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Have you ever heard of Serena Red? You know the Hotredheadnextdoor! If you haven’t then you’ve been living under a rock. Serena Red is a 🔥 redhead as well as a content creator, BDSM and Kink educator, blogger, Self-proclaimed slut. Are you eager to learn more about Serena Red? Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Tell us your backstory

After discovering the world of BDSM around five years ago and meeting my Sir (now husband!) via the elusive Fetlife it was like a whole new life had been opened to me.

Having always enjoyed sex, it felt natural to me to want to talk to others about it and share my experiences in a no-bullshit manner. I found that so many conversations around BDSM, and just sex in general didn’t quite give the down to earth human “this is what it fucking is” that I was looking for. So I decided to create that myself. N.B. If you’re easily offended, you probably won’t like my writing.

2. Tell us about your work. You create content, take photos etc. What is your best work and what makes you feel most comfortable?

interviews Serena Red
interviews Serena Red

So I do about 101 different things, at the moment I am;

Creating content for my OnlyFans (www.hotredheadnextdoor.com)

Writing blogs for my website (www.hotredheadnextdoorblog.com)

Writing blogs for Killing Kittens (https://kkapp.io/r/WTAeWgDT)

Fetish and nude modelling

I’m setting up my podcast! (Finally, I fucking know… watch this space)

I’m just about to launch a series of online events and seminars covering a wide range of topics (and I am SO FUCKING EXCITED).

For me some of my most enjoyable work is speaking to my subscribers on OnlyFans. I like to provide good quality content for them but also chatting to them about their desires, BDSM or otherwise. I absolutely love being photographed professionally and had the most awesome shoot with Carl Grim (www.carlgrimphoto.com) which taught me SO much.

I also feel most comfortable in front of a camera when I feel hot and sexy, which invariably means I have the most amazing array of lingerie often gifted to me by my subscribers for custom content in return… 

3. On your website you offer advice on BDSM, sex and life in general, what makes you so uniquely positioned to be able to answer people?

interviews Serena Red
interviews Serena Red

I’ve been in or on the BDSM scene for approximately six years (bloody hell). Now I am certainly not an expert in everything but I am confident in my ability to give people a no-bullshit approach to BDSM and sex in general. My career background before now has always been in working with people, and I plan on going forward and training as a sex therapist next year!

I ended up in this position after having been burnt out by my previous jobs and thought, hey why don’t I combine my passion (BDSM) with what I know, which is helping people! It is such a privileged position to be in and I thank my stars every day I am!

I also feel that when blogs are published by large mainstream brands they strip away the detail and controversial nature of some of the topics. I like to create entertaining content, including humour, and often the generic blogs that exist are so scared of offending people they sanitise what should be dirty as fuck! At the end of the day if you want to shove that tentacle dildo up your arse you’re going to need plenty of lube. Get with the programme.

4. You’ve spoken about women and porn, do you feel there’s a stigma? And how do we defeat it?

I think there’s a huge stigma around people and porn, but particularly women. There’s some fabulous creators out there making porn specifically targeted to women which is great but it still doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that when you click on PornHub the majority of porn is geared towards men.

I think society is moving forward whereby women can be more open about sex, sexuality and gender (and for men too!) but I still think there’s a huge stigma around whether women should or do watch/ read/ listen/ engage in porn.

For me, in moving forward, we should all be open about sex, being the sluts we are and just enjoying it. 

5. You famously have a no bullshit approach to kink and sex? How did this happen and why do you think it works?

I’ve always had a no bullshit approach to life in general, I’m a very much what you see is what you get. I kept reading magazine articles and blogs about sex and kink and it all very much comes across watered down and soft-core. Now that is absolutely fine, and there’s some great stuff out there but I wanted someone to be saying to me “this is how you fucking do this and this is how you fucking do it safely” and I wasn’t finding it. So I decided to create it.

Also, if you’re blatantly open and honest with no bull-shit you tend to impart appropriate knowledge rather than confusing people which is SO important when it comes to kink as it can be incredibly dangerous even when people think it’s not!

6. You speak about normalising kink and sexuality, tell us how the world achieves that

interviews Serena Red
interviews Serena Red

I think the only way we can normalise anything is by being open about it. Talking about it, shouting about it, just being proud fucking sluts. We need to celebrate everybody, their weird bits, fun bits and just be fucking nice human beings.

I also think that education is HUGELY important. We need to make sure people have access to appropriate education to learn about their sexuality, their kinks and their bodies in general. So much of the world gets absolutely fuck-all sex education (I know I did), or has to learn it through porn. That needs to change.

7. Where do you see your role in the kink world? Is there any specific genre you associate with?

I see myself as an educator; someone whose mission in life is to empower and enable people to explore their kinks and sexuality safely and have fucking fun doing so!!

I wouldn’t say I associate with any specific genre, my kink list is fucking long 😉

8. You are starting a podcast, feel free to shamelessly plug it

Please if people can sign up to my mailing list over at www.hotredheadnextdoorblog.com that would be awesome as they will be first notified when the first episode comes out!

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There we have it, Kinksters! A big shout out to Serena Red – Thank you for answering my questions so thoughtfully.

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