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Mistress Annaliese is a very affable and gorgeous young Goddess. I first came across Mistress Annaliese when Goddess Cleo posted on Twitter “Have you followed this beauty? If not, then why not? Well go on then….” I instantly hit the “Follow” button. I was so impressed with Mistress Annaliese’s account, but I wanted to learn more about her. So, I reached out to Mistress Annaliese and I asked if I could interview her. She obviously accepted my request. So here it is…

1. Tell us your background, how did you become a Dominatrix?

I am still finding my feet, not only as a Dominatrix, but also as a business Woman and Entrepreneur. After setting up my social media accounts and adult sites, and after faffing about a bit and following in “Instagram Domme” footsteps, I realised this was just NOT going to cut it! I was thinking of giving up because I just wasn’t getting what I wanted out of this. I found some really amazing Dominatrices (The likes of Katerina the Great, Mistress Melody May, Goddess Cleo) Goddess Cleo reached out to me to give me some advice, and everything blossomed from there. 

2. You are new to the scene, what attracted you to this line of work and ideally how long do you see yourself doing it?

Becoming a Domme hasn’t always been something I wanted to do. I first learnt about the Kink Scene from an American woman on youtube, her name is Patricia but I can’t remember her handle – she sat in her car, driving to and from different dungeons, talking about her life. I met a friend, Lilya Leviathan (@twisted_lily on Twitter) on one of Patricia’s live streams. We got to talking over DM, and she recommended a whole bunch of youtube videos and channels – Morgan Thorne and Evie Lupine being my favourites. One video she showed me, entitled Inside a Dominatrix Play Session, a ViceLand episode with Lucy and Puppy, changed my world forever. I watched Lucy whip Puppy, and something about seeing a Woman, so skilled, beautiful, Dominant put someone into a trance – that I now know as subspace. It was incredible… I wanted to feel that power for myself. I will forever be indebted to Lilya for opening me up to this world. I hope I can stay on the scene and in this world forever. 

3. You’re friends with some of the more well known Dommes out there, is there camaraderie? Do they help you, or is it a cutthroat business?

So it took me a while to find someone that could support me, show me the ropes (pun intended!) and give me the space to grow. I have found a few Dommes and Mentors, like Goddess Cleo and the FoXtress, that have been super supportive. It is undeniable that the Women in this world are conscious, concise, and respectful. In my experience, every Domme that I have met has been extremely supportive and respectful. 

4. Do you think the pandemic and other issues in the country have benefited the sex industry from a customer and provider point of view?

Personally, I think the pandemic opened the floodgates for people introduced into the industry on both sides. It’s hard for me to say whether either side has benefited from the pandemic. 

5. Do you feel this kind of line of work is now more accepted and do you think society can still be more accepting as a whole?

I feel today’s society is more accepting for sure! I think the younger generation are more socially accepting of different life paths, but the more I learn the more I realise this way of thinking has been around for decades. It is only now becoming mainstream, thankfully to Social Rights activists over the last 20 or so years. It really says something about a person’s character if they are able to care about something that doesn’t necessarily directly affect them. This line of work has been broadcasted a lot more over the last 10 or so years, which has been incredible for bringing people into the community, but also showing them a life free of judgement. It’s understandable that people would want to bring that same kindness into real world situations.

One thing I will add, is how awful the current policies and legislation negatively affects Sex Workers. Most sex workers, find it incredibly hard to get the same level of respect from lenders, estate agents etc as non-sex workers. I’ve heard of estate agents finding Sex Workers social media profiles after they have applied to rent a property, and using that information as a means to discriminate and turn them down. For anyone who is reading this and has had this happen, please seek legal counsel.

6. You’re new to the industry, do you bring anything new that isn’t available elsewhere?

Great question! Yes, my personality. The majority of Dominant’s in the industry do either the same thing or very similar things. What sets us all apart is our personalities. The Archetypes of each Dominatrix are exquisite, that is what makes us all so fucking amazing! We can be seductive, nurturing, assertive, commanding. What adds to the fantasy and the allure of working with any one in the industry is how we all portray those characteristics. 

7. Where do you see yourself and the industry ten years from now?

10 years from now, I would love to have my own dungeon, hold my own sessions and events and be able to travel the world. I would also hope that I would have been able to branch into modelling by this point! 

There we have it, Kinksters! A big shout out to Mistress Annaliese – Thank you for sharing your story.

I’m super excited for Mistress Annaliese. She’s got a bright kinky future ahead and she’s already made quite the impression.

Kinksters, Have you followed this beauty? If not, then why not? Well go on then…

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You can also see more on Mistress Annaliese’s website: londonmistressannaliese.co.uk – it should be noted that Mistress Annaliese’s website is due to be launched very soon.


Did you know that Mistress Annaliese is currently running an offer of £100 per hour for her Training Sessions in Kent until midnight 31st October 2021? I know, right? Are you interested in serving Mistress Annaliese? If the answer is yes, then you know what to do.

Email: missannalieseldn@gmail.com

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