual attraction before a sexual attraction will occur, while demisexuality is the need to build an emotional connection before a sexual attraction will occur. For a sexual attraction to begin, a sapiosexual person is seeking someone on the same intellectual level they are on, whereas a demisexual person is seeking someone who will share their feelings and emotions.

Intelligence is a quality that can be known from a distance by that person’s accomplishments, but intelligence is also potentially an endearing and alluring quality that can form the basis for warmth and bonding. So, being a sapiosexual and demisexual [are] not the same, but not entirely separate.

Lady Petra Sapio-Demi-Sexuality

I self-identify as a sapio-demi-sexual (~80%).  I am attracted and turned on by communication and intelligence and am moved to act on my attraction through deep emotional bonding. This in no way equates to how sexually insatiable I am.  If I am bonded to you emotionally and think your brain is sexy, then watch out as I can never get enough of you.  Those who I am connected, aligned, and related to bring out an intensity in my sexual craving like no other.  This is particularly true of my Dominant, SafferMaster.  Our courtship to the creation of our dynamic deliciously followed a path that would make any person envious.  I believe I was made for him and once we found one another, we are nearly inseparable. 

2. What activities do you specialise in, and what type of Dominant are you? E.g., strict, primal, classic etc. 

interviews Lady Petra Playground
interviews Lady Petra Playground

How I see myself as a Dominant:

  • Nurturing 
    • As a nurturing dominant I take care of my submissive(s). I help build them up and help them better themselves. As their Dominant this can look a lot like setting rules that enforce bedtimes or schedules. It may include tasks like working out or making to-do lists. I use my dominance to take care of my submissive(s) and often in a kind and occasionally gentle way.
  • Disciplinarian 
    • I do not get angry or raise my voice when disciplining my submissive(s). I don’t have to. But I do want what I want the way I want it. As a disciplinarian, I teach my submissive(s) what I want and then I set high expectations. Yes, there are consequences for screw-ups but they’re fair and meant to guide my submissive(s) do better in the future. Integrity is paramount in my D/s dynamics and ensuring my submissive(s) maintain their word with me is crucial to a healthy dynamic. The goal of discipline is behaviour modification.  If corporal punishment is needed, then it is needed.
  • Gentle
    • When I ask my submissive(s) to do something nicely, I am no less a Dominant than if I demand it. Why? Because ultimately my submissive(s) must decide to do what I want because they want to do it. When I earn that kind of consent, trust, and control, the tone or the method I use is irrelevant. Consensually guiding my submissive(s) to do what I want by being gentle, quiet, or soft spoken demonstrates my power and control.
  • Doing for Others
    • Doing things for my submissive(s) is a very Dominant act because I’m getting exactly what I want. I may choose to pick out a submissive’s clothes, prescribe or make their meals, or perform what may look like acts of service. This is a power exchange dynamic, so I make the decisions and have the control, and my submissive(s) serve me. How something gets done matters less than how those actions make me feel.
  • Sadism 
    • I enjoy impact play and love to give my submissive(s) access to the wide variety masochistic pleasures they desire. Sadistic play is consensual and not related to discipline.  Limits are respected and the goal is to stretch the play to allow the submissive to grow.

I specialize in training submissives to be exceptional at fulfilling and anticipating my needs, wants and desires.  I enjoy caging those submissives with twigs and berries.  I am fascinated by sissification and cuckolding of all genders.  I am the keyholder. I enjoy humiliation and degradation to stretch and strengthen the boundaries of a submissive which gives them access to greater power and pleasure. Impact implements are a mainstay, because on my switch side I am a heavy impact masochist. I enjoy testing my submissive(s) to surprise them in their own abilities and fortitude. Teaching submissives how to serve me domestically is a primary interest, as I have more important things to get done than household chores.  I am tantalized by CBT and enjoy creating new devices to wreak havoc and pleasure. I have expensive shoe taste and need a harem of foot worshippers inspired to adorn my tootsies with the very best. I could go on and on. I am a very diverse sexual creature, and for now, simply put, those who journey with me are in for a life altering and mind-blowing experience like no other.

3. Can you explain the importance of vetting prospective subs! And why you feel this is necessary

YES!  I use my vetting procedure to eliminate the time wasters and role players.  I am not interested in the kinky weekend warrior.  I live this lifestyle authentically and choose to surround myself with adoring obedient submissives who relish any time I spare them.  My time is very valuable.  As a switch and an owned collared submissive to my Dominant in a 24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE), I have no patience for a submissive that wastes my time.  I am looking for submissive(s) who are trainable, obedient, service-oriented, intelligent, emotionally tempered, extremely generous, kind, good communicators, etc.  It never fares well in the vetting process if a potential submissive is lazy, sloppy, bratty, disrespectful, late, excuse driven, not responsible or lacks integrity. I know what type of sub I am…. nearly slavish to my Dominant…and I expect no less from my submissive(s).

4. Tell us about your vetting process and what it consists of? 

I enrol and register prospective subs into my sub vetting via a 30-Day Task-A-Day process.  I use a virtual format to prescribe writing, reading and action tasks, which tease out the strengths and weaknesses of the submissive.  If a submissive remains trainable, I am patient in helping them learn to serve me the way I want to be served.  Those that take short cuts or can not follow instructions quickly lose my interest.  After 30-Days, if a submissive has made it through this 1st phase of vetting, then I move them from “Teaching” status to “Training”.  Submissives continue with training until I determine that they have developed into submissives worthy of ownership. Throughout the process, communication is key in creating relatedness, alignment, and connection within the power dynamic.

5. What is your ideal sub? Are you looking for anything in particular? 

My ideal submissive is service oriented, obedient, extremely generous, domestic service minded, adventurous, uninhibited, a masochist, seeking chastity, desiring a power exchange dynamic, trainable, athletic, intelligent, financially solvent, and driven to uplift my needs, wants and desires above their own.

6. Do you feel Dommes need to become stricter when vetting subs? And what can Dommes do to safeguard their safety. 

I can’t speak for other Dommes about strictness as every Dominant has their own style and goals. Vetting is the best method for me to weed out those who are time wasters, domineering, toxic or posers.  Virtual vetting is a start and then if the domination is to occur “In Real Life” (IRL), I first meet with a submissive at a munch or public space in order to formulate the agreements of the dynamic.  All agreements need to be in place prior to a play scene to limit risks and ensure the context is consensual.

7. And lastly what is it in your mind that sets you apart from the competition? Feel free to shamelessly promote yourself to the Podopheleus readers.

Domination is a personal style and not all Dominatrixes are the same. My domination fulfils my urges for power and control while allowing me to explore my sexual curiosities. I love being the one in charge of making the decisions. I live the lifestyle 24/7. This is way beyond just a weekend role-play, it’s a psychosexual truth. It’s a way of being not just a corset I put on. When I’m true to myself, I feel the dominance that I bring, and my soul eats from the acts and desires that I enact upon my submissive(s). It’s a romance, a dance, that I get to control. As a sapio- demi- sexual, I will dominate any submissive of any gender or orientation.  Appearance means less to me than the deep bonding that can occur mentally and emotionally from the power exchange high of dominating my submissive(s). I am a rare bird who loves to identify a submissive’s potential and help them unlock the doors to transformation, freedom, power, and full self-expression. I am interested in obedient, service-oriented submissives who dabble in a variety of fetishes. I strive to be a keyholder to some, a sadist to others and a benevolent Dominant to all orientations and genders.

The most important issue to remember isn’t finding a Domme to give you what you think you want now.  The real issue is to submit to the right Domme who will guide you, lead you, and stretch you into your full self-expression as a submissive. Wouldn’t it be amazing for you to find the right Domme who you totally align with and who you naturally choose to submit to?  Then that means that you understand that choosing me as your Domme is a really powerful choice that will change your life and expand your experience of yourself as a sexual creature.  This is only possible if you take action. The bullseye is not how your sexual experience will be altered now, but how satisfying it will be when you are living authentically as my submissive in the future. Can you imagine what it would be like to have me in your thoughts constantly? I can see how that will happen for you as you begin to serve me and realize how much your service pleases me. Do you realize how powerful this experience will be for you as your adoration and devotion evolves?  Are you prepared to commit to altering your sex life completely? The issue isn’t the answer to that question, but the fact that you are even thinking about all the different ways your life will be enhanced by choosing me, Lady Petra, as your Domme. Think about where you will be in 6 months, or a year when you are looking back towards now as the start of becoming an obedient and cherished submissive. Can you imagine how happy and satisfied you will be? I want you to think about and consider all the benefits a fulfilling dynamic with me would offer you. How great would it be if you were already on the path to being my submissive? I don’t want you to get too excited thinking about it. Are you ready to get started? When I think about this, I get a fluttering feeling in my tummy, the type you get when you know something amazing is about to happen. I imagine you reaching out to me, and I experience that excitement going up through your chest. As you take on the responsibility of serving me, I am elated by all the opportunities that will open up for you and me. Now I wouldn’t expect you to get this excited about it until you realize how powerful this experience is certain to be for you. This is not a buzzing in your head like an itch you can’t scratch. I know you experience a good feeling when you know you are doing the right thing. While some people go for the direct approach, I think you want a slow passionate response that just builds more and more excitement until you can’t help but act on impulse. As a devoted submissive, imagine what it is like when you start to think of me and I am stuck in your thoughts, last thing before you fall asleep and first thing in the morning when you wake up.  Each time I enter your thoughts it builds more excitement, more energy until you have to give in to your deeply rooted needs and desires. Now that is something worth pursuing, don’t you agree?  I know you have the right stuff. Contact me at LadyPetraPlayground@gmail.com  to begin your journey with me into the rabbit hole.  

There we have it, Kinksters! A big shout out to Lady Petra Playground – Thank you for taking some time to answer my questions.

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